Get Woke Go Broke – Target sells queer shampoo by OGX and queer mouthwash by Listerine, but #takepride takes money

Will wonders never cease?  The following is a bit hard to read, but it’s a stand with a sign, “Target is proud to support GLSEN with a $100,000 donation to help their mission of creating safe and affirming schools for all.”  On sale is a rack full of shampoo and conditioner by OGX, and mouthwash by Listerine.  The bottles are all in rainbow colors, to make sure everyone gets the point that they’re in solidarity with the 175ers.  So those corporations too are in on the publicity stunt.

queer shapoo and listerine

Okay, do gays have bad breath?  It happens, especially if the hors d’oeuvres at those Oscars parties include salmon and bitty onions on top of a baguette slice with garlic butter.  Do straights have bad breath?  It happens too.

Do gays have hair that needs grooming?  Yes, and actually they do a pretty good job of it already.  Some lesbians have so little hair that a common bar of soap will work, though not all pearl divers get coiffed by gardening tools.  Do straights have hair that needs grooming?  Likewise, that happens too.

More seriously now

What the heck is GLSEN?  Well, I guess I could look it up, but Target already provided a description.  According to that, it has something to do with “creating safe and affirming schools for all”.  There’s no need to read too deeply between the lines; I’ve heard all that stuff before.

Look, I know how capitalist economics works.  Target’s CEO probably didn’t cut them a $100K check out of his personal bank account.  Much more likely, that comes out of corporate profits.  Also, they’re not dumb enough to take a hit to the balance sheet over some donation, so how do they get the dough?  They do so by nudging up the prices a bit.

I happen to have long hair, so I need more shampoo and conditioner than the average guy.  Since I’m a lesbian, and I’m the type who doesn’t get my golden tresses chopped by a weed whacker, I should be delighted about Target’s virtue signaling, right?  Nah, I don’t think I want politics in my hair product, or my mouthwash for that matter.  I’ll shop somewhere else, thank you very much.

Hey, CEOs, do you really think this stuff makes you righteous?  Well, take some advice from Jesus then.  To paraphrase broadly, He said don’t proclaim your righteousness in the street where everyone notices you.  Instead, go pray in a closet.  The point is that by doing so privately, then God will understand then that it’s sincere.

Don’t believe in any of that stuff?  Okay, that’s cool; let me translate this to secular Current Year terms.  Instead of raising prices to pay for a symbolic publicity stunt, I have a better idea.  I’ll tell you to sell a Hummer or other luxury car – you have two more in your mansion’s garage, don’t you?  Then, give the proceeds to one of these outfits so that they can pay their foundation staffers to push papers and spread social justice propaganda, or anything other than work real jobs and contribute to the economy.  The point is that by doing so privately,then cynics like me will understand that  you’re silly enough to believe your own nonsense.

Get Woke Go Broke – Target sells queer shampoo by OGX and queer mouthwash by Listerine, but #takepride takes money

I’m a lesbian – my coming out story

Recently I’ve been reading some radical feminist theory.  Silly me, right?  Well, as I was about two thirds of the way through it, I came to a realization – I’m a lesbian!

Mike Adams had a similar awakening a while back, which he described in his article “Freeing My Inner Lesbian

Years ago, I admitted publically that I had been struggling with a unique disorder that has yet to be recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, or APA. My disorder centers on the fact that I have a natural, inborn desire to be a lesbian but I am unable to fulfill it because I am trapped inside a man’s body. Believe me, I didn’t choose to be this way. It just comes natural!

Also, for many years I have been arguing that the LGBTQIA Office is discriminatory because there are so many letters in the alphabet that it doesn’t recognize. Adding my lesbian in a man’s body orientation, hereafter LIMBO, to the alphabet soup of victimhood would allow us to expand and rename the LGBTQIA Office. In fact, its new name could be the GTQA-LIMBO Office.

As for my story, it’s somewhat different.  I’m a little over six feet tall, and built like a linebacker.  Actually, I was one.  Even though I’m past my prime, I could become a champion in women’s wrestling.  (You know, that sounds like a pretty good idea.)  I also have long blond hair.  It’s real, and I’m proud of my hairitage, so I grow it out and show it off.

Therefore, if viewed from the back, I might appear like an especially butch and burly Brunnhilda.  From the front, my femininity doesn’t show, due to my unaccountable lack of tits (the Boob Fairy never blessed me) and this strange fuzz that keeps growing on my face despite my best efforts to shave it off.  Don’t even get me started on the cameltoe; it looks like I have a kielbasa down there.  You have no idea what it’s like with all these creepy women checking me out like I’m a piece of meat!

Occasionally someone will walk up from behind and call me “Ma’am”.  Well, gosh, what an atrocity; it’s the Current Year!  After this horror, I’ll laugh it off.  Still, now that I’ve become a lesbian, I guess I wasn’t being misgendered after all.

caitlyn jenner photo shoot

Some of you still might be wondering how I can become a lesbian since I was designated as male at birth.  Well, Kathy Rudy explained all that in her article about “Radical Feminism, Lesbian Separatism, and Queer Theory“.  She really straightened me out about all that.

What was her story?  She realized she was a lesbian after listening to Holly Near records.  (Yes, really!)  As she put it, “Her resistance to heterosexual norms, her presence as a strong independent woman who loved other women, the fierceness of her politics-these things called to me, pulled me out of my cloud of unknowing, and helped me identify my true self.”  Well, heck, maybe I’d better get some of her music too, now that I’m a lesbian.

Then she moved away from Detroit (good idea) to Durham and became involved in the lesbian scene there.  As she explained, though, there are two kinds of lesbians.  The first are women who like to bang women, like her.  Then there are those who do so as a political fashion statement.  (That would sort of be like a hardcore MGTOW who calls himself gay but doesn’t actually bang dudes, except that I’ve never heard of MGTOWs doing anything as silly as that.)  As she put it:

Definite tensions existed between those who choose lesbian life for reasons of desire and those who choose it for feminist politics; each group imagined the other was inauthentic.

However, if I’m reading between the lines correctly, Lesbotopia wasn’t quite a bower of bliss.  Then when the intersectionality idea got around, things really turned to shit:

Not surprisingly, then, the first site of fracture in Durham occurred primarily over race. By 1984, my particular friend group which at that time included two Black women-was locked in struggle over racial issues. As long as Dee and Sandy identified themselves primarily as women, we all were in harmony. When, however, they began to use race as a category of political analysis, when they declared that they-as Black lesbian women-were more oppressed than the rest of us, things began to deteriorate.

Paragraph after paragraph of hand-wringing follows.  (Kathy, as a fellow lesbian, let me give you a tip:  joy is better than guilt.)  Then she made her escape into academia:

It is at this point in my narrative that I enter graduate school, in part because the unified community I had sought was dissolving and in part because I myself was experiencing wider identifications than the narrowly defined lesbian community allowed.

The she got hip to postmodernism and radical gender theory:

In graduate school, however, I found new friends and newly emerging theories in postmodern feminism that reflected for me the serious limitations of a politics based solely on racial, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, or class characteristics.

She found that this tied up all the loose ends and settled all the quarrels she had experienced in Lesbotopia.  This is hardly surprising.  Postmodernism is an anti-reality movement; with it, you even could prove the epistemological existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  As for radical gender theory, it instructs us with the collective hallowed wisdom of academia that you are whatever you think you are.

A complete review of the works of Butler, Fuss, Sedgwick and others is both impossible and unnecessary here. Instead, I want to summarize a few points primarily as they relate to radical feminist ideology. These antiessentialist queer theorists argued in short that biological sex and gender are socially constructed. They noted that the system of gender construction that inhabited us wrongly presumed that everyone has either an obvious penis or vagina, that every person has an uncomplicated relationship to that biological entity, and that owning that piece of equipment necessarily correlated to certain ontological characteristics. The concept of gender, they suggested instead, exists on an unstable background of tacit assumptions and fantasies about both “women” and “men.”

Yeah, the concepts of “male” and “female” are totally complicated and hard to figure out, and they kind of don’t exist anyway, right?

These queer theorists reminded us that there are no fool-proof scientific tests for gender; there is no hormonal, chromosomal, or anatomical test that can be administered which in every case guarantees that the subject being tested is either a woman or a man. If gender does not equate or reduce to chromosomes, genes, genitals, or hormones, it can only be “produced,” they suggest, by a wide variety of social events, strategies, and fantasies: who makes more money, who wears a dress, and so forth, all work to help us organize all people into these two tracks.

Well, shucks, if I’d forked over even more money to go to grad school too, maybe I wouldn’t be just a dumb blond from Flyover Country.

These feminist theorists prodded us to question our attachment to radical feminism’s stable category of woman. To think of women’s liberation as an event involving “women only,” they said, was not only to miss the complexities of oppression, but it was also to assume and posit the very category that itself perpetuates injustice. The lines should not be drawn between women and men, they said but, rather between those who espouse progressive politics, especially around the issues of sexuality, and those who don’t.

It’s impossible to argue with that, now isn’t it?  When I was two years old and my parents told me I was a boy, they lied to me.  After that, whenever I took a leak, I only saw a conceptual socially constructed penis, not the real thing, because there is no such thing, because there is no reality.  Dig?

Without a binary system of gender, we could experience neither sexism (how could we know what a woman is?) nor homophobia (how could we imagine partners of the “same sex” if there were an unlimited number of options?).

Imagine there’s no gender, it’s easy if you try, ooh ooh oohoohooh…

Moreover, this conversation about multiple and fragmented identities helped to further clarify dissatisfactions with the ideology of the radical feminist community. For me, it wasn’t only the fact that our politics were based solely on essentialized womanhood that was troubling. It was also the related fact that by the mid-1980s my community had become dangerous in its narrowness and policing. The role of a radical feminist was scripted in such a way that many of my own pleasures were denied. Watching detective shows on TV, going to church, eating meat, wearing polyester or high heels, shopping, feeling feminine-these and many other activities had to be hidden from the larger group in order to maintain membership in good standing in the lesbian community.

In all seriousness for once, find better friends.

Thus, rather than the closed, policed lesbian communities many of us created in the early 1980s, Probyn would have us open these worlds, widening ourselves to include anyone who experiences-even temporarily or only imaginatively-lesbian desire.

Ah, so here’s the kicker.  Again, one of the possible definitions (and basically the dictionary definition) of lesbian is a woman who bangs women.  I must say, I love women, and I love making sweet love with them.  Since I’m a woman – or might be, or kinda sorta, or who can tell these days – this is what makes me a lesbian, QED.

I’m a lesbian – my coming out story

Martin Niemoller Reloaded – a new take on the famous statement

It’s about time to update the old turncoat Martin Niemöller’s famous statement for the Current Year.  Who will they come for in Clown World?  Here’s a funny revision on how that might go.  Trigger warning (snicker):  if you can’t take a joke, read no further.

Pinochet helicopter tours e75427888286c6ead0a0f57dfd7574a4848df87db2f7098a61aaa9a828670999

“First they came for the Communists and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the Social Justice Warriors, and I did not speak out, because I was not a bedwetting leftist fanatic.

Then they came for the radical feminists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a shrieking harpy with Daddy issues.

Then they came for Antifa, and I did not speak out, because I was not a gang member violently disrupting peaceful gatherings.

Then they came for BLM, and I did not speak out, because I was not a rent-a-rioter.

Then they came for Drag Queen Story Time, and I did not speak out, because I was not a pervert in a dress trying to groom children.

Then they came for the leftist censors, and I did not speak out, because I was not an online Thought Policeman participating in digital book burning.

Then they came for the globalists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a plutocrat with a fetish for social engineering.

Then the world became a lot better and started making sense.”

Martin Niemoller Reloaded – a new take on the famous statement

Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch with fleas

It’s been two weeks since I’ve sucked down my last energy drink.  No more soda for me either.  Whenever I see my girlfriend at home sipping a Monster, I think to myself, “We wants it my precioussss…”  My other girlfriend thinks I’m nuts to give it up.

No, this isn’t because I’m going on the straight and narrow.  I’m still the worst Mormon since Joseph Smith himself.  They can pry my beer out of my cold, dead fingers.  Actually, I’ve figured out enough wiggle room in the Word of Wisdom to allow for beer.  (Buy Space Vixen Trek Episode 13 if you want to find out.)  Still, I’ll hit the vodka too and make no apologies for it.

Why put myself through this misery then?  It’s because I don’t like to be hooked on anything.  Also, if I cut out the soda and energy drinks, it saves a few hundred bucks a year.  (I can buy more beer, right?)  I might start drinking caffeinated beverages again at a later time, but rarely enough that it won’t be habitual.  Best of all, my receptors will be normalized and it will be effective again, and caffeine won’t be something I must consume regularly to function normally.

So how’s it going so far?  I wasn’t as hooked as some people are, so I haven’t suffered headaches.  Still, I’ve been dragging ass.  I think I’m over the worst part of it.  Even so, it’s been difficult.  When the Viet Cong discovered one of their soldiers hooked on opium, they’d throw him in a hole in the ground for three weeks.  Maybe they had a point with that.

Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch with fleas

Yet another Drag Queen Story Time scandal

I described earlier how a suspected pedophile got into Houston’s chapter of the Drag Queen Story Hour.  Then the authorities promised that it would never happen again.  This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if the city never allowed the drag act into the library.  Their minds were so open that their brains fell out.  Worse, political correctness has gone full retard lately.  What the hell happened to Houston?

Well, it turns out that another one was discovered in the very same library.  Oops, it happened again!  How many more of those guys might have had difficulty hiding an erection under their skirts when the kids were around?  I might add, what the hell happened to liberalism?  My parents are so liberal that it hurts.  Still, when I was a small child, they wouldn’t have dreamed of taking me to something like that, even if drag shows for kids existed back then.  That stuff just didn’t fly until recently.

One thing that bugged me about the first report was that there wasn’t much information.  For one thing, how did the first guy get discovered?  Much of that article was the statement by the authorities that they’ll take measures to make sure no other drag queens slip through the cracks and do not get a background check according to procedure.  However, given the condition of the MSM, it’s a little surprising that they ran the story at all.

The story about the second character came from Infowars.  They get a lot of criticism about political incorrectness, and zOMG they’re not real journalists, but it turns out that they wrote a better article.  They described in detail how this pervert got sniffed out.  It turns out that a group called Mass Resistance did the research.  What they found had escaped the notice of the municipal authorities, who were supposed to have access to official databases and all that.  Good catch!

Fortunately, this one has a happy ending.  Houston finally stopped allowing drag queens to groom small children in their libraries.  This is how to win a fight in the culture war.  Granted, this was only one skirmish here.  It’s not over yet.  People still mutilate their bodies trying to be something they’re not, and worse, there are those who push their “lifestyles” onto kids.  Still, consider this victory a good start.

Finally, in recent years, transsexuality got the spotlight as the new front of aggressive abnormality.  Then when not even that was chic enough any more, pedophilia became the latest frontier of degeneracy.  Well, I don’t cotton to that.  People who mess with kids are oxygen thieves.  That sort of thing always really got on my nerves.  Anyone who can’t see why that’s bad needs to watch Leaving Neverland and see how it affected those kids.  They say there’s no cure for pedophilia.  Actually, there’s a cheap and effective remedy already; it’s called a bullet.

Yet another Drag Queen Story Time scandal

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Posts 51 to 100 in review

Drag Queen Story Time scandal

When drag queens make a regular event of reading to small children in libraries and schools, with full approval of the authorities, you know you’re in Clown World.  Lots of them even look like clowns.  I mean the drag queens; not the politicians and other enablers who only act like clowns.

drag queen with kids 3
This isn’t the same guy.  Still why did these characters start showing up in libraries?  The most charitable explanation is that they’re evangelizing their lifestyle to small children.  Could there be another agenda too?

Now this has caused a minor scandal which had the potential to develop into something far worse.  A recent news article from KTRK begins:

Houston Public Library is apologizing after a man charged for sexually assaulting a child was allowed to entertain children at Drag Queen storytime.

Then it explains that he didn’t complete a background check before he was let into the program.  Well, that’s embarrassing!  He certainly would have good reason not to undergo the background check, given what would’ve been uncovered.  Further:

Albert Alfonso Garza, 32, was last seen reading to children at the Montrose Library in September 2018.

Montrose is Houston’s gay village.  Now here’s some food for thought.  What was he doing hanging around the kids?  Instead he could’ve gone to one of several gay bars a few blocks away, where a drag show actually would be welcome.  Public relations tip:  keep it where it belongs.

The library said appropriate action is being taken to ensure every participant in every program is verified to ensure similar incidents cannot happen in the future.

The last half of the article quoted Houston Public Library’s apologetic statement.  The basic angle is that this one slipped through the cracks and they’ll take action to keep out any of these types who haven’t been properly vetted.

Now let’s just hold on here a moment.  Why is it necessary to have Drag Queen Story Time in the first place?  How is their presence an improvement?  What is their reason for being there?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that all these drag queens have a thing for kids.  Maybe some of these guys merely want to douse these developing minds in cultural Marxism long before they can evaluate any of it critically.  Perhaps some merely intend to push radical gender theory on children too young to know where babies come from.  As for those who actually do this for purposes of child grooming, well, I told you so.

How should society react to these drag queens?  Will we just “go with the flow” about this newest eruption of aggressive abnormality?  Instead, we should familiarize them with a very simple word:  “No.”

Drag Queen Story Time scandal