“Transracial” White Guy Wants To Be A Filipina

WTSP, the CBS affiliate in Tampa Bay, wrote a puff piece about a millennial who wants to change his ethnic identity:

Ja Du, born a white male named Adam, now considers himself a Filipino. Turns out the purple ride he drives around in is called a Tuk Tuk, an Asian-derived vehicle used for public transit in the Philippines he says.

Ja Du is part of a small, but growing community of people who considers themselves transracial. It refers to someone born one race, but identifies with another.

In the Philippines, a motorized rickshaw is called a “tricycle” (though spelled differently). It’s called a “tuk-tuk” in Thailand and Cambodia. Whatever you call it, I have yet to see an actual Filipino in the USA driving one. The kind of overcompensation typical for transsexuals also features in “transracialism”, a novel form of the cult of being different.


WSTP explains that “Ja Du” likes Filipino music, food, and History Channel programs about his favorite country. I don’t get it; I have high regard for Confucius and Lao-Tse (and Kung Pao chicken) without wanting to be Chinese. Something else is going on here.

Its third inline video explains his Filipina moniker:

My mom works, uh, with a lot of people who, uh, works with a lot of people who, uh, immi— who are, uh, you know, uh, migrating to the United States, uh, you know, from all over the world. Like the staff is almost, uh, entirely, uh, is almost entirely made up of, you know, people who immigrate here. Uh, and, you know, uh, one of her best friends, one of her best friends from work is named Ja Du. And, you know, she’s— she’s so nice, she’s cute, uh, she’s really, really fun. And uh, and it just like, it just had a ring to it, and I love that name. So, I, you know, that’s what I wanna be. Like, I wanna be that happy, that happy person.

Wanting to un-assimilate himself from his own society is absurd; believing he can change his race is more so. It’s certainly a problem when someone isn’t happy being who he is. One needn’t be Sigmund Freud to see that, right?


A psychologist with considerable experience concerning transsexuals provides commentary. However, even with all her professional insights into the oddities of the human mind, a “transracial” is a new one on her:

Dr. Stacey Scheckner is a licensed psychologist with a B.A. from Washington University, plus M.A. and doctorate from Florida State. She hasn’t had a client who wanted to change their race but has worked with many clients wanting to change their body in some way.

“If someone feels that they feel at home with a certain religion, a certain race, a certain culture, I think that if that’s who they really feel inside life is about finding out who you are. The more knowledge you have of yourself, the happier you can be,” she said.

“And, as long as it’s not hurting yourself or anyone else, I don’t see a problem with that.”

Ja Du hasn’t told his family yet because he believes they will laugh at the notion of changing your ethnicity. The public was very critical of Dolezal and might be for him as well, but Scheckner believes everyone should be more understanding.

So basically, this media outlet here is telling us to believe that being “transracial” is just a harmless quirk, everyone else should accommodate this, etc… It’s the usual “anything goes” baloney.

Someone with her particular background should be good at figuring out this stuff. People wanting to be something they’re not clearly lack a well-grounded identity, or suffer from self-loathing. It’s odd that Dr. Scheckner didn’t discern a psychological complex resulting from childhood trauma. That’s like an Italian construction worker who can’t drive a cement mixer.

You knew this was coming

After some more of the same:

He is also transsexual and is considering changing his gender as well. He has spoken to his mom and family about that.

Big surprise, right? So it looks like he wants to be a girl but hasn’t made up his mind quite yet. If he proceeds and gets the “Big Snip”, then he’ll extinguish his genetic lineage. If his parents care about having grandchildren, this would be the right time to say something.

Anyway, he’s getting his Southeast Asian countries confused again. Ladyboys are a Thai peculiarity. In the Philippines, they don’t cotton to that. He might get a particularly unfriendly reception in places like Mindanao, Cebu, and Davao.

In the USA, he’s protected by the Anglo-Saxon tradition of forbearance, much too generous lately. However, nobody’s going to believe he’s a Filipina. Naturally, the media comes to the rescue, introducing the idea to the public and telling the rubes it’s no big deal.

Wannabes and preference pirates

Elizabeth Warren versus real American Indian lady
One of these is not like the other.

Now for that article’s token effort to be serious:

Your race can make you more marketable and in some cases eligible for certain benefits, jobs and scholarships. After quick Google search for ethnic scholarships, we found that a Filipino scholarship was the second option that popped up.

Many might question Ja Du’s intentions or say that he is a perfect case of cultural appropriation.

He knows this can be a problem, but says he’s not trying to take advantage of anything.

This does illustrate a key difference about two categories of those claiming to be something they’re not. The first group are the “wannabes”. One example is John Walker Lindh, who was fascinated by the Malcolm X movie during his “wigger” phase, then converted to Islam and went to Afghanistan. Omega males who become transsexual are another example. The other category includes preference pirates like Rachel Dolezal (former NAACP mucky-muck of Spokane), Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (Senator of Massachusetts), and Ward Churchill (Chief of the Slap-a-ho tribe).

Wannabes believe the grass is greener on the other side, and preference pirates seek advantages (prestige, scholarships, jobs, etc.) by claiming membership in a protected group. However, the dividing line isn’t clear. A man who’s convinced himself he’s a woman probably would check the “female” box on a job application or financial aid form. A “wigger” might claim to be Black. However, faux-Asians should be warned that this will work against them (as it does for real Asians) on college applications.

Either way, real members of these protected groups aren’t buying it. Neither does anyone else who isn’t terminally brainwashed.

What the hell happened to this kid?

Of all the noxious crimes committed by cultural Marxism, the worst have been against children. In a healthy society, Adam would’ve grown up happy being who he actually is. If he’d been raised to appreciate his own culture (and got some exercise), he could be an upstanding guy. He was wrong for being so open-minded that his brain fell out. Still, those who failed him—and others like him—are even more blameworthy.

Today, school is mainly about academics (which we’re not doing too well at, thanks to incompetence and educational fads). However, the traditional purpose of education, going back to time immemorial, is instructing the youth in their own society’s customs and values. Needless to say, “anything goes” wasn’t part of any ancient curriculum. Neither was “all other tribes are just like us, except a lot more interesting”. As usual, cultural Marxism gets everything completely backwards.

Today, children are taught that the traditional values that made society work are unimportant or wrong. Further, they’re told their country’s history is an unrelenting horror (hello, Howard Zinn). Boys are browbeaten with feminist messages, and sometimes drugged. Students are instructed in transsexuality, a major reason why so many young guys like Adam now want to be girls. White kids are brainwashed with guilt and ethno-masochism, while other cultures are portrayed positively.

Is there hope?

Some schools are better than others. The bad ones deliver these destructive messages (among others) to their captive audience for years. The media also pushes this stuff constantly, affecting adults too. This is what went wrong in Adam’s youth. This is a crime. Realizing how much they lied to him is his only way out of this mess.

Fortunately, “Generation Z” is turning out to be far more aware than the millennials. They have much more knowledge about what’s been done to them and their future. When they come of age, there will be hell to pay.

“Transracial” White Guy Wants To Be A Filipina