2019 is gone, and not a moment too soon


Personally, 2019 zoomed by quite quickly.  I’m not a kid any more.  Life is on autopilot, set for cruising speed and headed straight for my grave.  On August 31, one of my all time favorite cats arrived there before me.  That alone was enough to make 2019 suck raw Rocky Mountain oysters.

What else went on for me in 2019

On the work front, I got passed up for a team lead position, which technically wouldn’t even have been a promotion.  The replacement lasted two or three weeks before chickening out and quitting the company.  Then someone else got chosen, who has a third of the seniority I do.  (Was it because I’m a man and wouldn’t look good on the quota, or is it something else?)  This year we also had two managers go.  Nobody on the team was offered the position.  The first replacement is a douche-nozzle who needs to get his attitude adjusted.  (Being one rung on the totem pole above someone else doesn’t mean you’re the Pharaoh of Egypt.)  Now he’s being replaced by some other dude, one who was brought in from outside the company.  As far as I can tell so far, he’s OK to work with, so things could be a lot worse.

I did everything society told me to, and now I’m spinning my wheels.  If I’d known back when I was fourteen that one day I’d be at the bottom of the corporate ladder well into middle age, then I would’ve saved my money for an electric guitar and an amp.  To hell with college, to hell with using my mind, to hell with being a productive citizen.  Even if I didn’t make it as a rock star, I could’ve been a beachcomber instead – all freedom and no responsibility, right?  More seriously, it’s tempting to go back into construction, just to avoid the corporate bullshit.  If things get worse, I’ll make some moves.

The year went out with a bang, and not the good kind.  Two of my roommates were neurotic Cluster B cases, middle aged women who act like teenagers.  I tried to help them when they desperately needed it, I even overlooked their failure to abide by their agreements with me, and of course I got my fingers burnt.  The more you do for these types, the less they appreciate it.  Anyway, there’s more detail, but I’ll leave it at that.

To make a long story short, the situation went DEFCON1 very recently between the two of them.  One has left after leaving a hole in a door, convinced that I’m a bad guy.  The truth is that I did my best to keep the peace among two bunny boilers who kept provoking each other and refused to listen to me when I told them to cut it out.  The other one is still here – for the moment, anyway – in denial about how serious her own role in this was.  Atlas is getting ready to shrug pretty soon.

With all this behind me, I’m kind of looking forward to 2020!  On the plus side for last year, I did get to go on a cool road trip with my number one girlfriend.  (Everyone else is so distant and/or hard to reach that it might as well be one on one.)  Also, I quit vaping after several years.  As of now, I’m coughing up accumulated gunk; according to what I’ve read, that’s normal.  I get little temptations every now and then, also called extinction burstsI just tell myself “I am not a bitch.”  The phrase works like magic!

2019 in the news

From my perspective, 2019 was sort of a slow news year.  I’ll go over a few highlights.

In interplanetary news, on April 11, an Israeli landing probe went haywire and became a new crater on the moon.  In its cargo was a time capsule containing a few items, including a copy of Wikipedia (no great loss in that instance).  Now it’s in a 100 meter splatter pattern on the moon.  So far, lunar authorities haven’t issued any littering tickets.  It also was carrying a small cargo of tardigrades, also called “water bears”.  These are tiny bugs that supposedly can survive anything, including being in space.  (What did the Israelis have against those little critters?)  So whenever the next moon landing happens – likely as not by the Chinese – are they going to get swarmed by hungry Space Bugs now?

Later that year, Jeffrey Epstein stole the spotlight.  If an ordinary shmuck gets caught molesting kids, he goes to prison.  Epstein, on the other hand, was special.  He had money.  He also had LOTS of associations with several influential figures.  Apparently Bill Clinton was a frequent flier to his “Lolita Island”.  OK, no big surprise there.  So was Prince Andrew.  Alan Dershowitz also went there, prompting him to provide a detailed description about getting a therapeutic massage from an old Russian lady.  (Hey Alan, was her name Olga?)  Dozens – or possibly hundreds – of top politicians and other important figures breathed a sigh of relief when Epstein “committed suicide” on August 10.  One little-known fact is that Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver wrote a song called “Vampire” about Epstein’s father-in-law, alias Robert Maxwell, another crook who came up out of nowhere and reached very high places.

In September, Nancy Pelosi started getting impeachment proceedings under way for President Trump.  Since the charges are groundless, this is just political theatrics calculated to play out in an election year and hinder his campaign.  Dirty tactics like that should backfire badly, but this isn’t going to stop all those low-information voters from supporting the Democrats.  They don’t like Trump, so anything to try to take him down is OK, facts and ethics be damned.

What would happen if Pelosi, Cupcake, Pocahontas, Feinstein, Boxer, or some other Democratic prima donna pulled off a palace coup, crowned herself Empress of America, sent Trump into a dungeon without trial, and put her critics into “reeducation camps”?  Hordes of leftists would cheer ecstatically.  Orange Man Bad!

In December, the UK elections happened.  The Labour Party got spanked, suffering the worst defeat in nearly a century.  It turns out that British working people no longer care for the party that claims to support them.  If Labour had worked on bringing jobs back, instead of virtue signaling and cultural Marxism, then they wouldn’t have had this problem.  Unfortunately, I fully expect the Tories to waste their mandate and not do anything to stop population replacement immigration.  I really hope I’ll be proven wrong here.

Fun prognostications for the future

As we’ve entered a new decade, it’s a good time to imagine how things might go in the future.  It looks like hovercars and the other cool shit we were promised as kids ain’t in the cards any time soon.  In fact, there are some people out there who want things to become considerably worse than they are now.

A few months ago, a cute article came out with the evocative title “Bokhari: Elites Want You to Eat Bugs, Live in Sewer Pipes, and Submit to Population Control“.  That one is pretty much what it says on the tin.  The New World Order types, and the ass-kissers helping to further their agendas, have some new ideas about how the world is going to go.

The “eating bugs” theme seems to be coming up frequently in recent times.  (Maybe some transmission belt carried a directive to popularize it?)  I figure the actual object of this is as a form of degrading punishment.  People like me are too “privileged” according to them, so to put us in our place, they expect us to eat bugs.  Oh, like the NWO types, our so-called “elites”, aren’t the most privileged humans on the planet, flying around on their private jets while lecturing us about carbon consumption?  All those who suck up to those globalist billionaires should take note of that fact whenever they’re not too busy chowing down on grubs, playing video games, and spanking off to pr0nOther suggestions include cannibalism.  Who knew that the day would come when Soylent Green would become a serious “modest proposal”?

The other major item is about architecture.  When ordinary dwellings are priced too high for common people, what then?  San Francisco and LA already have their tent cities, but there are some new plans.  The Third World is overpopulated, and Western countries which actually do have stable populations are run by treasonous politicians who want open borders.  Land becomes increasingly expensive as hordes pour in from abroad.  The globalists imagine that they’re going to be running the show permanently, so they have some ideas on how to make cities more overcrowded than they already are.  Creative measures will have to be taken to build better roach motels.

One proposed solution is housing pods made from recycled sewer pipes.  Those could be stacked in a honeycomb fashion into a big pile.  These would likely be pretty similar to the “capsule hotels” found in parts of Asia, except that you stay in little tubes for the duration.  Then there’s this:

If that isn’t enough of a dystopian cyberpunk nightmare for you, consider “parasite pods” — small homes designed to be attached to larger structures like skyscrapers and bridges. They’re “parasitic” — and we must credit the architectural students who came up with the concept for their refreshingly honest choice of name — because they cling to larger structures. Are you ready to be a parasite, for the environment?

That makes a Soviet-era panelak seem right cozy, doesn’t it?  These measures are not much better than living in prison, so they should be considered another form of degrading punishment.  Of course, it goes without saying that you’re supposed to die all alone and childless.  All this is what the globalists want for us.  To hell with them!

2019 is gone, and not a moment too soon

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