What would happen if everything in Clown World was exactly the opposite?

We live in a pretty crazy world right now:  irresponsible politicians, degeneracy, coteries of sneaky plutocrats who think they deserve to run the world, the list goes on…  As an illustration of just how nutty things are, let’s imagine for a moment how the world would look if things became exactly the opposite overnight.

Note well, this doesn’t mean that I advocate exactly this.  My positions on some things are more moderate than my humorous take here.  Mainly this is to illustrate how absurd things are now.


nolo me fabulare2

New hashtags emerge, called #FalselyAccusedToo, #LiesForAttentionAndProfit, and #PoliceReportOrItDidn’tHappen.  Victims of bunny boilers speak out, encouraged by men filled with righteous rage.  False accusers are vilified and lose their jobs.  Drama queens who’ve merely spread idle gossip now live in fear that trivial trash-talking incidents from years ago will blow up in their faces.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who says “somebody patted my thigh” years ago either will be ignored, scoffed at, or told that the incident should’ve been regarded as an educational experience.

The gay agenda

drag queen with kids 1

Gays stop rubbing the public’s nose in their lifestyle, because they recognize that anyone who isn’t gay thinks it’s pretty gross when two men bang.  They resolve to keep bedroom stuff in the bedroom.  They make no demands to accommodate them.  Further, they deeply appreciate “breeders” who raise the next generation and keep society moving forward in time.

As for heterosexuals, they aren’t merely considered to be average citizens.  Instead, after coming out straight, they’re made to feel extraordinary and special and welcomed into the straight community.  Large corporations have heterosexual clubs and give them constant adulation.

Meanwhile:  For any gays who demand that the moral values of their small community should take precedence over those of everyone else, they’ll get shouted down and called “heterophobes”.

Mass migration

illegals imageedit_1751_40621206981-574x323

In every Western country, the major rightist party will begin a program to resettle incompatible migrants back to their place of origin.  The major leftist party claims that they object to this.  However, even when they’re in power, they never lift a finger to stop the flood of repatriation.  Meanwhile, the elites of the country will consider this resettlement to be a number one priority.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who argues for open borders will be denounced as an evil extremist.

The United Nations

No Clown World

The UN – “an irrelevant talking-shop for Third World dictators and their European apologists” – disbands after contritely recognizing its sordid history of corruption, worsening problems, and abject failure.  Its building is converted into low-rent housing.  The only vestige of internationalism is peace conferences and negotiations held by teleconference.  Getting rid of the corrupt den of cookie pushers saves billions a year.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who has ambitions to erode the sovereignty of nations, destroy diversity in the name of diversity, micromanage families, drag the USA into other people’s fights, and other hubristic plans will be told to piss up a rope.

Online censorship

Viva Pinochet

Multibillion dollar corporations hire teams of lawyers to write terms of service that forbid expressions of cultural Marxism.  The legalese defines it in the vaguest way possible, giving their teams of right wing censors complete discretion to decide what does or doesn’t constitute cultural Marxism.  They write programs that ban their customers if they’re detected talking online about “intersectionality”, “toxic masculinity”, pro-globalist sentiments, etc. etc. etc.  According to the TOS, customers who file a lawsuit if they get deplatformed for being leftists will recover merely whatever their last annual service payment was, or if it was free, then at most a dollar.

Meanwhile:  Realizing their strategic error, leftists start supporting freedom of speech again like they used to do before the 1990s.  However, nobody can see their arguments because they’ve been thrown off of the Internet.


Soros pouting 4-19-18-1
Oh, shit!  The peasants got wise to me!

The people get sick of the “New World Order” types who pull strings behind the scenes for both political parties.  They demand reforms, and terrified politicians institute legislature to get big money influences out of politics.

Meanwhile:  Those guilty of subverting governments see mobs advancing toward their gated communities with torches and pitchforks.  They beg for the police to come and arrest them for treason.  At least they’ll have their day in court, rather than become lamppost ornaments by midnight.

“Watchdog” foundations

NPC orange man bad newsroom 5e7107f

The John Birch Society receives hundreds of millions of dollars in donations.  Law enforcement agencies consult it as an authority on the Red Menace.  The John Birch Society begins compiling extensive lists of leftist groups and their members.  Even Greenpeace gets outed as a front group.  Anyone who was discovered to have worn a St. Che T-shirt back in college goes on the shit list too.

Meanwhile:  The ADL and $PLC are regarded as kooky extremists.  They don’t get a scrap of free publicity from the media.


Feminist getting deprogrammed

Society is run with the premise that women and men should get along together.  Countless foundations, private organizations, media figures, and celebrities encourage girls and women to follow traditional lifestyles and act ladylike.  New “housewife studies” departments open up in universities across the country to encourage marital harmony, discourage retail therapy and running up the credit cards, explain the importance of having at least two children, instruct about cooking and cleaning, and give tips on staying physically fit after marriage.

Meanwhile:  Women’s studies departments get re-purposed.  Typical field trips for studying women include visits to the beach with binoculars and wet T-shirt contests.

What would happen if everything in Clown World was exactly the opposite?

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