I just raised my intersectionality score!

I found an awesome way to increase my intersectionality score!  First, I should explain what this is all about.

What is intersectionality?

Feminists by ethnicity
There’s nothing to see here; move along…

Intersectionality began when some Black feminists started feeling left out even in their own movement.  It’s rather understandable.  Blacks are about an eighth of the USA’s population, but in the feminist movement, they were taking a back seat to some other ethnic group representing about a fortieth of the population.  It’s not too different from the concerns raised in Harold Cruse’s The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual.   So the basic idea they came up with was that being female was a disadvantage in society (that’s highly debatable, of course), and being Black also was disadvantageous.

Under feminism up to that time, they merely got one point for their personal characteristic of being female.  Then under the earliest version of intersectionality, they got a second point for their race.  It didn’t stop there.  Homosexuality became another personal characteristic that counted.  Therefore, Black lesbians got three intersectionality points and could pull rank on everyone else.  These days, it goes further than even that.  Being transgendered is the latest chic thing.  Other personal characteristics can be added into the equation as needed.  As I wrote in Deplorable Diatribes:

Many leftists of the past urged the proletariat to carry out a great worldwide Socialist revolution. Today, the proletariat has been abandoned. In its place, leftists have cobbled together new disaffected factions. The inclusion of silly “fat studies” programs in places like Washington State and Oregon State demonstrates that this can go on infinitely. I can’t wait until they start getting furries and otherkin on board with the anti-straight-White-guy brigade.

So the idea is that having certain essential characteristics either makes someone privileged or disadvantaged.  The underlying assumption, of course, is that privileged is EVIL and disadvantaged is GOOD.  If you’re born into a privileged group, then you have some special form of original sin that never can be fully absolved.  If you’re born into a disadvantaged group, then you can do no wrong.  Of course, this is the exact opposite of the principle of not judging people by their personal characteristics which liberals used to talk about, and still do whenever it’s convenient.

This laid the foundation for today’s leftist social-cultural-sexual pecking order.  The truth is that people have several essential characteristics, and often are included in both privileged and disadvantaged groups, so things can get pretty interesting when SJWs try to figure out who is “right” according to the individual’s constellation of group memberships.

Essentially, then, intersectionality is late-stage cultural Marxism.  After those Black ladies got the ball rolling, intersectionality codified and weaponized the system even better than the Frankfurt School, the original cultural Marxists.  Most people don’t know what intersectionality is, but the basic concepts behind it are deeply ingrained into today’s leftist ideology.  The implications go far and wide.

Disadvantaged groups can practice identity politics; when privileged groups do so, they’re demonized.  History books are distorted to make disadvantaged groups look more accomplished than they actually are, and privileged groups are depicted as always evil.  Some races can have sovereignty and their own living spaces, but not others; colonialism was BAD, but population replacement migration is GOOD.  Privileged groups are constantly browbeaten, disadvantaged groups are constantly praised, no matter what anyone actually does.  The list goes on.  The media operates on these basic assumptions as well, which you’ll see frequently in biased news. Hollywood propaganda, and even advertisements.

Muslims have been added to the coalition, even though it makes no sense.  Their actual beliefs are everything that liberals say they don’t like, but that doesn’t matter.  Remember – this is cultural Marxism, so the anti-Western agenda is the number one consideration.  The Muslims don’t realize that they’re being tooled and can have the rug pulled out from under them.  However, if they do get the upper hand one day, then all the useful idiots who propped them up are going to be in for a big surprise.

What can you do if you have a low intersectionality score?

Elizabeth Warren versus real American Indian lady
One of these is not like the other

Under this intersectionality system, I kind of have a problem.  I’m a straight White guy.  I’m “cisgendered” too, which means I correctly realize what sex I belong to, which is rather obvious whenever I take a leak.  Therefore, the only way I could be any more evil is if I were a fundamentalist Christian.  (My actual beliefs don’t fit well into any single classification.)

Does this mean I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth?  Not really; my parents were on a shoestring budget until I was about ten, and as an adult, I’ve had a couple of brushes with starvation.  However, none of that matters, because I’m one of those evil straight White guys (who know that they’re guys).  I can’t change any of these essential characteristics – or can I?

If your personal characteristics fall on the “privileged” side of the balance, you have some difficult choices.

  • You can resist the cultural Marxists.  However, if you speak up too loudly, you might get doxed by SJWs, deplatformed, smeared in the media, fired for your political beliefs, and so forth.  Still, they can pick off individuals, but if the masses started resisting, they can’t go after everybody.  The cultural Marxists would lose their power and the rotten system would come crashing down.
  • You can collaborate with the cultural Marxists.  For example, you can virtue signal.  You can practice ethnomasochism or pathological altruism.  You can become a male feminist ally.  Doing any of that makes you a bitch, of course.
  • You can change your unchangeable personal characteristics, or more accurately, pretend to be something you’re not.  That makes you a bitch too, but work with me on this.

According to human evolution, we were all proto-chimps at one time.  (If you’re a creationist, work with me on this too.)  Then the first people – kinda sorta – were the australopithecus afarensis.  They lived three to four million years ago.  The famous Lucy was one of them.  They first developed the high technology of banging rocks together to make useful stuff.  It was a humble beginning, but got the ball rolling.  These guys lived in east Africa – a part of Ethiopia, to be specific.  Since I’m descended from those guys (like everybody) and live in the USA, this means that now I can check off the “African American” box next time I apply for a job.  Woo hoo – my intersectionality score just went up!

Ah, but that’s just the beginning.  As all those smart professors know, gender is only a social construct.  Maybe I’m not a straight male after all.  Instead, I’m a lesbian in a man’s body.  Awesome – now I’m female, transgendered, and homosexual too!  I’ve bumped up my intersectionality score all the way!  If you’re a victim and you know it, clap your hands…

Does this mean that I’m as confused as hell?  Well, since having a mental disorder is a badge of honor these days, mark me down for one more intersectionality point!  The good news is that, according to the rules the leftists made up, none of this can be questioned.  You are whatever you proclaim yourself to be, right?

Of course, all this is nonsense.  Well, so is intersectionality.  If we start treating this – one of the main pillars of modern leftist ideology – like the joke it is, the wind goes out of their sails.  If the masses start laughing at it, they can’t go after everybody, and the rotten system comes crashing down!

I just raised my intersectionality score!

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