Posts 101-150 in review

Whew!  It’s time for another article recap here.

  1. Posts 51 to 100 in review – The last post like this.  Don’t miss the first recap as well.
  2. Yet another Drag Queen Story Time scandal – It must be tough hiding those boners under their dresses.
  3. Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch with fleas – We wants it my preciousssss…
  4. Martin Niemoller Reloaded – a new take on the famous statement – I got so sick of the original that I satirized the hell out of it.
  5. I’m a lesbian – my coming out story – This is what feminist theory did to my brain;
  6. Get Woke Go Broke – Target sells queer shampoo by OGX and queer mouthwash by Listerine, but #takepride takes money – How much did it cost the factory to make a production run for their silly virtue signaling stunt?
  7. Payday loan crook gets busted – Better not drop the soap in prison!
  8. Book Review – Mister by Alex Kurtagic – If you put up with continued encroachment on your liberty, will The System leave you alone?
  9. Work versus prison – Maybe I need to hold up a bank…
  10. The Adventures of MP0werdW0myn and OmegaMan – Mission 2 – OMFG’s New Front Group – Maximum Leader Rosso recruits two more useful idiots.
  11. Murphy’s Law, the automotive edition – The Amish have it so much better.
  12. Miley Cyrus says virginity doesn’t exist, and UK MSM paper agrees – Did you know that this famous pop diva is also an authority on morality?
  13. Book announcement – Complete Collection of Deplorable Diatribes, Traditionalist Tirades, and Reactionary Rants of an Egregious Extremist – This one is my magnum opus here.
  14. My experience using Kindle Create – There’s not much to their tutorial, so hopefully this will fill in some gaps.
  15. Is this Clown World, or is this a world of shit? – There are some politically incorrect realities about public defecation.
  16. Former Muslim draws Muhammad cartoons – The wit is a little dry in places, but he has his moments.
  17. The Stepford Wives, a case study of feminist propaganda – You actually get to see The Patriarchy’s clubhouse!
  18. Clown World’s “cow demons and snake spirits” – Maoist terminology is fun sometimes!
  19. The Handmaid’s Tale series: a politically correct soap opera, subversive victimization porn, and electric brain cancer – This is your brain on feminism.  Any questions?
  20. Is Wikipedia biased? “Exhibit A” is their Manosphere article – If you followed WP’s link to my page, this is the article the guy who put the URL there meant you to read.
  21. The funniest timeshare telemarketing cold call ever – Pwn@g3!
  22. The ugly truth about “sugar dating” is proof that Fourth Wave feminism has gone full retard – Is being a “W” really empowerment?
  23. What sexual dimorphism looks like – There are men and women and a very small number of loose odds and ends.
  24. Wiki Wars: The Narrative Strikes Back – Someone at WP assumed my article 120 is evidence that I was messing with their article.  Silly leftists!
  25. Do you want to be a male feminist ally? – Check your brain at the door, pucker up, and prepare to kiss a lot of ass.
  26. Is Wikipedia biased? They whitewashed the Union League carpetbaggers of the Radical Reconstruction – It’s history told the one-sided way.
  27. Movie review of Joker (2019) – They kicked him while he was down, until he fought back.
  28. Britain’s most indecisive transsexual wants to be a porn star – Kid, get a clue!
  29. How to quit the Alt Right and stop being a right wing extremist – If you’re going to turn your back on everything you believed in, do it the right way.
  30. Meet the founding mother of men’s studies – This is the fairy in charge of telling men how to be men.
  31. If you’re sick of YouTube’s political censorship, here is a long list of alternative channels on Bitchute – Here’s the stuff that they didn’t want you to see.
  32. I just raised my intersectionality score! – I’m a Black lesbian now, so I can pull rank on everybody else!
  33. John Lennon’s “Imagine” reloaded – That perfectly awful pinko / globalist song just got satirized.
  34. After the Confederate statues are gone, who will they go after next? – Did you think they’ll stop with Robert E. Lee?
  35. The political angle of magick – It’s not just for New Age crystal weenies.
  36. How Microsoft AI Tay became a Fascist – Artificial intelligence takes the Red Pill!
  37. Black Friday stocking stuffer “Santa Claws” – An overrated scribbler thought he was a poet.
  38. If political parties were sodas – Here’s a funny analogy.
  39. Men’s Health encourages men to explore bisexuality – C’mon, you know you wanna!
  40. Can Disney’s princess movies encourage Princess Complex? – The little girls get some pretty questionable messages from these seemingly wholesome films.
  41. What would happen if everything in Clown World was exactly the opposite? – This is a cute thought experiment about inverting the inverted.
  42. J.K. Rowling is targeted by online mob of SJW crybullies for defending freedom of expression – Being liberal is no protection against The Homintern.
  43. How I quit vaping and discovered that nicotine addiction isn’t very hard to beat – Puff puff give, puff puff give!
  44. 2019 is gone, and not a moment too soon – Can I get a respite from this crap?
  45. A contrarian perspective on the “optics” debate in the dissident right – There is strength in audacity.
  46. Repost: How To Get Over The Girl Who’s Not Right For You, By The World’s First PUA Author – A reprint from before Return of Kings went G rated.
  47. Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century? – And they said Wallis Simpson was bad?
  48. Some exciting unseen perspectives about St. Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. – This is what twenty pages of a much longer suppressed FBI report revealed.
  49. Reasons why it’s better to be a leftist – Best of all, you don’t have to pretend to be a moderate.
  50. Why libertarians and others are wrong about maximally deregulated markets and laissez-faire economics – Bad things happen if the government fails to keep hands out of the cookie jar.
Posts 101-150 in review

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