Yet another Drag Queen Story Time scandal

I described earlier how a suspected pedophile got into Houston’s chapter of the Drag Queen Story Hour.  Then the authorities promised that it would never happen again.  This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if the city never allowed the drag act into the library.  Their minds were so open that their brains fell out.  Worse, political correctness has gone full retard lately.  What the hell happened to Houston?

Well, it turns out that another one was discovered in the very same library.  Oops, it happened again!  How many more of those guys might have had difficulty hiding an erection under their skirts when the kids were around?  I might add, what the hell happened to liberalism?  My parents are so liberal that it hurts.  Still, when I was a small child, they wouldn’t have dreamed of taking me to something like that, even if drag shows for kids existed back then.  That stuff just didn’t fly until recently.

One thing that bugged me about the first report was that there wasn’t much information.  For one thing, how did the first guy get discovered?  Much of that article was the statement by the authorities that they’ll take measures to make sure no other drag queens slip through the cracks and do not get a background check according to procedure.  However, given the condition of the MSM, it’s a little surprising that they ran the story at all.

The story about the second character came from Infowars.  They get a lot of criticism about political incorrectness, and zOMG they’re not real journalists, but it turns out that they wrote a better article.  They described in detail how this pervert got sniffed out.  It turns out that a group called Mass Resistance did the research.  What they found had escaped the notice of the municipal authorities, who were supposed to have access to official databases and all that.  Good catch!

Fortunately, this one has a happy ending.  Houston finally stopped allowing drag queens to groom small children in their libraries.  This is how to win a fight in the culture war.  Granted, this was only one skirmish here.  It’s not over yet.  People still mutilate their bodies trying to be something they’re not, and worse, there are those who push their “lifestyles” onto kids.  Still, consider this victory a good start.

Finally, in recent years, transsexuality got the spotlight as the new front of aggressive abnormality.  Then when not even that was chic enough any more, pedophilia became the latest frontier of degeneracy.  Well, I don’t cotton to that.  People who mess with kids are oxygen thieves.  That sort of thing always really got on my nerves.  Anyone who can’t see why that’s bad needs to watch Leaving Neverland and see how it affected those kids.  They say there’s no cure for pedophilia.  Actually, there’s a cheap and effective remedy already; it’s called a bullet.

Yet another Drag Queen Story Time scandal

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