Book announcement – Complete Collection of Deplorable Diatribes, Traditionalist Tirades, and Reactionary Rants of an Egregious Extremist

I’ve just completed my ninth book, the second nonfiction title.  This one is huge.  Moby Dick – a whale of a novel indeed – was 206K words.  The ebook version of Deplorable Diatribes, released on August 17, is 384K words – even longer than The Brothers Karamazov.  Although I put months of work into it, I’m selling it for the price of a large cheeseburger combo.  How about that!  The print edition is more; I’m keeping the profit margin pretty low, but still, it’s 756 pages long.

What you’ll find in Deplorable Diatribes

Deplorable Diatribes - cover 4

This is a compilation of all my Return of Kings posts.  I was thinking of making several smaller books, but no, here you’ll get the whole shootin’ match.  Most are expanded versions of the articles, and contain introductory commentary.  Also, they’re sorted into topics, and the chapter notes contain much additional background concerning the subjects.  This is one of the longest compilations available of politically incorrect truth, depicting the absurdity of Clown World and how things got that way.

Why did society become so dysfunctional and degenerate, an abnormal mess that some call “progress”?  No country ever was perfect, but several bad ideas made the world much worse.  These were popularized by different groups with varying agendas, and work together to drag down society.

Over the decades, the political left went from being sensible and constructive to something resembling a bizarre cult.  Just as strangely, the mainstream right doesn’t dare dispute the dogma too much on matters of substance.  Here you’ll discover the following:

  • How academia became a breeding ground for destructive ideologies
  • Why liberals are as silly as a barrel of monkeys
  • How feminism became a henhouse of loony birds
  • What political correctness is really about
  • How leftists conduct censorship because their ideas can’t withstand a free debate
  • The bad, good, and ugly points of ideologies
  • What’s up with the brain-eating #MeToo zombies
  • Why population replacement immigration is bad
  • How the economy is manipulated for benefit of wealthiest of the wealthy
  • Why “woke” CEOs and champagne Socialists are such airheads
  • What America used to look like back when it was still pretty normal
  • How to move your social life into the fast lane, as well as be the best person you can be

But wait!  There’s more!

  • The most Red-baiting since the good old days when Joseph McCarthy was purging the pinkos
  • A mountain of dirt about notable leftist “heroes”
  • Globalist schemers unmasked as not being exactly as wonderful as they think they are
  • Details on why the gay agenda isn’t as faaaabulous as it appears
  • A close look at some of Clown World’s clowns
  • The media lies, film at 11
  • The wreckage of the social landscape after feminist bunny boilers poisoned the well
  • Most importantly, what we can do about all this

Come on, how can you possibly go another day without this treasure trove of deplorability?
Ebook edition:
Print edition:

Book announcement – Complete Collection of Deplorable Diatribes, Traditionalist Tirades, and Reactionary Rants of an Egregious Extremist

34 thoughts on “Book announcement – Complete Collection of Deplorable Diatribes, Traditionalist Tirades, and Reactionary Rants of an Egregious Extremist

  1. […] The chapter’s first illustration brings us to an evocative side note. It’s captioned “Berkeley Kid Comics,” depicting in the foreground a youth proclaiming: “Come the revolution, let’s kill everyone!” He holds a hypodermic needle, apparently ready to celebrate by shooting up some heroin. In the background, a pile of books is burning. Far worse, two people labeled “Mom” and “Pop” were stabbed and hanged from nooses. As I wrote in Deplorable Diatribes: […]


  2. […] I also was a politically involved youth prior to the public advent of the Internet, though in a much different direction. Back then, interesting reading material was very difficult to locate, unless you knew the right people. Documentary investigation in certain topics was pretty difficult for anyone, rather like looking for a needle in a haystack. As I put it in Deplorable Diatribes: […]


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