Be careful what you wish for

Trigger warning (snicker), politics ahead.


The Greek myth of King Midas is a powerful reminder of unintended consequences.  Apollo offers a wish to King Midas, who chooses that everything he touches turns to gold.  Apollo reluctantly grants it.  Unfortunately, this applies to everything:  family members, food, and beverages also turn to gold as soon as King Midas touches them.  What at first seems to be a great idea turns out to be a disaster.  Even if King Midas had more sensibly wished to make this ability selective, hyperinflation would’ve resulted.

How does this principle apply to things today?  Roosh’s Brilliant Takedown Of Feminism From An Old Man highlights an article by a witty commentator concerning feminism and hookup culture.  Did getting everything they wanted make feminists happy?

What I don’t get is, why are gals bitching?  This is the world they wanted. They clawed and scratched and burned their bras and had court cases and threw fits to get exactly what they have. They hated men because, they said, men weren’t letting them copulate frantically like men had always wanted them to.  Men, or more likely their mothers, didn’t let them make themselves unattractive by dressing like hod-carriers and swearing like sailors.  Finally men gave in and now women hate them for that. Whatever happened to gratitude?

So for men agreeing to change society like feminists wanted, it turned out to be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” proposition.

Since cultural Marxists are never happy about anything, no matter how much society gives in to them, there will always be new demands.  This led me to thinking about what would happen if some of the wishes of Social Justice Warriors – and their ultra-wealthy globalist masters – were granted.  Earlier I’ve discussed what would happen if a Marxist-Leninist government assumes control in the USA.  Here are some other thought experiments.

Total acceptance of the GLBT agenda

Scenario:  All religious and cultural opposition to homosexuality disappears overnight.

Likely results:  Acceptance leads to experimentation – it’s “just a different thing”, after all – and soon male bisexuality becomes as commonplace as it was in ancient Greece.  Guys find it easier to hook up than ever, this time with other guys (lacking earlier inhibitions) and their target market doubles.  Most men still prefer women, given the choice, but dealing with bad attitudes is out of the question now.

The gay bars and “bath houses” are overflowing, with new ones sprouting up like mushrooms.  Men usually blow and bugger each other, rather than try to impress stuck-up women.  Sales of condoms and lube skyrocket.  Straight nightclubs are full of chicks wondering where all the dudes went.  Men everywhere are refusing to deal with flakiness and hostility.  The demand for strapons and vibrators rises accordingly, but women soon miss the wining and dining and all the other perks they got from men.

The effect on society is profound, once a man’s hairy butt is seen as an okay alternative to a woman’s holy chalice.  The straight sexual marketplace collapses like the stock market tanked on Black Tuesday.  The economic bubble fueled by male thirst and feminism bursts.  Even cyber-porn websites – today’s greatest sexual marketplace safety valve – start going the way of the horse and buggy.  They’re unnecessary after masses of men understand that the love that dare not speak its name is just another clean, wholesome way to have fun.

Although there’s still some demand for pretty women, game-playing and nasty behavior will no longer be tolerated.  Bringing only good looks and the possibility of sex to the table just isn’t enough any more.  The freebies that women got from courtship dry up overnight, and the Friend Zone becomes a weed-choked vacant lot.  Nubile women are treated as if they’d hit The Wall, and the middle-aged are invisible.  Shock and horror erupts.  Even college-age women fall from their pedestal, and it’s a long way down.  Women start adjusting their attitudes, scrambling to hold onto what remains of their market share.

Lesson:  If all guys refused to deal with flakiness and hostility, that would bring about a long-overdue market correction.  Mass sodomy isn’t required; just unity.

Reparations for slavery are granted

Scenario:  In recognition of the injustice of the institution of slavery, American politicians give every Black citizen a million dollars.

Likely results:  At first, there’s rejoicing from Harlem to Watts.  However, soon some bitterly grumble that it isn’t enough for what happened a century and a half ago.  Arguments are made about whether or not recent arrivals from Africa and the Caribbean are entitled.  Some Whites, trying to get a slice of the pie, fraudulently claim distant Black ancestry.  Calls for genetic testing and fractional payments according to proportion of African DNA result in mass squabbling, until the idea is dropped.

Then the bill comes due, and forty trillion dollars of largesse is quite a chunk of change.  You could terraform Mars with that kind of swag.  This, and the fact that nobody who isn’t descended from a slave owner can be held accountable even if we assume that collective guilt is valid, means that it’s impossible to pay for it thorough taxation.  To ease the burden, a few conservatives suggest deducting the inflation-adjusted cost of welfare and other public assistance payments to the Black community since LBJ’s time, but they get shouted down.

Ultimately, the government has to print up the forty trillion bucks, robbing the public by means more indirect than taxation.  (When anyone else does that, it’s called counterfeiting.  They hate competition.)  Prices skyrocket, causing the inflation from “quantitative easing” that propped up the stock market since 2008 – largely hidden by statistical fuzzy math – to seem like nothing.  Savings and retirement accounts are devastated by hyperinflation.  As for the recipients, there is a spending boom.  However, if the outcome of many lottery winners is considered as an example, conditions mostly revert to the mean within two years.  Smoldering resentments are the only lasting result.

Lesson:  Slavery was rotten, but collective guilt is still bullshit.

Unlimited migration from Muslim countries into Europe

Scenario:  Europe drops all immigration restrictions and opens the borders to the Middle East and North Africa, in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Likely results:  We have a precedent to guide us, and I’ll make a long story short.  After the thousand-year old Byzantine Empire was conquered, the Islamic Caliphate feasted on its corpse for a few centuries.  The Sultans lived high on the hog in opulent decadence, partying like it was 999.  The dhimmis were double-taxed for jizya “protection money”, sometimes enslaved, and their boys were shanghaied for janissaries.  However, the empire began to stagnate and eventually crumble.  The Middle East became a backwater until oil was discovered.

Formerly, the invaders fought their way in with swords and spears.  Today, they’re welcomed in by corrupt politicians, disregarding the will of the public that elected them and trying to cover their tracks.

Suppose the limited numbers of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” becomes unlimited.  Then Europe is transformed forever, much faster than is happening now.  One country after another replaces parliamentary democracy with sharia law.  Any attempt to resist causes massive riots by the truculent newcomers.

The native cultures, overrun and outbred, slowly start disappearing.  In some ways, Islam was a force of progress back in the 7th Century, but that was kind of a while ago.  Stagnation sets in.  Eventually, the light of culture that once was Europe finally flickers out, and its engine of creativity sputters out, all gone with its people.  The future inhabitants will then live in a place just like the one their forefathers left for greener pastures.

Lesson:  You can only feast on a corpse for so long.

The “Aztlan” movement assumes control in the Southwest and secedes

Scenario:  Although some irredentist territorial claims have been made all the way to Kansas, for this thought experiment we’ll say that California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas secede.  These are the most likely places, given the effect of decades of Hispanic immigration (legal and otherwise), anchor babies, and differential fertility rates.

Likely results:  If the USA has any fight left by then, a civil war breaks out that makes the last one seem like a picnic.

If the politicians keep acting the way they’ve been acting, then this goes unchallenged.  Aztlan quickly makes Spanish the official language, forcing out many civil servants and opening positions for cronies to hop on the gravy train.  Corruption climbs to the Latin American average.  The infrastructure starts to deteriorate.  Aztlan resorts to desperate measures, perhaps exorbitant graduated taxation, attempts to shake down the remaining USA for tribute money as foreign aid or whatever, or more territorial demands.

The remaining “gringos” flee Aztlan, and Hispanics elsewhere face sporadic persecution.  In the USA, the establishment politicians are thoroughly discredited and perhaps end up kicking the wind beneath lampposts.  As for Aztlan, it soon resembles Mexico and the Central American countries that the immigrants left to get away from.

Lesson:  Don’t invite someone to your house if he thinks he owns the place.

Distinct races disappear

Scenario:  The pan-gaeic melting pot becomes a pressure cooker, causing races to blend into one.

Likely results:  John Lennon asked us to imagine a world without nations.  The song’s idea is that if there were no countries (and presumably no races, a likely corollary given Lennon’s personal choices), as well as no possessions and no religions, then there will be nothing to fight about ever again.  (And I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn too, ooh ooh oo-oo-oo…)  It’s too bad if you value any of those things, of course…  The idea gets Social Justice Warriors harder than even tentacle porn does, especially the “no races” suicide edict.

Let’s say the self-proclaimed champions of diversity get their wish.  Borders vanish, and humanity blends like a gaseous diffusion.  There’s just one problem.  Mixing everyone in a multicultural pressure cooker like goulash overcooked into mush means no more diversity.  What little remains of the culture is the least common denominator:  hamburgers, television, and pop music.  Even Theodor Adorno, one of the evil-on-a-stick founding fathers of cultural Marxism, would’ve wept bitterly at that.

Along with all of the world’s unique cultures, their genetic distinctness is gone forever.  Englishmen, Italians, Swedes, Koreans, Navajos, Gypsies, Kurds, Zulus, Jews, and everyone else are a fading memory.  Everyone looks the same; the whole world turned as gray as the mind of a Social Justice Warrior.  If a global civilizational collapse occurs – which this may well cause – then after tens of thousands of years, evolution will bring new races once again along geographical lines.  Hopefully one or two of them will have the scientific chops to get the technological ball rolling once again.

That mad scheme is unlikely to be fully implemented globally.  Note that SJWs aren’t demanding more Syrians in Haiti, more Hmong in El Salvador, more Mexicans in Vietnam, etc.  This should give you a hint as to what they really want.  The likely result of the Western world’s current trajectory – if we don’t arise and stop it – will be the emergence of numerous half-caste ethnicities, along with depleted remainders of unmixed populations, with everyone squabbling louder than before.

If the dysfunctional SJW freaks wreck their own society, any nations that don’t buy into the multicultural suicide pact survive.  The Chinese and Japanese, unified and free of political correctness, probably come out on top.  Hopefully they set up a big museum for European and American culture so someone can remember who we once were.

Lesson:  The diversity of distinct nations all around the world is a good thing; making humanity a biological stir-fry is not.

The globalists assume total control

Scenario:  Today’s ultra-powerful and ultra-wealthy, numbering perhaps 3000 worldwide, permanently lock down control and crush all opposition.

Likely results:  With tight censorship, domestic spying, and microchipping justified as a security measure after some “terrorist events”, the gloves come off.  Eventually the pretense of managed democracy can be dropped.  National sovereignty is erased and a global oligarchical dictatorship emerges.  The New World Order becomes a harsher version of Brave New World.  Rebellions are crushed brutally, sometimes with WMDs.  Opposition leaders (including former SJWs who have second thoughts about it all) disappear as soon as they emerge.  Traditional religions are retooled with New Age mushiness, or scrapped entirely.

The “haves” become even more insanely wealthy, and the rest of the world becomes a global peasantry.  The planet looks like a squalid slum with small islands of posh gated communities.  The only middle class left are the military, technicians keeping the ball rolling, and toadies on the gravy train to run public service and the propaganda machine.  Bread and circuses are the carrot, and repression is the stick.  Since the underclass is no longer necessary as a voting bloc, welfare is cut down to the bone, driving recipients into the sweatshops for a subsistence income.  Retirement is abolished, and anyone older than 75 loses medical benefits.  All this is implemented gradually; the globalists have lots of experience with boiling a lobster alive by turning up the heat very slowly.

Today’s elites are fairly cordial with each other, working out of public view to accumulate more wealth and power.  However, when they get total control, turf wars develop.  With insanely greedy plutocrats having nothing left to do to subjugate the public or carve out new economic territories, their revolution starts devouring itself.  Three thousand kings are too many for one planet.  The oligarchy will shrink, as they rub each other out like warring Mafia factions.  A 1984-style state of perpetual war might develop.

Assuming it doesn’t go nuclear at some point, and assuming the public doesn’t rise and lynch them all, the oligarchs might work out a peerage system and decide who’s boss.  As the centuries go by, the plebeians will become stupid and servile, and the ruling class might become as inbred as the Spanish royalty during the Renaissance.

Lesson:  It’s time to get the globalists off our backs.

In summary

I don’t particularly like any of these outcomes.  Let’s keep them from happening.  If you’re faced with a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” choice – either holding firm against unwise demands and getting criticized, or giving in and enduring the chaos that follows – then hold firm and endure the criticism.

Be careful what you wish for

The sleeping giant begins to awaken

That was quite an interesting election we’ve had!  Americans haven’t had a real President since Reagan.  The job has just begun, but at least we now have hope for some real change.

This shows that a candidate not backed by globalists can win.  Europeans, take note!

Kicking a sleeping giant doesn’t always work out so well. For decades, they tried to boil the frog, turning up the heat very slowly. But behold, the enemy’s plans were foiled, for the frog was… KEK! Viva Pepe siempre! Whew…


If the Kek/Pepe reference is a bit obscure, see the following:
Chaos magick has weird synchronicities this way.

The sleeping giant begins to awaken

Wikileaks shocker

This just in.  Check out some of the new finds from the leaked emails.  It’s all there in writing.  The “$65,000 of tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs” was the least weird part of it.  That is, assuming that it’s really about pizza and hot dogs.  Errrrmmmm…

Voted yet?  If not, take a look before making up your mind.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

Wikileaks shocker

The Democratic leadership thinks their voters are a bunch of muppets

Politicians are like lawyers; it’s the dishonest, money-grubbing ones who make it look bad for the 5% of them who are decent people.  I’m quite skeptical that the Republican leadership is really looking out for the interests of its grassroots.  Ron Paul is an honest guy, but unless there’s a serious shakeup in the power structure, he has as much chance of becoming President as I have of becoming the next Pope.  Still, the Democrats seem to have a unique skill for smugly deceiving the public and generally playing us for chumps.

This is actually a time-honored tradition.  Consider FDR’s quote:

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.

This was on October 30, 1940, shortly before the election.  He made a number of similar statements too.  Before long, he would do everything he could to antagonize the Japanese (cutting off their oil supply and freezing Japanese assets, among several other items) largely unbeknownst to the public.  When he received intelligence that an attack was imminent, did he put the base on high alert?  Having antiaircraft guns locked and loaded would have saved hundreds of lives at Pearl Harbor, but it didn’t happen.  It’s not clear why he dropped the ball like that, but one possibility was that FDR wanted a large body count to shock the public and shut up the isolationists; the people who actually did want to stay out of war.  Yes, the day went down in infamy, in more ways than one.

It’s not just FDR who took the public for a bunch of suckers.  His consigliere Harry Hopkins (a very high placed KGB plant identified by the Venona decrypts as Agent 19) told him:

The American people are too damn dumb to ever sense what we are doing to them.

Another telling comment of his was:

We will tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect.

Apparently these attitudes haven’t changed much over the years.

Another stellar example is LBJ’s bon bot, spoken to two governors while on Air Force One, explaining his motivation for starting welfare:

I’ll have those [African-Americans] voting Democratic for the next 200 years.

So the War on Poverty wasn’t really about alleviating poverty, but rather getting a base of bloc voters beholden to the government, and the Democratic Party specifically.  What a man of the people LBJ was!

The deal with welfare could be stated as the following:  “stay home and we’ll pay you to have babies.  All we ask is that you don’t have a man around who can help support and raise them.”  What this did to the Black community was utterly devastating.  Take a wild guess what’s going to happen when you pay welfare mothers to stay home and have more babies?  The illegitimacy rate doubled, and they got intergenerational poverty.  Another effect was that the crime rate skyrocketed from all the children who grew up without a father to help raise them, teach them a trade, and instill a work ethic.  Black communities were fairly safe before all this, and also used to have much more small business ownership, and thus financial independence.  LBJ’s strategy worked; Blacks vote for Democrats over 90% in every Presidential election, when they should instead be cursing them for this.

Other than that, LBJ was known for exposing his Johnson frequently, reputed to have an impressive executive branch.  Today, backers of his party are going berserk about some locker room talk by Donald Trump, a private conversation from eleven years ago which actually was pretty tame compared to some of LBJ’s potty-mouthed outbursts.

Moving to more recent times, we have the tawdry example of Bill Clinton’s finger-wagging speech during the Fornigate scandal:

I want to say one thing to the American people.  I want you to listen to me.  I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.  I never told anyone to lie, not a single time, never.

I knew he was lying, and so did anyone who had a brain.  He could’ve saved face by saying, “Look, I made a mistake and it will never happen again.”  Unfortunately for him, honesty isn’t exactly his strong suit.  Only after the FBI tested the blue dress and found DNA evidence (or was it Big Mac sauce?) he couldn’t lie any more.  Until then, he had quite a few people lying for him too.  Actually, both Clintons have quite a bit more dirty laundry far worse than that, but Fornigate is the only thing that really stuck to Chubby Bubba.

As for Obama, he has a remarkable string of broken campaign promises.  Close Camp X-ray?  Didn’t happen.  Cut the deficit in half during his first term?  Actually, he doubled it.  One real hoot was when The Lightworker promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan within a year.  In Iraq, this happened in December 2011 – following Bush the Younger’s timetable – and Obama got the credit for it.  Still, this made him nearly two years late on delivering the promise!  During that time, Obama intervened in Libya, which luckily didn’t turn into another full-blown spit-in-your-eye war.  As for Afghanistan, that one is still going on.

None of this is too surprising.  After all, the only things The Lightworker is really good at are selling weed, being a “community organizer”, and reading from a teleprompter.  What is surprising is that all those low-information voters reelected him after so many broken promises.  Finally, the politicians were lying about Obamacare when they sold it to us.

Remember Hillary’s famous “basket of deplorables” remark?  How does the rest of her campaign feel about the public?  There was quite a telling a revelation from a leaked DNC email about what they really think of us:

And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.  The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.  This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

Well, he’s certainly not the only one to say that they’re conspiring “to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”!  It’s quite interesting to see someone on the other side agreeing.  The difference is that, from the context, they apparently think this is a good thing.

This is by no means the only whopper to emerge from the leaked email trove.  There are quite a few others out there where they insulted the public.

Note that although the government routinely monitors our emails and records our phone calls – in blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment – perhaps they don’t like it so much when we do the same.  The person suspected of leaking the emails was shot in the back on the streets of Washington DC.  That one hasn’t been solved yet, so whether it was random street crime or something else is anyone’s guess.  The police said robbery was the motive.  I’m not sure how they got that one all figured out; whoever shot him didn’t bother to steal his wallet or anything else.  Whatever the case may be, Hillary used the incident to argue for gun control.  She must have balls bigger than LBJ.

The Democratic leadership thinks their voters are a bunch of muppets

If illegal aliens are deported, who will do the work?

One of Donald Trump’s campaign pledges is to send the illegal aliens back home.  The last serious effort was Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback (surely one of the least politically correct names for a government initiative), and a repeat is long overdue.   There are over ten million in the USA – we can only guess at the exact number – so it’s time we figure out how the jobs they’re doing will be filled.  Currently, they tend to be in several niches of the labor market.

I could explain why the drive for cheap labor has been the downfall of civilizations, but this time I’ll spare you the tirade. In any event, the establishment narrative is that illegal aliens are only “doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do”.  That’s baloney.  People will do any work if a fair price is paid.  Let’s see how these jobs can be filled.

Migrant agricultural laborers

This will be the greatest challenge, yet certainly not insurmountable.  There are over half a million homeless people, who can go far to make up for this labor force.  Some are unemployable for various reasons, but the rest can make enough cash to get themselves back on their feet.  The right infrastructure would have to be put in place, but all told, the government already spends quite a bit on the problem already.  Without strong community ties, they’re not going to mind going from one jobsite to another, away from their home city for long stretches.  Further, they’ll be away from the temptations of drugs and cheap alcohol.

For the homeless, harvesting crops by day and sleeping in a tent at night will be better than spending their days shaking a cup or the squeegee racket and spending their nights under a bridge.  Aside from the money they save, this will give them stability and self-esteem.  If society presents migrant farm work as a viable alternative – and starts showing less tolerance for idleness – then we can do much about this social problem.

Surely some will object that this will cause the prices of vegetables to rise.  Granted, treating them as befitting American workers will cost more than the way illegal migrant farm workers are treated now.  Even so, labor costs are only a fraction of the total price, so we’re not exactly going to get $10 heads of lettuce.  A great part of prices of produce are in transportation, packaging, processing, marketing, the grocery store’s markup, and so forth.

Finally, I recall a conversation in San Francisco with a homeless chick.  It was a few years back, but I remember it well. She actually wasn’t bad looking, other than a lip ring.  Her boyfriend with a tatted up face – likely the major source of her problems – was nearby monitoring the conversation.  They were from out of state, but they came because California paid them a stipend, and they were saving up the money for a car.  (Thanks, California!)  Wouldn’t it be more productive for able-bodied people like them to paid by farmers to pick vegetables in Central Valley, rather than for taxpayers to pay them for existing?

Construction workers

I’ve had personal experience with this.  I got laid off by a pig of a CEO – who was getting paid $4 million a year to run the company straight into the ground, as well as $40 million in stock options as a nice prezzie.  After that, I had to do day labor since there were no jobs in my industry to be found.  For the next two years, I was at a company where the person I replaced was an illegal alien.  I said I’d work for whatever they were paying him.  I certainly didn’t get rich, but it was barely enough to stay afloat, which was better than the alternatives.  There are millions of unemployed according to statistics – no doubt many more million off the books too – so filling demand for construction workers shouldn’t be hard.

Lawn crews

Many suburban homeowners shell out monthly payments to companies that cut their yards.  These companies often hire illegal aliens.  There are two substitutes for this:  1) cut your own damn yard, or 2) find a teenager with a lawn mower, either one of your own or a neighbor.

House cleaners

Again, the solution is simple.  Clean your own damn house.  It ain’t that hard.  If you’re blessed with children, there’s your labor force right there.  Rather than pay the little darlings an allowance, and then they call you a slave driver when you ask them to do chores, instead pay them an agreed-upon amount for each task.  That’ll encourage a good work ethic and promote good habits for cleanliness.  If needed, you can hire a kid from the neighborhood.


Once more, youth is the answer.  Is a teenage girl competent to look after children?  Of course!  In many countries in the developing world, teenagers are starting families of their own.  In fact, this was commonplace in our own societies up until about the late 1880s.

Back in the day, I remember plenty of notices posted by high school girls at the entrance to the grocery store, advertising their services as babysitters.  They got valuable experience in minding young children, surely useful for when they later took on the role full-time as mothers.

Producing more youth

For the last three items, we’ll need more young people.  Here’s how you can do your part.  The first step is to find a compatible mate.  No, they’re not all a bunch of bar girls and chicks fresh out of college with impossible attitudes.  You can still find down-to-earth women out there.  Once you know it’s the real deal with her, make sweet love to her repeatedly until conception occurs.  Believe it or not, this is what sex is actually for!  (Who knew???)  Then you have achieved genetic immortality, and your willing servant is on the way.

If illegal aliens are deported, who will do the work?