My first 50 posts in review

I’m actually best known for my articles at Return of Kings, and my twentieth will be up there shortly.  See my author page if you would like to check them out.

As for my WordPress articles, I’m up to fifty (prior to this recap).  Here they are for your reference, in case you’ve missed any.

If someone can kindly tell me how to get a sidebar listing posts by tags, please be so kind as to leave a comment and tip me off on that.  I’ve tried to Read The Friendly Manual and add the magic to my site, but no luck so far.

  1. Beau Albrecht book catalog– Showcasing by book catalog.  It’s good stuff, check it out!  (Hint hint.)  This will be updated as new titles are released.
  2. Book announcement – Righteous Seduction: Redemption for “Nerds”, Unappreciated Nice Guys, and Captives of the Friend Zone – My first nonfiction work, for guys who want to improve their social lives, independently reviewed here
  3. In defense of seduction – Why there’s nothing wrong with guys learning game
  4. The “omegas” – how to help our brothers out – Why we should reach out to the lonely and socially awkward
  5. Itty bitty book reviews – The great classics of literature summed up in a line or two
  6. A modest proposal to eliminate murder culture – Have you heard that one out of four college students get murdered?
  7. Roosh V. FAQ – facts about a much-misunderstood Manosphere author
  8. How to debate more effectively – Rhetoric 101
  9. Straight talk on alphas – Everyone knows that being an alpha is good, but there’s much confusion as to what an alpha really is
  10. How to get started in ebook publishing – How to get your online book project out there, bypassing snooty agents and editors
  11. A beginner’s question – “How the hell do you ask someone for sex?” – Game 101
  12. Cultural Marxism and the Social Justice Warrior cult – The true story about how political correctness and those annoying campus radicals got started
  13. The brief guide to conspiracy theories – Some are pretty whacky, others not so much
  14. “Hey, baby, how about it?” – Describes the “Apocalypse Opener”
  15. How I almost dated a SJW and what that taught me about game – My almost-relationship with a green=haired feminist
  16. A former slave speaks about personal finance – Why getting yourself in debt up to the gills to keep up with the Joneses is a bad thing
  17. Deconstructing the narrative of microaggression – The truth about one of those academic buzzwords
  18. Book Review: And the Band Played On – A documentary of the early part of the AIDS epidemic
  19. Book sale – A one month sale on some of my immortal classics of literature
  20. How women judge men, as seen on the game show Take Me Out – It’s a jungle out there…
  21. Happy belated… – A brief item commemorating America’s independence and Britain’s Brexit
  22. Totalitarianism, then and now – How the NWO nanny-state compares to old-school Fascism
  23. What barbarians knew about marriage that we don’t – Observations by Tacitus on the morals of Germanic barbarians
  24. What would happen if the USA became Communist – So you want a Socialist paradise?
  25. The premises of the political left – Radical egalitarianism, subjectivism, and social justice
  26. Why some women choose losers – Ever know some chick who only goes for knuckleheads, control freaks, and idiots?
  27. Time is too valuable to waste – You only have so many hours in your life, so make it quality time
  28. Criticisms of modern women – Women aren’t inherently bad; it’s society that has corrupted them
  29. For your reading pleasure – Miscellanea and interesting linky linky
  30. Tips for young ladies – All the things your mother should’ve explained
  31. How Social Justice Warriors wrecked the atheist community – Before gamergate, there was elevatorgate
  32. Distributism, The Unknown Ideal – Capitalism doesn’t have to be about huge, faceless corporations run by CEOs richer than God
  33. A couple of seduction basics – Explaining what to do based on how well someone likes you, as well as the “law of least effort” principle
  34. Election 2016 – Don’t miss the picture of the donut bumpers
  35. Fitness and diet, part 1 – My journey, and why you should get the body you want
  36. Fitness and diet, part 2 – How to get started lifting weights
  37. Fitness and diet, part 3 – Nutrition 101
  38. Fitness and diet, part 4 (final) – How to avoid diet pitfalls
  39. My Return of Kings postings – Showcasing my first Return of Kings articles
  40. The ugly American’s guide to the world – My amusingly xenophobic take on many countries around the world
  41. Your guide to the dozens of fruity flavors of feminism – All the feminist sects under the sun
  42. Anarcho-tyranny bonus – How you can get a free copy of Safe and Secure In Atropia
  43. Reconciling Genesis with science – The Genesis creation myth holds up to science better than you might expect
  44. If illegal aliens are deported, who will do the work? – Proposals on how to replace the labor niches now filled by illegal aliens
  45. The Democratic leadership thinks their voters are a bunch of muppets – Shockers from Democratic political figures over the years
  46. Wikileaks shocker – Washington DC can be pretty hellatious
  47. The sleeping giant begins to awaken – Immodest gloating about the Trump victory
  48. Be careful what you wish for – Illustrating the unintended consequences of what leftists are demanding
  49. Modern rejection letters for old classics – How today’s editors would reject yesterday’s classics
  50. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… – I long for the days when government corruption meant stuff like politicians taking kickbacks
My first 50 posts in review

10 thoughts on “My first 50 posts in review

  1. Well done on all the hard work that you’ve accomplished both here and at RoK! I just wanted to drop in and personally thank you for linking my article on r/K Selection Theory on your last RoK article. It gave me quite the traffic boost. Keep up the great work!

    Also, really enjoyed your article on the Neanderthals.

    Best Regards,


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