Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century?

The Daily Mail has the latest on the Prince Harry – Meghan Markle business.  Along with generic paparazzi shots, there’s a picture of the Queen with possibly the sourest expression that’s crossed her face ever recorded on film.  For those who haven’t heard thus far, the pair decided to step down from their royal duties and leave the country.  As of now, they’re in Canada, and the article states darkly:

The revelation will fuel speculation among palace officials that the Duchess of Sussex, in particular, will never return to Britain to live in a ‘meaningful’ way.

Ouch!  They’re supposed to be national figureheads, but they decided to bug out of the country, and maybe semi-permanently?  Gosh, I wonder whose idea that was?  More to the point, I have to wonder if Meghan watched too many Disney princess movies and decided everything was all about her.

The past

Anyway, I’ve written about these bozos before.  In Deplorable Diatribes, the expanded lead-in states:

I was reluctant to cover this because it just seems mean to piss in the punchbowl at a wedding. On second thought, it certainly looks like a very public statement by a very prominent figure. In that case, commentary is fair game. This sort of thing technically doesn’t violate the House of Windsor’s “no expressing opinions” rule, but it’s a huge slap in the face to tradition nonetheless. Unfortunately, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Britain.

I predicted the following:

By tradition, the royal family avoids political statements. That’s odd, since they once ruled with absolute power. Their influence might be very helpful, if they have something sensible to say. However, that’s quite uncertain, given today’s epidemic of rich people becoming limousine leftists. Be all that as it may, an SJW princess could generate much controversy and make the whole family look silly.

Perhaps the tradition of refraining from politics will go out the window too. When do leftists ever shut up for propriety’s sake? She’s none too classy, according to her own brother, so anything’s possible. What happens if she starts ranting about “mansplaining“? Will they take away her limo and make her ride in a Yugo?

The present

What happened after all that?  She got pregnant, which was what I was afraid would happen.  Then there was some discussion – or rumors to that effect – about raising the kid genderfluid.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Then – oh yeah, they decide that being British royals isn’t for them.  Either that, or one of them did the deciding and the other one went along with it, and I bet I know who is who in that scenarioCome on, who the hell quits that job?  That’s an even cushier gig than being a rock star, since there are no rehearsals or concerts required.

Oh, but it gets even worse than that.  Counter-Currents has kept up to date on this with their aptly-titled article “Prince Simp“.  What about that much-discussed tradition that the royals are supposed to stay out of politics?

As a royal, Markle dedicated herself to advocating for left-wing causes, such as MeToo and the gender pay gap. One of her chief causes was “decolonizing” the curriculum in British higher education and demanding the nation’s universities hire more non-whites and women. She even shouted “Oh my god!” when presented with the number of white male professors in the UK.

What country does this dimwit believe she was in?

There’s much more than that.  The whole article is a lambasting of the cringe-worthy match, good for a read in its entirety.  As it begins to wrap up:

Harry’s behavior calls into question the superiority of monarchy. Many within the Dissident Right long for royal rule. They admire the accomplishments of the Habsburgs and Stuarts. They say they’re better than the mob rule we suffer today. They will dismiss the personal flaws of modern monarchs as the fruits of heresy, usurpation or some other sin.

My only quibble – and a very small one – is that I have yet to meet any of these monarchists.  Where are they?  The Spanish Carlists haven’t been too active lately.  I figure a few Neoreactionaries actually believe in monarchy, but that’s all who come to mind.  Really, what’s the point of having some flabby king who did nothing to earn the job?  Granted, it’s better than being ruled by crooked billionaires and Deep State swamp creatures whose hobbies are social engineering and spirit cooking parties.  Still, that doesn’t set the bar too high, now does it?

Then the Counter-Currents article explains that quite a few royals weren’t all that and a bag of chips.  I’ll have to concur.  Deplorable Diatribes contains some more of my particularly Fascist take on monarchy, a section beginning with this paragraph:

Is monarchy even relevant today? Royalty does have a certain air of awe and mystique about it. Still, kings and princes didn’t do anything to attain their roles. They were just born into the job through luck. That’s no guarantee of ability, talent, or reliability. Sometimes they’re weak, inbred, dissipated, or out of touch. There have been some good monarchs in the past, but as political figures, too often they’re fair-weather friends at the very best. The events propelling their families into power usually happened centuries in the past. Therefore, those guys aren’t really all that special today.

The future

So now these British royals have left Britain, perhaps for the duration.  Will Meghan declare “I’m not haaaappy”, file for divorce, and take him to the cleaners?  According to some observers, it might be more a matter of “when” than “if”.

It’s no secret that Canada is one of the most liberal and feminist places in the world, and it’s not hard to guess what that means in terms of “family law”.  Karen Straughan’s divorce experience there speaks volumes.  She wanted to split up with her husband but not screw him over.  However, the judge wouldn’t allow a fair divorce even though Karen wanted one, and the experience was enough to turn her into an anti-feminist.

Given that kind of environment, and Harry’s wealth and prominence, it could be the messiest divorce since the Tudor dynasty.  That hasn’t happened yet.  However, if she does take him to the cleaners, and in a place practically guaranteed to yield the greatest rewards, then this will prove that her critics were right that she was just a gold-digging social climber.

Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century?

Repost: How To Get Over The Girl Who’s Not Right For You, By The World’s First PUA Author

Some game content is being expurgated from Return of Kings lately.  One of the items no longer on the site includes the following article.  I’m not sure why, since this is one of the least offensive things I wrote over there.  So this is a reprint.  (If Jesus actually didn’t like Ovid, then He had the chance to strike the dude with lightning, back when He was a little kid.  Other than that, I’ll hold my tongue about my thoughts on the recent deletions, at least for the moment.)  Therefore, if some of the links here don’t work, you’ll understand why.


Ovid wrote the first PUA literature, around 3AD. (It was 1970 before the next book appeared, Eric Weber’s How To Pick Up Girls!) About two years later, Ovid wrote Love’s Remedy, about NEXTing the Roman way. This should work for exes, those soon to be, and all those ONEitis cases that frequently motivate guys to start learning game.

Distilled from flowery Latin verse full of mythological allusions (and my personal commentary added), here are the bare essentials of washing that broad right outta your hair.


Think with the right head.

If you know it’s going to end badly, it’s best to put an end to it in the beginning. Love’s Remedy emphasized not letting the little head do the thinking. It’s a lot harder to break things off if your doomed crush takes root and turns into full-blown heartbreak.

I’ll add that when it’s uncertain if someone will take you seriously, know when to cut your losses. If you’re too optimistic (a frequent hazard for guys), you’ll waste your time and get hurt feelings. Giving up too easily is also bad; defeatist mentality is another Inner Game problem. Let good judgment be your guide in this balance. Further, if chasing someone gets you nowhere, quit chasing her. You might get better results, and if not, at least you’ve cut your losses.

Let things cool down

Get away from it all and catch some other sights.

If you’re already besotted, you might have to wait for a while and distract yourself. Until you’re ready to take off the rose-colored glasses, preoccupy yourself with work or some other constructive pursuit. Staying busy will keep you from grinding your mental gears.

Some of the examples Ovid throws out there include running for office, taking part in warlike exercises (martial arts or working out should do), or fighting the Parthians. (The Middle East is still a mess, two millennia later. A tour of duty in the sandbox—unless you’re opposed—certainly takes your mind off of anyone who won’t have the common courtesy to mail you a Dear John letter.) Ovid also recommends taking up farming; gardening should work if you can’t afford 40 acres and a tractor. He wrote longingly of the rustic lifestyle, much like Seneca, and also recommends hunting and fishing as other distracting pursuits. A long vacation does wonders.

All that’s difficult if you’re suffering heartbreak. Consider it like taking a bitter pill. Ovid recommends not bothering with magic spells; so no New Age stuff there. Just butch up.

She’s not perfect

Same chick!

Now remind yourself of her flaws:

Say to yourself, “She has filched from me this thing and that and, not content with larceny, her extravagance has compelled me to sell my patrimony. What vows she made, and how often has she broken them! How often has she left me lying before her door! To others she gives her love, to me only her disdain. A common broker enjoys with her the nights of love which she refuses me.” Let all these grievances embitter your feelings towards her. Recall them incessantly to your mind, and let them sow the seeds of hatred in it. And when you reproach her, may you wax eloquent; but if only you grieve enough, eloquent you will be without an effort.

Epic! I’ll also add that a slut is someone who sleeps with anyone, while a bitch is someone who sleeps with anyone except you. So if you’re a man of accomplishment, and someone who won’t consider you gives it up for losers with room temperature IQs, she’s a bitch with fleas.

Ovid recounts a personal anecdote, where he thought over how much he didn’t like the appearance of a “certain wench,” even though he had to use his imagination as he didn’t find anything objectively ugly about her. And then:

“What a lot of money she wants.” And that was, indeed, the main count in the indictment.

Ooh burn! He recommends exaggerating any traits of hers which really are bad. If she lacks sparkle in certain areas, have her demonstrate her lack of talent. If possible, have a good look at her some time without fancy clothes and makeup, or with a mudpack on her face. (If not possible, you can always imagine it.)

Find someone else


After unloading some ammo at his critics (we understand), Ovid recommends (in a roundabout way) getting some outside action before your hot date with Miss Wrong. Further, if she has a strange-looking cookie or “fish taco syndrome”, see above about “she’s not perfect”.

In any event, Ovid wasn’t a big believer in monogamy:

I would counsel you also to have two mistresses at a time. If you could have more, it would be still better.

That one’s going to be controversial. Still, on the plus side, that’s quite a way to achieve abundance mentality.

Keep it cool


Another good one:

…[W]hen your despairing heart is consumed with a passion fiercer than the fires of Aetna, act in such a manner that your mistress may deem you colder than ice. Pretend that you are cured, and if your heart still bleeds, never let her suspect it. Let laughter be upon your lips, though tears be in your heart.

We agree. One of the first game mistakes that recovering AFCs must unlearn is supplication. In this instance, holding frame keeps things graceful if you have to break up. I’ll add that it’s extremely helpful if you’re NEXTing someone who’s merely been toying with your affections.

Further, if someone stands you up for a planned hot date, act like it doesn’t bother you, so it doesn’t “push her pride to the point of disdain“. (Yes, flaking is as old as the Roman Empire!) If she wants you back after that, forget it; bang someone else next time.

Calling it quits


In any case, you’d better be firm, or you’re sunk. If you haven’t had enough yet, hang out with her until you’re sick of her. A modern proverb goes that for every “perfect 10“, there’s a guy who’s tired of dealing with her crap.

Also, don’t be alone when you’re despairing; hang out with your friends instead. Until the crisis has passed, avoid the love-stricken like yourself, as well as happy couples. Keep away from the chick you’re trying to get over, her family, and her friends. Don’t ask about her. (These days, this means no lurking on social media.) Don’t even talk about how you’re over her; a gradual NEXTing is better.

When you’re ready, cultivate indifference rather than resentment; she’s now merely an acquaintance. No angry confrontations either. Still, it’s still okay to remind yourself what a flake she is. Ovid recommends getting rid of your love letters. (This advice is obsolete today. Saving those emails and text messages could save your ass.) Also, avoid places that will remind you of her.

Final notes

The following are somewhat modified from the original, though in the same spirit.

Don’t flaunt your wealth; instead, let her think you’re broke. Don’t get aggro with her past or present boyfriends; they know what a pain in the ass she is now anyway. Eat a moderate diet. You’re allowed to get shit-faced drunk. (I recommend only once—okay, fine, one week.) I’ll further add, go find ten other women.

Read More: Why “Nexting” Unsuitable Women Is Good For Your Sex Life

Repost: How To Get Over The Girl Who’s Not Right For You, By The World’s First PUA Author

A contrarian perspective on the “optics” debate in the dissident right

Counter-Currents recently came out with an article called “Nick Fuentes & Our Xenus“.  The main subject is the Groyper War.

The good

The groypers are known for confronting RINOs, neocons, and other flavors of mainstream conservatives and asking pointed questions.  The targeted politicians who reply with the truth about their beliefs will reveal that they’re basically liberals in disguise, or at least don’t give a damn about the public, and this makes them look bad among their voter base.  (After all, people who vote Republican do so because they want to elect a genuine conservative.)  Sometimes politicians choose to dodge these questions, which also makes them look silly.

The article says that Nick Fuentes does have some less than diplomatic moments, but he also builds bridges to the wider public.  I’ll concur that this is very important.  Moreover:

He had his shit together a hell of a lot more than I did at 19. He took optics cucking to levels that even I, a man who proudly served under General Vaughn in the Optics War, considered a tad excessive. He dressed like a boomer, and not only did he not use racial slurs, he didn’t even use swear words. He wasn’t the greatest thing I’d ever seen, but for a 19-year-old, I was really impressed.

This usage of “optics” basically means how good you look before an audience.  Indeed, there’s something to be said for that, and I’ll be delving a little further into it.

You had all these hard-partying faux tough guys walking around, and then this clean-cut Fuentes kid shows up looking like Alex P. Keaton wearing a suit and tie and with this extremely suburban Midwestern accent.

At least he wasn’t wearing a Hugo Boss outfit, because that like would be really deplorable and stuff.  I might add that asking questions isn’t so controversial, and one needn’t even reveal one’s own personal opinion.  This is what Socrates was doing back in the sandal-and-toga days.

The bad

Here’s where it starts going off the skids.  The author does have the best intentions, but it’s coming across the wrong way.  With a heavy heart, I’ll have to call it like I see it.  This – and what follows – almost ruins the article:

But certain things happened in the Dissident Right that caused the styles and fashions change. The wignats have been purged, larping is now considered cringe, and whole tough-guy shtick has really gone out of fashion. Probably because most people figured out how fake and gay the whole tough-guy shtick is most of the time.

First of all, nobody got “purged”.  It’s impossible to do so in a decentralized movement like the Alt Right.  The most that happened was a bunch of denunciations and internal dissention.  Let’s remember that “punching right” only helps our opponents.  In Deplorable Diatribes, I wrote the following about the reaction to the Charlottesville setup, a major part of what the author meant by “certain things happened”:

I’m casting about for an analogy to the armchair quarterbacking. The following is not a precise equivalent, but it’s the best I can do. After the Kent State shootings, did the antiwar movement put on a big samokritika session? Did they blame their leaders for creating a climate of tension leading up to it with militant rhetoric and disorderly activities? Did the peaceniks decide that holding demonstrations was a failed tactic? Did they resolve that they’d better not appear any further left than George McGovern? No, they raised holy hell about the National Guard’s itchy trigger fingers. It was indeed a godawful mess, and they did their utmost to make the administration look terrible over that. I’ll have to give credit where it’s due – leftists have the sense to point fingers at their enemies rather than their friends.

Long ago, William F. Buckley made great efforts to position himself as the non plus ultra of “respectable” conservatism.  He did quite a lot of purging among the National Review, and otherwise denouncing anyone so much as a millimeter to the right of himself.  Where exactly did that get us, pray tell?  This is why “Conservatism Inc.” is the way it is, and the dissident right doesn’t need to make the same mistakes.  Rightists are always suckers for “salami slicing” tactics.  Meanwhile, leftists won’t even blink if you call them extremists.

Secondly, regarding this talk of “LARPing”, I’ll start to take the author seriously as soon as he’s done as much for the dissident right as George Lincoln Rockwell.  (He was more radical than I am, but I certainly won’t slag him off.)  I’ll add that Commander Rockwell has been praised in several Counter-Currents articles, despite his uniforms and flashy optics-unfriendly stuff.  He did have his reasons for all that, which he explained in his books.  One may agree or disagree with him on that point, of course, but putting down people on our side is a little much.  I try not to be too exotic, but I won’t criticize those who are.

Finally, I fail to see how “tough guys” are fake and gay.  I don’t care for posturing, and in person I’m about as civilized as it gets, but I also strongly emphasize working out.  If that makes me fake and gay, I guess I’ll have to start listening to more Village People albums.  (Now that I’ve been declared queer, I hope I don’t have to start going to bed with men – yuck!)  However, anyone who can outdo my powerlifting score is certainly welcome, if he pleases, to call me a big fairy.

After that, the article tries to drive home the point by going into a lot of Movement gossip.  This is where I really wanted to pull out my hair.  I’m not sure how true (or otherwise) the particulars are, but I don’t care.  Gossip is destructive.  I’ve observed this fact ever since I was a teenage shitlord, back in ancient times.  (I’ll have you know that my old pal Marcus Aurelius agreed with me on this matter.)  This sort of thing tends to demoralize us and spread internal dissention.  Can we kindly knock that off, please?


21965 (xenu)

Then the article digresses about the evil galactic overlord Xenu from Scientology’s mythology.  (Xenu is also a major plot point in my book Space Vixen Trek Episode 13:  The Final Falafel.  That’s why I use our little grey buddy as my logo here.)  The Xenu myth – which is where they get their volcano symbol – is just as important to Scientology as the Garden of Eden is important to Christianity.  That is to say, if Xenu didn’t actually scatter billions of disembodied souls on earth back in the dinosaur days, then there’s no point in becoming a Scientologist.

Christianity does explain in a straightforward fashion about the Fall of Man and how salvation through Jesus is necessary because of that.  On the other hand, Scientology doesn’t explain about Xenu to newcomers, even if it’s the entire point of playing with their e-meters.  You have to reach the OT3 level, which generally takes at least $150K, to learn about that.  There are revelatory mystery religions out there, but the real reasons are that Scientology is a money-grubbing cult, and the Xenu story is absolutely ridiculous.

The reason for the digression is the following:

“Xenu shit” are ideas that the average uninitiated blue-pilled types just couldn’t handle right away. “Hitler was really the good guy” is some Xenu shit. People need a few red pills in them before they’re ready for that argument. Unless someone already has a penchant for conspiratorial thinking, Holocaust denial is Xenu shit. And, of course, “We’ve got to send all the Jews to Israel” is some Xenu shit.

I’ll add that the above positions are not mandatory for membership in the dissident right.  Moreover, there’s room for some nuance.  Still, it doesn’t matter so much whether one believes that (for example) Hitler was good, bad, or a far more complex figure than what you see on TV but nonetheless made dick moves occasionally.  Present-day debates do not stand or fall on whether or not Hollywood historiography was absolutely false, absolutely true, or grotesquely distorted and only occasionally true.  Anyone trotting out a “reductio ad hitlerum” argument against us is using sloppy debate tactics and should be called out for it.

Finally, we can start setting the bar a hell of a lot lower than this.  Remember, it’s the Current Year!  If you even believe in the existence of two distinct sexes, then this makes you “deplorable” even if you’re liberal.  That said:

Someone once told me “Red-pilling people is like defusing a bomb. You have to cut the wires in the right order or the whole thing blows up.” There’s not much sense doing the whole “Hitler was really the good guy” unless people understand the JQ. And there’s no point getting into the JQ with someone if they don’t understand race realism, because without race realism, the JQ is just an issue of assimilation.

Again, not all of the above items are essential views that all rightists have, but I’ll concur that there’s something to be said for introducing people to difficult concepts the right way.  In my own religion, which is almost as silly as Scientology, we call the slow approach “milk before meat”.  (Now hold that thought.)  Even so, there’s a bit of irony that the article doesn’t capture.  If the point of the groypers is to expose mainstream conservatives for hiding their weaksauce views, then why is it a virtue for dissident rightists to hide our radical views?

Delivering the right message

To digress from the article, this whole optics debate in essence is really just part of a larger consideration:  tailoring the message to the audience.  The important thing to remember is that the audience isn’t monolithic.  Because of this, you need to have more than one spokesman in your movement, more than one approach of reaching the public, and more than one message.

Highbrow audiences will not respond favorably to lowbrow messages.  For the most part, this is where the “bad optics” problem comes in.  However, lowbrow audiences are unresponsive to highbrow messages; it leaves them cold.  There’s also a middlebrow audience which needs suitable messages too.  In fact, none other than George Lincoln Rockwell discussed this in his essay “From Ivory Tower To Privy Wall: On The Art Of Propaganda”.

If you own a grocery store, and a man comes in from a painter’s truck in overalls to buy groceries, you don’t try to sell him a one-ounce jar of Russian caviar at two bucks a throw. You offer him beef, potatoes, and bread. If a French diplomat comes in, you don’t offer him hawg jowl; you might try the caviar. It is the same with propaganda. If you wish to win the “trade” of all potential “customers,” as we must do if we are to survive, you must have in stock a complete line of goods, especially the kind of goods most desired by the majority of your potential customers — and that means bread, potatoes, and beef, not caviar and truffles. If you can open a special store to peddle only caviar and truffles, do it in the silk-stocking district. Conversely, if you want to open another branch to sell only chitterlings, hawg jowls, and the like, then do it in the [African-American] section of town. And if you want a mass grocery business, in the name of sanity, stock up on something besides caviar and truffles.

So the takeaway is that all three approaches have their proper place, and all can be pursued where possible.  That said, the middlebrow approach should receive the greatest emphasis since this is where most of the public is.  Elsewhere:

The worst waste of money I have ever seen in the whole field of propaganda was the special Sunday supplement the Birch Society put out not so long ago in newspapers all over America. It cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars in some cities. Had it been designed to appeal to the mass, the “average man,” the man who votes with his heart instead of his head, it could have been worth the millions it took to publish. But it was foolishly aimed at a relatively tiny minority. On the front cover, in full color, it showed a typical Birch Society meeting, in the home of a man obviously wealthy – in the kind of living room which would make the average, working-class, overalled American uncomfortable. The Birchers were sitting around sipping tea with their pinkies daintily extended, and the whole atmosphere was foreign, ridiculous, and even painful to the man in overalls — to America’s millions of “ordinary Joes.”

Catering to only to “people who matter” isn’t a great strategy either.  (The corollary is “to hell with everyone in this other social class – we don’t need their support” or “the grassroots will always back us anyway, so we can sell them out”.)  We see lots of examples of that in conventional politics, where the candidates cater to swing voters and even try to poach voters from the other party.  When they do that, they count on the unquestioned approval of their main voter base, even if the politicians all but drop their pants and moon their constituents on national TV.  That’s one reason why there is so much cucking out in politics, which the groypers themselves are calling out.

The synthesis

Bringing this discussion back in, the Counter-Currents article is correct that the groypers are doing something right.  It’s good that someone is embarrassing all those phony conservatives by asking tough questions.  It’s also good that the groypers are a moderate and well-dressed faction that helps open up the eyes of a new audience.

Still, that’s only the beginning.  Once you’ve convinced the Republican voters that neocons are pussies and usually liberals in drag – what then?  Remember the above quote – “Red-pilling people is like defusing a bomb. You have to cut the wires in the right order or the whole thing blows up.”  So who’s there to cut the other wires after the first one?  You’ve scratched the surface, and there’s something to be said for that, but there are many other messages that need to be conveyed too.  (By the way, most of them have nothing to do with former German chancellors.)  Our counterpropaganda must counteract the effects of a lifetime of TV watching.  Obviously that includes lots of subjects – some easy, others not so much so.  Time is not on our side, and setting up a Red Pill correspondence course would be a bit unwieldy.

Therefore, we need to have people putting out the stronger stuff too, for those who are ready for it.  Obviously not everyone will be ready for certain points yet, but messages become accepted after frequent repetition.  (In fact, Commander Rockwell himself made that point.)  Also, the more people who are challenging the leftist Narratives, the less effective they are.  Likewise, all the taboos attached to them start to lose their power.  That’s why it’s about damn time to stop “punching right” and slagging off the people who really are putting out the hard-hitting messages.  This means quit going after the “wignats”, the “LARPers”, and the “fake gays” like me who spend too much time at the gym.  Put your real enemies on target instead.

Finally, we’ll never get “optics” just right.  The MSM is a leftist institution, and they can spin things however they like, so we’d better get used to playing on enemy territory.  They’ll call us all sorts of names no matter what we do or how many of our own friends we denounce.  The only way to win their approval is to believe the same way as them.  I’d rather just be a heretic in their opinion.

A contrarian perspective on the “optics” debate in the dissident right

2019 is gone, and not a moment too soon


Personally, 2019 zoomed by quite quickly.  I’m not a kid any more.  Life is on autopilot, set for cruising speed and headed straight for my grave.  On August 31, one of my all time favorite cats arrived there before me.  That alone was enough to make 2019 suck raw Rocky Mountain oysters.

What else went on for me in 2019

On the work front, I got passed up for a team lead position, which technically wouldn’t even have been a promotion.  The replacement lasted two or three weeks before chickening out and quitting the company.  Then someone else got chosen, who has a third of the seniority I do.  (Was it because I’m a man and wouldn’t look good on the quota, or is it something else?)  This year we also had two managers go.  Nobody on the team was offered the position.  The first replacement is a douche-nozzle who needs to get his attitude adjusted.  (Being one rung on the totem pole above someone else doesn’t mean you’re the Pharaoh of Egypt.)  Now he’s being replaced by some other dude, one who was brought in from outside the company.  As far as I can tell so far, he’s OK to work with, so things could be a lot worse.

I did everything society told me to, and now I’m spinning my wheels.  If I’d known back when I was fourteen that one day I’d be at the bottom of the corporate ladder well into middle age, then I would’ve saved my money for an electric guitar and an amp.  To hell with college, to hell with using my mind, to hell with being a productive citizen.  Even if I didn’t make it as a rock star, I could’ve been a beachcomber instead – all freedom and no responsibility, right?  More seriously, it’s tempting to go back into construction, just to avoid the corporate bullshit.  If things get worse, I’ll make some moves.

The year went out with a bang, and not the good kind.  Two of my roommates were neurotic Cluster B cases, middle aged women who act like teenagers.  I tried to help them when they desperately needed it, I even overlooked their failure to abide by their agreements with me, and of course I got my fingers burnt.  The more you do for these types, the less they appreciate it.  Anyway, there’s more detail, but I’ll leave it at that.

To make a long story short, the situation went DEFCON1 very recently between the two of them.  One has left after leaving a hole in a door, convinced that I’m a bad guy.  The truth is that I did my best to keep the peace among two bunny boilers who kept provoking each other and refused to listen to me when I told them to cut it out.  The other one is still here – for the moment, anyway – in denial about how serious her own role in this was.  Atlas is getting ready to shrug pretty soon.

With all this behind me, I’m kind of looking forward to 2020!  On the plus side for last year, I did get to go on a cool road trip with my number one girlfriend.  (Everyone else is so distant and/or hard to reach that it might as well be one on one.)  Also, I quit vaping after several years.  As of now, I’m coughing up accumulated gunk; according to what I’ve read, that’s normal.  I get little temptations every now and then, also called extinction burstsI just tell myself “I am not a bitch.”  The phrase works like magic!

2019 in the news

From my perspective, 2019 was sort of a slow news year.  I’ll go over a few highlights.

In interplanetary news, on April 11, an Israeli landing probe went haywire and became a new crater on the moon.  In its cargo was a time capsule containing a few items, including a copy of Wikipedia (no great loss in that instance).  Now it’s in a 100 meter splatter pattern on the moon.  So far, lunar authorities haven’t issued any littering tickets.  It also was carrying a small cargo of tardigrades, also called “water bears”.  These are tiny bugs that supposedly can survive anything, including being in space.  (What did the Israelis have against those little critters?)  So whenever the next moon landing happens – likely as not by the Chinese – are they going to get swarmed by hungry Space Bugs now?

Later that year, Jeffrey Epstein stole the spotlight.  If an ordinary shmuck gets caught molesting kids, he goes to prison.  Epstein, on the other hand, was special.  He had money.  He also had LOTS of associations with several influential figures.  Apparently Bill Clinton was a frequent flier to his “Lolita Island”.  OK, no big surprise there.  So was Prince Andrew.  Alan Dershowitz also went there, prompting him to provide a detailed description about getting a therapeutic massage from an old Russian lady.  (Hey Alan, was her name Olga?)  Dozens – or possibly hundreds – of top politicians and other important figures breathed a sigh of relief when Epstein “committed suicide” on August 10.  One little-known fact is that Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver wrote a song called “Vampire” about Epstein’s father-in-law, alias Robert Maxwell, another crook who came up out of nowhere and reached very high places.

In September, Nancy Pelosi started getting impeachment proceedings under way for President Trump.  Since the charges are groundless, this is just political theatrics calculated to play out in an election year and hinder his campaign.  Dirty tactics like that should backfire badly, but this isn’t going to stop all those low-information voters from supporting the Democrats.  They don’t like Trump, so anything to try to take him down is OK, facts and ethics be damned.

What would happen if Pelosi, Cupcake, Pocahontas, Feinstein, Boxer, or some other Democratic prima donna pulled off a palace coup, crowned herself Empress of America, sent Trump into a dungeon without trial, and put her critics into “reeducation camps”?  Hordes of leftists would cheer ecstatically.  Orange Man Bad!

In December, the UK elections happened.  The Labour Party got spanked, suffering the worst defeat in nearly a century.  It turns out that British working people no longer care for the party that claims to support them.  If Labour had worked on bringing jobs back, instead of virtue signaling and cultural Marxism, then they wouldn’t have had this problem.  Unfortunately, I fully expect the Tories to waste their mandate and not do anything to stop population replacement immigration.  I really hope I’ll be proven wrong here.

Fun prognostications for the future

As we’ve entered a new decade, it’s a good time to imagine how things might go in the future.  It looks like hovercars and the other cool shit we were promised as kids ain’t in the cards any time soon.  In fact, there are some people out there who want things to become considerably worse than they are now.

A few months ago, a cute article came out with the evocative title “Bokhari: Elites Want You to Eat Bugs, Live in Sewer Pipes, and Submit to Population Control“.  That one is pretty much what it says on the tin.  The New World Order types, and the ass-kissers helping to further their agendas, have some new ideas about how the world is going to go.

The “eating bugs” theme seems to be coming up frequently in recent times.  (Maybe some transmission belt carried a directive to popularize it?)  I figure the actual object of this is as a form of degrading punishment.  People like me are too “privileged” according to them, so to put us in our place, they expect us to eat bugs.  Oh, like the NWO types, our so-called “elites”, aren’t the most privileged humans on the planet, flying around on their private jets while lecturing us about carbon consumption?  All those who suck up to those globalist billionaires should take note of that fact whenever they’re not too busy chowing down on grubs, playing video games, and spanking off to pr0nOther suggestions include cannibalism.  Who knew that the day would come when Soylent Green would become a serious “modest proposal”?

The other major item is about architecture.  When ordinary dwellings are priced too high for common people, what then?  San Francisco and LA already have their tent cities, but there are some new plans.  The Third World is overpopulated, and Western countries which actually do have stable populations are run by treasonous politicians who want open borders.  Land becomes increasingly expensive as hordes pour in from abroad.  The globalists imagine that they’re going to be running the show permanently, so they have some ideas on how to make cities more overcrowded than they already are.  Creative measures will have to be taken to build better roach motels.

One proposed solution is housing pods made from recycled sewer pipes.  Those could be stacked in a honeycomb fashion into a big pile.  These would likely be pretty similar to the “capsule hotels” found in parts of Asia, except that you stay in little tubes for the duration.  Then there’s this:

If that isn’t enough of a dystopian cyberpunk nightmare for you, consider “parasite pods” — small homes designed to be attached to larger structures like skyscrapers and bridges. They’re “parasitic” — and we must credit the architectural students who came up with the concept for their refreshingly honest choice of name — because they cling to larger structures. Are you ready to be a parasite, for the environment?

That makes a Soviet-era panelak seem right cozy, doesn’t it?  These measures are not much better than living in prison, so they should be considered another form of degrading punishment.  Of course, it goes without saying that you’re supposed to die all alone and childless.  All this is what the globalists want for us.  To hell with them!

2019 is gone, and not a moment too soon

How I quit vaping and discovered that nicotine addiction isn’t very hard to beat

Now I’ve done it.  A few days ago, I quit vaping.  December 24 was my last toke.  I ran out of juice and haven’t bought any more.

Most people start vaping in order to kick cigarettes, basically regarding it as a safer substitution.  I wasn’t a smoker.  I started since it seemed pretty safe, and I figured it might help me stay perky and focused.  Freud did mention that his cigar consumption did that much for him.  Since in modern times we’ve figured out how to do that without breathing the smoke of burning plants all the time, I figured, why not?  I could get whatever boost it provided without goddamn cancer or goddamn COPD.  I found some pretty good juice too – it was like vaping a candy cane!  I took it further than Bill Clinton would’ve done in his wildest dreams, because I inhaled.

Why did I quit now?  It has nothing to do with being a better Mormon; I’m still a terrible one.  Mainly it’s for health reasons.  Vaping might not be as safe as I’d assumed.  Surely it’s better than sucking down a pack or two of tobacco leaves, but still, I’ve heard some things.  Also, I’m not entirely comfortable with being hooked on anything.  Other than that, now I have one less product to buy, and I’m cheap that way.

Are you hooked on nicotine?

First, I’ll cover some good news.  There are those who say that nicotine is a worse addiction than cocaine.  Most fortunately, that’s baloney.  In the past, I’ve dated three coke heads, and two were in and out of jail because of that noxious chemical.  There’s just no comparison; nicotine is nothing compared to the devil’s dandruff – or worse – Satan’s boogers.  Moreover, quitting nicotine isn’t even as close to as bad as quitting caffeine.

There are two ways to kick the habit.  First, you can taper down.  The other method is going cold turkey.  Some might be surprised that cold turkey ain’t that bad!

Whenever I’ve flown somewhere on vacation, I’ve left my equipment behind at home.  A vaporizer is a battery operated electronic device with a heating element.  Obviously stuff like that is going to get extra scrutiny at an airport.  Since all that is just bad juju, I’ve never attempted to bring a vaporizer on board a plane.  So what is it like, being in another city without a vaporizer to suck on?  I’ll get two or three fairly mild cravings that day, and less the next.  Big deal!  I’ve seen people getting a little irrational from nic fits before, but experiencing it myself it was nothing like what I expected.  Sudden nicotine deprivation certainly didn’t drive me mad.

On the other hand, when I’m at my desk and can’t find my vaporizer, it drives me up the wall!  I’m used to having that candy cane to inhale when I’m sitting there.  So this is how I realized that habit and ritual actually have longer claws than the nicotine itself.  Substitutes like gum and patches will provide nicotine, but doesn’t address the ritual component to it.  I did think of switching to jelly beans, but that would’ve been extra calories that I don’t need.  I also thought of vaping somewhere not at the desk to break the association, but I didn’t follow through.

How I stopped freebasing that candy cane


One of the cool things about vaping is that there is a very large selection of juices out there.  You get different flavors, and different concentrations too.  I started out with 36mg, which is as powerful as it gets.  That’s what I’ve been sucking down for years.  Then lately I switched to 24mg.  Going down to two thirds of the previous concentration wasn’t such a big deal.  Then the case of asthma that I’d been battling for a very long time went away.  Well, how about that!

I searched my supplies and finished off all my old oils, so I wouldn’t have any “sunk cost” considerations.  I finished all the fruit blends and chocolate flavors and so forth.  Then I bought a new bottle, 18mg concentration.  The next steps down were 12mg, then 6, and finally 3.  Those bottles were 30mL.  Dialing down wasn’t too difficult of an adjustment, but some might prefer to taper it slower with 60mL bottles for each step.

Finally, there was nothing left, so I packed up all the paraphernalia.  After that was the tricky part!  There was little nicotine in the juice by then, but at least I was toking on something.  They do have 0mg oil, and I could’ve got some of that, but it is what it is.  So for the next couple days, I was at my desk, thinking that surely the candy cane had to be somewhere within reach…  Gollum wants it, where did the tricksy little hobbittses put My Precious?

At that point, I could’ve gotten some more vape oil and fed the monkey.  However, I didn’t.  I decided that I’d stick to my plans because I am not a bitch.  As of now, I’m over the curve and doing pretty well.  No more changing batteries for me, or oil leaking everywhere, or gummed up igniters.  Anyway, hopefully this inspires someone.

How I quit vaping and discovered that nicotine addiction isn’t very hard to beat

J.K. Rowling is targeted by online mob of SJW crybullies for defending freedom of expression

J,K. Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter novels, is now in hot water with a howling horde of Internet crybullies.  These sorts of SJW dogpiling incidents can get pretty bad.  In Rowling’s case, some of the harassing messages are particularly surreal.  She’s a successful author, and Social Justice Warriors are a bunch of losers.

How a feminist got branded a heretic

What set it all off was a Twitter message by Maya Forstater from over a year ago which said:

What I am so surprised at is that smart people who I admire, who are absolutely pro-science in other areas, and champion human rights & womens rights are tying themselves in knots to avoid saying the truth that men cannot change into women (because that might hurt mens feelings)

She has been described as a former visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Development.  It’s not stated which organization by that name it is.  Most likely it’s an academic foundation connected with the University of Leeds, which seems to have a feminist angle.  However, the name sounds like some sort of globalist New World Order outfit, much like a different one in the USA.

This caused her to lose her job because – sad to say – the UK is no longer a free country.  She was deprived of her livelihood merely for stating a very basic fact about biology.  She referred it to an employment tribunal, but she lost the appeal because she had violated the tenets of Current Year politically correct ideology.  (Is it my imagination, or is “tribunal” pretty much a synonym for a kangaroo court?)  As the BBC described it:

Ms Forstater, who had worked as a tax expert at the think tank Center for Global Development, was not entitled to ignore the rights of a transgender person and the “enormous pain that can be caused by misgendering”, employment judge James Tayler said.

Ms Forstater was “absolutist” in her view, he concluded in a 26-page judgement.

“It is a core component of her belief that she will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment,” he continued.

“The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

I could go into a long analysis of all the PC prose, but I’ll keep it brief:

  • Translation:  “Your rights end where someone else’s feelings begin.”
  • Compliance with the dictates of radical gender theory is now a condition of employment.
  • This judge’s tyrannical attitude is what is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.
  • All that said, what’s the matter with simply unsubscribing to someone’s Twitter channel if you don’t like what she says?

J.K. Rowling became the next heretic

The famous author of the Harry Potter series also found all that to be a little much.  She wrote the following, which caused her to draw heat too:

Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill.

Does any of that sound the least bit mean?  That’s a lot nicer than what I would’ve said.  Of course, the part that the SJWs object to is her suggesting that it’s wrong to deprive women of their livelihoods for expressing an opinion about a very basic biological principle.   (I’ll add that this opinion happens to be true.  Anyone who disagrees with sexual dimorphism can go argue with God or the forces of evolution – take your pick.)  Still, all it took was one tiny Narrative violation, and The Hive swarmed and stung someone who was on their side.

SJWs want unlimited freedom for them, or their preferred groups, to do anything they want.  Rowling didn’t even dispute that; her position essentially was “do whatever floats your boat”.  On the other hand, SJWs don’t believe in allowing freedom to do – or even say – things they don’t like.  They think people should be shut up by any means necessary if they express contradictory opinions.  That’s why Maya Forstater was run out of a job.  The prissy ruling by the employment tribunal enthusiastically endorsed this, with the backing of the law.  What is it with British judges these days?

Now Rowling is a thought criminal too merely for trying to defend freedom of expression.  (What kind of author would she be if she didn’t defend freedom of expression?)  Lately, she’s been called a TERF, a loaded term which means “trans exclusionary radical feminist“.  Actually, she only said that women should be free to express those opinions without losing their jobs.  Men should have freedom of expression too, but that should go without saying.

Why #IStandWithMaya too

This is merely one example of a very serious problem.  There’s nothing that SJWs wouldn’t do if they could get away with it.  Already in Britain, these delusional snowflakes beat up an old lady for being a TERF.  Unfortunately, that might be merely the beginning.  When fanatical leftists attain absolute power, they start putting people in gulags for disagreeing with them.  Of course, these crybullies are quite shocked and offended when rightists finally get sick of it and take off the gloves.

Note well, I do not like Rowling’s politics.  In her books, she took cheap shots at rightist British politicians, with little more nuance than a spaghetti western.  She also associated people who care about their ancestry with murderous snake-headed sorcerers, or very unpleasant people in thrall to them.  That’s quite subtle, now isn’t it?  Still, I’ll credit her for having talent and imagination, and I’ll simply hold my nose about the parts I don’t like.  I’m certainly not going to try to shout her down like those SJW crybullies, or say that her career is meaningless because she said one thing with which I disagreed.

Moreover, I do not like feminism.  Maya Forstater did once support a rather sinister sounding foundation.  However, she’s on the side of objective reality when she says that a man who believes he’s a woman is still a man.  Women – feminists or otherwise – have a lot at stake here.  I could go into considerable depth on these matters, but privacy and safety are the greatest concerns.

drag queen with kids 3

Despite what one might’ve heard, average transsexuals (if there is such a thing) are not people with some sort of ambiguity rooted in a biological abnormality.  Lately, that’s only a tiny fraction of them.  Most transsexuals now are men who have a sexual fetish of pretending to be lesbians.  I couldn’t fault any woman for not wanting to share a bathroom or locker room with these perverts.  Lately, it’s been promoted heavily, turned into a politically fashionable mass psychosis, and even pushed onto children.

So this puts me in a rather odd position.  Why would a Fascist like me care when the left starts to eat itself, like it has so many times before?  First of all, I’d prefer that everyone should be able to express their opinions without fearing for their jobs.  Things are better that way for everyone, right?  For another matter, the leftists themselves need to realize that this Social Justice Warrior stuff has gone much too far.  It’s in their best interests to clean house, get sensible again like normal liberals once used to be, and put the SJW genie back in the bottle before further damage is done.

J.K. Rowling is targeted by online mob of SJW crybullies for defending freedom of expression

What would happen if everything in Clown World was exactly the opposite?

We live in a pretty crazy world right now:  irresponsible politicians, degeneracy, coteries of sneaky plutocrats who think they deserve to run the world, the list goes on…  As an illustration of just how nutty things are, let’s imagine for a moment how the world would look if things became exactly the opposite overnight.

Note well, this doesn’t mean that I advocate exactly this.  My positions on some things are more moderate than my humorous take here.  Mainly this is to illustrate how absurd things are now.


nolo me fabulare2

New hashtags emerge, called #FalselyAccusedToo, #LiesForAttentionAndProfit, and #PoliceReportOrItDidn’tHappen.  Victims of bunny boilers speak out, encouraged by men filled with righteous rage.  False accusers are vilified and lose their jobs.  Drama queens who’ve merely spread idle gossip now live in fear that trivial trash-talking incidents from years ago will blow up in their faces.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who says “somebody patted my thigh” years ago either will be ignored, scoffed at, or told that the incident should’ve been regarded as an educational experience.

The gay agenda

drag queen with kids 1

Gays stop rubbing the public’s nose in their lifestyle, because they recognize that anyone who isn’t gay thinks it’s pretty gross when two men bang.  They resolve to keep bedroom stuff in the bedroom.  They make no demands to accommodate them.  Further, they deeply appreciate “breeders” who raise the next generation and keep society moving forward in time.

As for heterosexuals, they aren’t merely considered to be average citizens.  Instead, after coming out straight, they’re made to feel extraordinary and special and welcomed into the straight community.  Large corporations have heterosexual clubs and give them constant adulation.

Meanwhile:  For any gays who demand that the moral values of their small community should take precedence over those of everyone else, they’ll get shouted down and called “heterophobes”.

Mass migration

illegals imageedit_1751_40621206981-574x323

In every Western country, the major rightist party will begin a program to resettle incompatible migrants back to their place of origin.  The major leftist party claims that they object to this.  However, even when they’re in power, they never lift a finger to stop the flood of repatriation.  Meanwhile, the elites of the country will consider this resettlement to be a number one priority.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who argues for open borders will be denounced as an evil extremist.

The United Nations

No Clown World

The UN – “an irrelevant talking-shop for Third World dictators and their European apologists” – disbands after contritely recognizing its sordid history of corruption, worsening problems, and abject failure.  Its building is converted into low-rent housing.  The only vestige of internationalism is peace conferences and negotiations held by teleconference.  Getting rid of the corrupt den of cookie pushers saves billions a year.

Meanwhile:  Anyone who has ambitions to erode the sovereignty of nations, destroy diversity in the name of diversity, micromanage families, drag the USA into other people’s fights, and other hubristic plans will be told to piss up a rope.

Online censorship

Viva Pinochet

Multibillion dollar corporations hire teams of lawyers to write terms of service that forbid expressions of cultural Marxism.  The legalese defines it in the vaguest way possible, giving their teams of right wing censors complete discretion to decide what does or doesn’t constitute cultural Marxism.  They write programs that ban their customers if they’re detected talking online about “intersectionality”, “toxic masculinity”, pro-globalist sentiments, etc. etc. etc.  According to the TOS, customers who file a lawsuit if they get deplatformed for being leftists will recover merely whatever their last annual service payment was, or if it was free, then at most a dollar.

Meanwhile:  Realizing their strategic error, leftists start supporting freedom of speech again like they used to do before the 1990s.  However, nobody can see their arguments because they’ve been thrown off of the Internet.


Soros pouting 4-19-18-1
Oh, shit!  The peasants got wise to me!

The people get sick of the “New World Order” types who pull strings behind the scenes for both political parties.  They demand reforms, and terrified politicians institute legislature to get big money influences out of politics.

Meanwhile:  Those guilty of subverting governments see mobs advancing toward their gated communities with torches and pitchforks.  They beg for the police to come and arrest them for treason.  At least they’ll have their day in court, rather than become lamppost ornaments by midnight.

“Watchdog” foundations

NPC orange man bad newsroom 5e7107f

The John Birch Society receives hundreds of millions of dollars in donations.  Law enforcement agencies consult it as an authority on the Red Menace.  The John Birch Society begins compiling extensive lists of leftist groups and their members.  Even Greenpeace gets outed as a front group.  Anyone who was discovered to have worn a St. Che T-shirt back in college goes on the shit list too.

Meanwhile:  The ADL and $PLC are regarded as kooky extremists.  They don’t get a scrap of free publicity from the media.


Feminist getting deprogrammed

Society is run with the premise that women and men should get along together.  Countless foundations, private organizations, media figures, and celebrities encourage girls and women to follow traditional lifestyles and act ladylike.  New “housewife studies” departments open up in universities across the country to encourage marital harmony, discourage retail therapy and running up the credit cards, explain the importance of having at least two children, instruct about cooking and cleaning, and give tips on staying physically fit after marriage.

Meanwhile:  Women’s studies departments get re-purposed.  Typical field trips for studying women include visits to the beach with binoculars and wet T-shirt contests.

What would happen if everything in Clown World was exactly the opposite?