Get Woke Go Broke: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) believes that Scandinavian culture is nothing

Recently, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) produced one of those advertisements typical of woke capital lately.  This sort of thing is political propaganda piggybacked onto what should just be commercial propaganda.  This one was particularly noxious, a cringe-fest full of cultural Marxism.  One jarring aspect was the frequent juxtaposition of real Swedes with incompatible residents who are only there because their government is full of globalist sellouts.  That was meant to be in-your-face; they knew exactly what they were doing.

That certainly wasn’t the only problem with the advertisement.  It makes the claim that there is nothing uniquely Scandinavian.  The way it does so is by cherry-picking facets of their culture that had antecedents originating from abroad and later were adapted to local use, sometimes developed considerably further.  It’s rather like saying that the Greek alphabet isn’t Greek because it evolved from the Phoenician writing system.

With that tactic, essentially the commercial makes a fallacy of composition.  I could go further into memetic theory and how ideas get around, often internationally.  I might add that Western technology has benefited the developing world tremendously.  We don’t scream about cultural appropriation when (for example) non-Whites use electrical appliances made possible because of folks like Messieurs Tesla, Westinghouse, Edison, etc.  That doesn’t bother us – why would it?

That said, Scandinavia does have a culture of its own.  It’s part of my heritage.  I’m serious enough about it that I learned Old Norse and some Gothic.  Therefore, SAS can kiss my grits.  I’d rather row across the Atlantic in a longboat than buy a plane ticket from them.

What is the point of that commercial?  This was pretty obvious; it’s demoralization propaganda wrapped up in sugar-coated universalism.  It’s for the SAS ad execs to tell their own countrymen that they don’t have a culture.  Why, they’re nobody!  Moreover, since the Scandinavian people are such a nonentity – according to enlightened leftist opinion – then their homelands are fair game for colonization.  Way Of The World explains it below, but don’t miss his original version.

How does this help SAS sell plane tickets?  It doesn’t!  Remember, that wasn’t the object in the first place.  The munchkins at the ad department used this company’s resources to make a political message to promote their views and rub their own countrymen’s noses in it.  As it happens, this turned out to be tremendously unpopular.  Counter-Currents described reactions to this turkey and how the company then went into damage control:

When simply ignoring the problem failed to work, SAS and Swedish media then moved on to the next weapon in their arsenal: Deflection. Not just any kind of deflection, mind you, but the most cliched kind possible: SAS and the media claimed that the backlash against their video was made possible by clandestine Russian influence and a coordinated network of Internet Nazis.

They screwed up to begin with by making this cringe-worthy demoralization propaganda.  After it proved to be unpopular, they followed up on their error by claiming that the bad reaction was astroturfed via a politically incorrect conspiracy.  Way to go!  Why can’t these snotty leftists in the ad department simply admit that they made a mistake?  A little contrition would do wonders, but they don’t think they did anything wrong by insulting their own people.  Did I mention that SAS can kiss my grits?

Get Woke Go Broke: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) believes that Scandinavian culture is nothing

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