About Rainbow “Beau” Albrecht

It’s about time I have a single biographical page, now isn’t it?  Well, here we go.  Unlike most pages here, I may revise this a bit in the future.

Call me Ishmael, yarrrr.  Actually, I’m Rainbow Albrecht, but I usually go by Beau. The name was actually kind of cool until Rainbow Brite hit the shelves when I was a teenager, and then that rainbow flag thing got popular and gave people the wrong idea about me.  Afterwards, I was tempted to sue my parents for sticking me with that hippy name.

I was a love child from the 1960s, and technically a red diaper baby. My views diverged from those of my parents pretty early on, much to the horror of my liberal mom and radicalinski dad,. In fact, I most certainly enjoyed watching Red Dawn and Rambo II on the big screen. These days, I also write deplorable diatribes, mostly here and at Return of Kings.

I am a (nominal) member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I do love Salt Lake City, but I’m the worst Mormon since Joseph Smith himself. My favorite watering hole in SLC is Desert Edge (I miss Natasha!), though Beerhive, Garage On Back, and Purgatory are also highly recommended. If we ever meet at once of these places, let’s knock back some brewskis, how about it? Other than that, I’m into lots of rather obscure stuff: Thelema, Distributism, linguistics (ancient Gothic for the win!), Romanian history, Russian novels, and that’s just the beginning.

I spend much of my free time on creative writing, mainly science fiction and fantasy. My flagship Space Vixen Trek series deliberately shoots for the “so bad it’s good” effect. Lately I have brought some projects to fruition, with several in the pipeline. You may find the books at your favorite online ebook retailer:

For the specific descriptions, see my book catalog.

Here are answers to some questions you might have about me.

How may I contact you?

I don’t care for mailto: links, because then I start getting lots of spam.  This includes emails from Nigerian “419” fraudsters.  (Those millions they promise aren’t real, in case – Gods forbid – you haven’t figured that one out yet.)  I don’t need fake pills to enlarge my dick; I’m not getting any complaints.  I don’t need fake pills to make my boobs larger, because I don’t have any and I’d rather enjoy them on other people.  Neither am I looking for local hookups in my area.  I don’t like spam, Sam-I-Am.

So, if you want to write me, my user ID is rainbow_albrecht and the domain is hotmail.com and I’m sure you can figure it out.  For the record, I don’t mind polite discussions with those who don’t share my views.  However, if someone wants to curse me out, you can send your email to /dev/null and I’ll be getting back to you shortly.

I like what you’re doing and I want to support your work.  How can I send a donation?

I have enough money to support myself pretty comfortably.  (I’m not a millionaire, but getting there.)  Still, you can buy my books; I wouldn’t mind a little more fame and recognition.  For cash donations, you don’t have to send me anything, but instead, contribute to my friends at VDARE.  They’re doing some awesome work.

Why do you hate feminists so much?

To clarify, most garden-variety feminists you’ll meet in day-to-day life aren’t really bad people.  Unfortunately, they’ve been deluded by the ones in the media and education establishments.  They’ve been told constantly that they’re oppressed, when the reality is that today’s women in Western societies tend to live very comfortable lives.  In fact, they’re the most pampered and (dare I say it) the most spoiled generation of women who have ever walked the earth.  The ones who put the mind-virus in their heads are often pretty sick and twisted, and they use other people to further their political agendas.  Those feminists – professional activists and women’s studies professors – can go to Outer Darkness and stay there.

A little more specifically, I started figuring out that there was something wrong with feminism back in college.  I really do love women, and back in my Blue Pill days, I used to think that feminism is good, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  At college, I was exposed to some of their unfiltered rhetoric.  Since my school was infested with cultural Marxism (like most of them), you couldn’t get away from toxic feminist rhetoric any more than you can get away from pollution in a factory town lacking emission controls.  (Again, they can go on a one-way trip to Outer Darkness.)  However, it was much later that I found out what feminism is really all about.

What are your thoughts on polygamy?

Multiple relationships can be fun (the Coolidge effect and all that), though they’re certainly extra drama.  As for being sealed for time and eternity – if all that’s the real deal – things could get interesting.  Maybe that’s why Zeus and Hera are on the outs with each other frequently?

More seriously, I’d do that myself if it were possible.  I could make it official with my two girlfriends while continuing to treat them equally.  However, rolling out polygamy on a large scale would probably be a social disaster.  Every billionaire with 100 concubines means 99 lonely guys out there.  Given how hypergamy has been working out, I figure the effects on society would basically amount to more of the same.  Worse, a lot of the people who might undertake multiple relationships would have no idea on how to make them work.  It’s been tried.

Other than that, if we have gay marriage now, I don’t see any legal reason why polygamy is forbidden, since it has orders of magnitude more historical and cultural provenance than gay marriage ever did.  The Supreme Court has made the case time and again that the 14th Amendment (which was really about guaranteeing the rights for freed slaves) means “anything goes”.

About Rainbow “Beau” Albrecht

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