Externalizer of the Oedipus Complex vandalizes sacred statue

To begin with, I’m not Catholic.  (In fact, I’m the worst Mormon since Joseph Smith himself.)  Still, there’s an article in the National Catholic Register that really has me seeing red, “Statue of Virgin Mary Beheaded at Tennessee Parish“.  What kind of a cockroach would do a thing like that?

Lately, there’s been an epidemic of vandalism directed at statues by sniveling leftist bedwetters, just as I predicted there would be.  This “cancel culture” business is nothing new.  During the Soviet days, whenever someone fell out of favor, they’d go to great lengths to erase his memory.  If the un-person was in a textbook, the teachers would direct their students to turn to the page with the illustration, then black out the picture or at least pencil out the eyes.  Wrecking statues is just a new iteration of this for today’s pinkos.

These “woke” douche-nozzles haven’t figured out that anyone who lived in the past is going to have some views that they don’t like.  They think they’re so righteous now, but the people of the future are going to look back on all this and see these idiots for who they are.  As for this particular incident, this one wasn’t just any old statue.  This was a statue honoring the nicest lady who ever walked the earth, and some loser chopped the head off.  My intuition tells me that whoever did that either likes his own mother funny, is a sheep botherer, or maybe cheats on Mom with a sheep.

Enough is enough.  I hereby put the vandals on notice.  Anyone who cuts off part of a statue just might suffer an untimely accident in which his own corresponding body part is cut off, because karma’s a bitch that way.

Externalizer of the Oedipus Complex vandalizes sacred statue

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