What sexual dimorphism looks like

For thousands of years, everyone assumed that humans consisted of males and females, just like any other advanced species.  This – and the fact that the distinction is meaningful – is something that biologists call sexual dimorphism.  Now that it’s the Current Year, those smart gender studies professors and sociology professors set us straight, and the media is telling us the truth about it every chance they get, so we’re way more enlightened than ever before.  The Narrative tells us that humans are exempt from the rules of basic biology.  Wow, how about that!  Who knew?

More seriously, how many people actually declare themselves to be something other than male or female?  It turns out that the “T” in GLBT is about 10% of the total GLBT numbers.  This means that transsexuals are a fringe group of a fringe group; and 0.3% of the general population.  Therefore, the following is the gay flag with the colors statistically corrected:


Why is society bending over backwards to please a tiny number of victims of a politically fashionable shared delusion?  Good question!

Anyway, the following is reblogged in translation from Lollipops For Equality; all credit belongs to the original.


In the imagination of a gender studies victim, the assortment of genders looks like this:


If one doesn’t look at the world through the lens of politically correct ideology, it looks more like this:


I find the “ableist” discrimination of those affected by red-green colorblindness to be especially good at the representation.

What sexual dimorphism looks like

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