Is your child a far-right extremist?

I found this online, originally in graphic form.  Enjoy!

Look for warning signs:

  • Aversion to drugs, alcohol, pornography
  • Interest in physical fitness, mental wellbeing
  • Growing collection of classic literature
  • Monogamy, desire to marry and procreate
  • Increased time spent outdoors or in nature
  • Appreciation of nation, history and culture
  • Disdain for modernism, post-modernism
Is your child a far-right extremist?

FTMs find out what male privilege gets you

According to feminists, The Patriarchy exists to grant men special privileges over women.  If you’re a dude, then other dudes can be counted on to help you out, giving you breaks denied to babes; Bob’s your uncle.  (They never explain how all this is organized and coordinated; it’s not even a conspiracy theory without a theory.)  Is it true?  Actual dudes will report that the world is “every man for himself”.  Lately, some female-to-male transsexuals have found that the truth about “male privilege” is the opposite of what The Narrative says.

The document it references is here.

It turns out that the “boys’ club” the feminists describe as The Patriarchy simply isn’t there.  In short, if you’re a guy (or perceived as one), the world is a bit harsher.  I hadn’t really noticed myself; I’ve never switched my Underoos, I don’t know what it’s like to be a girl, so I sort of assumed what I’m used to experiencing is normal.  However, what these FTMs were saying was pretty eye-opening.  Here’s some of what they reported:

  • Others are less likely to help you, or help you as much
  • Less trust, friendliness, and even eye contact
  • Your opinions are more likely to be disregarded, especially by snippy feminists who accuse you of “mansplaining”
  • They no longer received the little favors they’d been accustomed to as women
  • Nobody cares about their feelings now
  • Police will hassle them and profile them and won’t give them breaks

On the last one, from the original document:

I get pulled over a lot more now. I got pulled over more in the first two years after my transition than I did the entire 20 years I was driving before that. Before, when I’d been stopped, even for real violations like driving 100 miles an hour, I got off. In fact, when it happened in Atlanta the officer and I got into a great conversation about the Braves. Now the first two questions they ask are: Do I have any weapons in the car, and am I on parole or probation?

Once again, feminists are wrong.  Women aren’t oppressed; they’re coddled!

FTMs find out what male privilege gets you