Math is Western imperialism and colonization

A picture is worth a thousand words here:

Afro math

There are so many things I could say about this.  Making a witty comparison with Alan Sokal’s paper “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” is tempting.  I also could poke fun at the snippiness and obvious misinformation.  Alternatively, I could leave it with my usual res ipse loquitur.

Nah, I’ll play it straight this time.  Brittany Marshall certainly did get out of first grade knowing the correct answer for what 2+2 is.  What happened since then?  She got ideologically conditioned.  Now she believes that math is not universal, but instead it’s a social construct.  Worse, math is some sinister thing imposed because of “western imperialism/colonization”.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that she got brainwashed with cultural Marxism in college.  If so, then this was fraud, and the school owes her a refund.  College is for knowledge, not to make the students confused about very basic arithmetic.  Nor is it to give them bad attitudes which will make it difficult for them to get along on the job or other areas of daily life.

Math is Western imperialism and colonization

According to NYC’s Health Department, glory holes are a line of defense against Covid19

No, I’m not making this up.  Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.  The Daily Caller excerpted from a safety pamphlet, including the following:

“Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact,” states NYC’s Health Department.

Hasn’t all this security theater gone far enough by now?  Come on, people; we’ve moved from one manufactured crisis to another anyway!

According to NYC’s Health Department, glory holes are a line of defense against Covid19

The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

If the MSM has you bedazzled with their propaganda about the recent string of riots, you’re not alone.  Here are some politically incorrect sources so that you can make heads and tails of it:

The first is a real eye-opener, if you believed The Narrative by the media.  In the beginning, it sure seemed like George Floyd’s death was a clear-cut case of excessive force.  However, I decided I’d reserve judgment about it, because time and again, there was a lot more to the picture in similar cases.  Remember the Trayvon Martin case when the media told us in was a White on Black incident, when instead it was a Black on Hispanic incident?

In this case, sure enough, it turns out that George Floyd was high on drugs and also had some underlying medical conditions.  He didn’t die of asphyxiation, but rather because he had a coronary.  What’s more is that he was a career criminal who served five years in prison because, during an armed robbery, he pointed a gun at a pregnant lady’s belly.  (She’s Black, by the way, though it should go without saying that it’s wrong if it happens to anyone.)  No, George Floyd wasn’t some community conscious citizen who didn’t do nothing.

Still, if people want to attend a candlelight vigil about that, I’m perfectly fine with it.  On the other hand, those who loot and riot are part of the problem, not the solution to anything.  Those who encourage this are even worse.

Other than that, what grinds my gears the most is the attempts to shift the blame.  For one thing, there are now rumors spread by the usual suspects that Putin was behind this, which they say was in order to stir up trouble to help his buddy Trump get reelected.  What a steaming pile of bull cookies!  The truth is that it’s the MSM that wants all this to happen.  Anything to make Orange Man look bad is fair game, according to them.  They’d be delighted to have a civil war right before the election.

They were instrumental in hyping up a narrative before the facts were all in, resulting in waves of rioting.  The MSM has blood on its hands now, but they’re not the least bit bothered, because they hope it will get Biden elected.  Covid19 didn’t work, so now they’re trying for the “boogaloo option”.  That’s right – we’ve moved directly from one manufactured crisis into another.

They also tried to start a narrative that White nationalist provocateurs are infiltrating these “demonstrations” to turn them into riots.  Leftists can pretend to be completely clueless, especially when they’re trying to muddy the waters, or to convince themselves or someone else of something that isn’t true.  In this case, they should know damned well what they’re doing.  It’s not White nationalists causing problems; it’s very obviously crowds of Blacks, whether they’re into it for the politics or the alternative shopping.  The only Whites with any role in this are outside agitators like Antifa, liberal politicians, and especially the media talking heads.

All told, the MSM liars are trying to shift the blame onto White nationalists and Russians, instead of the Blacks who actually are doing the looting and burning, or the leftist enablers like Antifa and themselves.  If the press wants someone to blame, they can go look in the mirror.  This is the violence that they wanted.  Any further crocodile tears on their part constitute proof that the media is a pack of brazen liars.

The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

This one really grinds my gears.  Dozens of cities around the country are burning.  The mask is really starting to slip off about their intentions.  This is no longer about alleged police brutality.  Now, it’s a matter of anti-White mob violence, cheered on by useful idiots and encouraged by leftists and globalists.

Despite that, the liberal dodo birds are going into overdrive with self-flagellation.  Worse, some are involving their kids in this.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

indoctrinated kid 1

So here’s a precious little girl, I’m guessing seven years old or so.  I don’t even know the kid’s name, but I’d put my life on the line to protect her if needed.  In the picture, she’s holding a sign pointing to her with the word “privileged”.  So at this tender age, she’s being indoctrinated to have a guilt trip.  It’s the sort of thing that Marxists call “samokritika“.

How was this explained to the little girl?  She’s too young to understand politics.  Did Mom tell her child that “privilege” means she’s a bad person because of who she is?

Below that is the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and we can see that she’s been told to kneel to them.  Yes, those are the agitators who have been the inspiration for the rioters.  They also were the inspiration for rioters and cop killers back in 2016.  (By the way, that was another election year – what a coinkydink!)  This is the group to which this precious little girl has been told to abase herself.

Shame on you, Helen Leathem!

indoctrinated kid 2

Further detail toward the top of the picture shows that this was a social media image, ostentatiously displaying pathological altruism.  Well, guess what.  My parents are leftist Boomers.  One of them is a Marxist and a former radical activist, so I’m technically a red diaper baby.  Even so, they never forced me to humiliate myself like that.  There are no pictures of young Beau apologizing to Ho Chi Minh or anything like that.

Helen, no matter how ideologically conditioned you are, you shouldn’t inflict this on your daughter.  It’s time to wise up and stop virtue signaling.  This ethnomasochism will ruin her self-esteem.  Moreover, if your fellow leftists get their way, she’s going to grow up as a despised minority in the country your ancestors built.  No, she deserves a future, and I’m on her side.  What about you?

Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

Bull Connor knew how to cool down a crowd!

Now that throngs of vibrant “protestors” are looting and burning in dozens of American cities, led on by outside agitators with agendas of their own, it’s starting to look like the 1960s all over again when summer was race riot season.  Back in the day, an innovative fellow named Bull Connor had a way to deal with situations before they got out of hand.  The public was told that this was a horror – but really, what’s so bad about getting sprayed with water?  In light of what’s going on now, maybe those folks in Birmingham, Alabama had a good idea.


Bull Connor knew how to cool down a crowd!

Perspectives on the First World War – a very contrarian Memorial Day message

This one isn’t going to be your typical feel-good holiday message.  Oh no it isn’t.  What I have to say might be pretty disturbing.  That’s because I’m still pretty disturbed by all that.  Yes, it was a century ago, and now I’m in a fine mood!  This is going to get very bitter, so please turn away if it’s not for you.

President Wilson, why did you put my neighbor through this?

So how should we consider the First World War, trendsetter for Memorial Day?  I may be getting on in years, but I’m not old enough to remember it personally.  However, I did know someone who certainly did.  This elderly fellow was a neighbor back when I was a kid.  He had been blinded by a gas attack.  That’s right – either it was when he was still a teenager, or not long after, and that’s how he lived until the end of his days, may peace be with him.  So this fellow was one of about 204,000 wounded in action on the American side.  As for about 116,700 others, they weren’t so lucky, because they DIDN’T COME BACK AT ALL.

America got off a lot easier than many other countries, because Woodrow Wilson inserted out proboscis into that one toward the end.  What higher purpose did it serve?  Will someone tell me what we gained?  I’ll spare you the history lecture; none of that was our fight.  The way I see it, the only parties who gained were some armaments manufacturers and financiers who made a heap of bread off of the whole deal.  I imagine the coffin makers got quite a lot of business too.

So in the final analysis, let the holiday serve as a warning not to trust globalist politicians like Wilson.

Birds of a white feather

None of that helped Britain either.  Still, during WWI, the British had a special recruitment effort to get extra meat for the grinder.  There were women who handed out white feathers to men who weren’t yet enlisted.  The message was essentially to call them chicken because they hadn’t yet signed up to dodge shells and machine gun bullets in a muddy trench with rotting body parts strewn everywhere, and maybe choke on poison gas.  I can imagine the moral righteousness these women felt handing out their fucking white feathers, thinking they’re Boadicea, while they weren’t the ones in harm’s way, or even in any danger of getting a single scratch.

Here’s the grim tragedy of what happened to one of the guys who took the bait.  To go directly to the story, fast forward to 3:33 here:

As for the one handing out feathers, if she did wrong after all circumstances are considered, then she’s already had her nose rubbed in it in the afterlife.  Still, if I could step into a time machine and go back a century, I’d warn him.  If that wasn’t possible, I’d have a few things to say right after she pulled off this stunt.  It would go like this.

What to say to someone who says “Let’s you and him fight”

Hey, why are you handing that feather to me?  You figured I’m suitable cannon fodder too, but actually I’m not from your country.

No, you wait right here.  I want to talk to you about the last guy.  Because of what you did, he’s going to enlist tomorrow.  Great, you say?  There’s just one problem.  HE WON’T COME BACK.  I’m from the future – I know these things!

Oh, do you think his coming demise is Kaiser Wilhelm’s fault?  What about your role in it then?  What are you going to say to his wife and three children?  Are you going to be there to help support the family and raise the children?  Well, I didn’t think so.  For that matter, what about all the other men you’ve pressured to go on a one-way trip?  Hey, just you wait right there – don’t make me cram that white feather right up your nostril!

How dare I talk to a lady that way?  Now that you mention it, I have an answer for that.  Courtesy died too over the next century – “collateral damage” as we call it these days – but that’s a pretty minor matter.  I’ve spent long hours researching why the civilizational wasteland in my time got to be the way it is.  This is where the train ride to hell began.  The “war to end all wars” that they sold you on – which you’re selling to other people now – leads directly to a worse war.  That in turn sets off a chain reaction of events that leaves both your country and mine in very bad shape, and whether or not either of our countries will be around another century yet is anyone’s guess.  We got suckered into the same World Wars, and after that it’s been one spit-in-your-eye war after another, thanks to the politicians and the money men.

There’s a lot else that happens too during all that, like the loss of your country’s empire.  In fact, if you went forward to my time, you would wonder why Britain doesn’t look like Britain any more.  For that matter, the USA sure isn’t the same as when I was a kid.  Still, we don’t have all day to talk about the many ways things will go to hell because of what’s happening now.  So for the moment, I’d just like to recognize you for your efforts at leaving that man’s three precious little girls without a father.  Bitch.

Perspectives on the First World War – a very contrarian Memorial Day message

Divorce law is a racket for legalized theft

The following arises from a short debate with someone elsewhere.  I’m not going to point out where it is, or even the site on which it originated.  It is not my intent to embarrass or call out the other participant.  I’ll assume – most likely correctly – that she has her heart in the right place about most things, but hasn’t yet come to realize how evil (or how unattractive) typical leading feminists were, especially the Second Wave.

The third and fourth waves aren’t much better, since they haven’t rejected gender antagonism.  Camille Paglia is the only major feminist I can think of who is interesting or personable.  (Naturally, lots of the rest regard her as a heretic.)  As for the others, they are tedious at best, and usually a few French fries short of a Happy Meal.

Basically, even among some Red Pilled folks, there’s still some misinformation out there that needs to be corrected.

Divorce patriarchal style

Let’s flash back to the 1880s for a moment, the “bad old days” of patriarchy.  Divorce was difficult to obtain, since there needed to be proof of significant fault:  abuse, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, addiction, incarceration, infidelity, and so forth.  A marriage was (and still is) a promise “till death do us part”.  Therefore – much unlike now – there had to be something constituting contractual default in order to justify dissolving it.  Moreover, there was cultural and religious pressure not to get divorced.  It made sense to do whatever was necessary to make things work, since a failed marriage was a badge of shame.

Following one of these “at fault” divorces, there was a division of property, almost invariably at the man’s expense.  Moreover, the ex-wife got alimony, which amounts to an allowance “to support her in the lifestyle which she has become accustomed”.  (Being spoiled sounds like a personal problem to me, but yanno…)  This means continued benefits of a relationship that last long after it’s over.  The major assertions supporting all this were the following:

  • If a marriage ends, it’s probably because the husband did something bad
  • Ex-wives are owed retroactive payment for all the housework
  • Women are delicate flowers needing special protection and can’t fend for themselves (remember, this is still the “bad old patriarchy” here)

Even back then, these justifications were pretty dodgy.  Women are capable of doing bad things, just as men are.  For just one item, all those milkman jokes existed for a reason.

For the second assertion, some people even then called BS on it.  (I do recall one of these.  It’s in rather stilted Victorian prose, but I’ll boil it down to the essentials and add some of my own spin.)  If ex-wives are owed back wages because they were doing the cooking and cleaning, what were the ex-husbands doing all throughout?  That’s right; they were buying the groceries and paying for the housing.  If not for them, there wouldn’t have been any food to cook or house to clean.  If it’s legit to claim back wages for light housework, shouldn’t it be legit to counter that with a claim for back rent?  In that case, the equation would go the other way!  If I ordered takeout every day (rather than buying groceries) and hired a maid service for housework (assuming that I couldn’t handle it myself), the extra money I’d pay would be much less than my house note.

Finally, it’s a big feminist lie that women were incapable of getting work.  It’s true that women had great difficulty breaking into high-status professions back then:  doctors, attorneys, business executives, and all that.  Well, guess what?  Most men didn’t get well-paying white collar jobs like that either.  Back then, most of us were farmers, factory workers, miners, sailors, railroad crew, and so forth.  (Welcome to the proletariat!)  As for women, they had their own niches – seamstresses, nannies, teachers, milkmaids, etc.  If that didn’t suit a divorcee with expensive tastes, she could marry for money again.

And on that note

I’ve done both blue collar and white collar work.  In the former, I’ve baked in attics, pushing heat exhaustion day after day.  I’ve been in cramped cabinets fixing plumbing problems, which I consider to be even worse.  I’ve taken electric shocks, been cut, been burnt, fell through a ceiling, suffered some hearing damage, been in a hazmat suit to remove asbestos, got exposed to toxic fumes a couple of times, and let’s not even get started about my radioactive waste story.  As for white collar work, it pays better but the corporate BS, obligatory ass-kissing, snotty customers, and other soul-destroying crap I’ve had to put up with sucks more than construction.

I want to get a Ouija board and summon Betty Friedan back from hell to tell me more about how the kitchen is a patriarchal torture chamber!  Someone like me put it together and made it look pretty, and that wasn’t a walk in the park.  Contrary to what feminists will tell you, being a full-time homemaker rather than a full-time employee is a privilege.

Divorce modern style

So around the 1960s or so, we got “no fault” easy divorce.  “Irreconcilable differences” were enough to break vows of “till death do us part”.  Meanwhile, divorce got destigmatized.  Religion has been disparaged continually, and fewer people take it seriously.  In fact, feminists did quite a bit to encourage YOLO divorces, and so do bottom-feeder “family law” attorneys who make their bread and butter from breaking up families.  Often that leads to a worse outcome for the women over the long term, but let’s not let facts get in the way, shall we?

In the short term, there are cash and prizes for oath-breaking.  (This is the only area of the law in which someone is rewarded for breaking the terms of a contract.)  The property division is still there, by which means ex-wives can acquire half of whatever the husband has ever worked for, property that she did not earn.  This is legalized theft.  Anyone who can look at all the facts and say it’s fair likely has a bad case of Princess Complex.  Alimony is still around, even though feminists tell us that women are strong and independent and don’t need no man.  They can compete with us in any field of work now.  (There are lots of professional organizations and even special laws to facilitate this.)  Why does this “cash and prizes” racket still exist?  What the children go through during all this is even worse, but that’s an entire topic of its own.  Thanks, feminists!

The divorce industry is a “something for nothing” proposition, thanks to our legal system, much like a “slip-n-fall” claim leading to an exorbitant settlement over a minor scrape.  I’m a Fascist, so I don’t cotton to unearned wealth.  The arrangement was somewhat more workable in the 1880s when there were legal and social barriers to divorce, but much has changed since then, and sex roles have been overturned.  The existing law amounts to having one’s cake and eating it.  That’s what feminism is all about lately, despite all the disingenuous rhetoric about equality.

The ultimate effects

Naturally, this is a major disincentive for marriage.  Divorce rates are about 50% now, and they have been ever since “no fault” divorce was implemented.  It’s basically a coin toss.  For a guy, heads means nothing bad happens; tails means he gets taken to the cleaners in court.  Where’s the upside?

This is why marriage rates are half of what they were.  Even Blue Pill guys are well aware of this racket.  Anyone who puts a ring on it is taking a gamble that he will escape the odds; hopefully it works out for the best.  Marriage is still a benefit if there are children involved, or if one is strongly religious.  If not, then it’s a gamble in which the only way to win is by not playing.  If we want to get the social benefits of marriage back, then – no matter how difficult this is – there need to be reforms to make divorce law fair.

This won’t be easy, because feminists will scream like they’re undergoing an exorcism if someone tries to reform it.  Unfair divorce laws are merely one part of the problem, in fact.  Although society has rolled over to feminist demands for the last seventeen decades, they still claim that Western women are oppressed.  The truth is that after this continued dialectic, today’s generation of women is the most coddled one that has walked the planet.  (Would a little gratitude be too much to ask?)  It’s time to start tuning out the feminists.

Divorce law is a racket for legalized theft

Is the public being lied to about Covid-19?

By now, it should be clear to everyone that predictions of doom and gloom have been greatly overrated.  I encourage everyone to read that, as it will be important background to understand where I’m going.


Other than that, this is a moment to reflect on some of the alternative narratives that have come up surrounding this.  These are, of course, what the Powers That Be and those who back their narratives call “conspiracy theories”.  Since these are speculative, then it would be a mistake to believe in them without qualification.  On the other hand, it would be a mistake to reject them simply because they don’t conform to the “official” story.  One might ask, gosh, why does anyone listen to conspiracy theories in the first place?  It’s because, simply put:


I don’t mean all of them, of course.  (They’re rather like lawyers, where some are honest, unlike the other 95% who make the rest look bad.)  Still, all too many journalists and politicians start lying the moment they open their mouths.  Therefore, is it any wonder why most of the public stopped trusting what they say as the absolute and unquestionable truth?  This is why unorthodox narratives exist.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Again, read the article linked above if you haven’t already done so.  The fatality estimates turned out to be four times above the actual figures.  Was it because the public mostly has been staying inside?  No, they figured that in.  Once more, the article has all the stats and links to official estimates, statements, flip-flopping, and all the rest of it.

Am I saying that the virus doesn’t exist?  No, I am not.  The problem is that things have been blown out of proportion.  Members of certain risk groups really are in danger from this, but the rest are not.

NYC fatalities

There is some useful data from NYC on March 31 which speaks volumes.  It shows that there were 748 fatalities among people with certain underlying conditions, 14 fatalities for those with no known conditions, and 170 where it’s unknown yet whether or not they had these underlying conditions.  At the bottom of the chart it says:

Underlying diseases include Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease, and GI/Liver Disease.

I’ll speculate that China’s severe pollution may have been a contributing factor to why that country got hit so hard.  They don’t have pollution controls for their factories like we do, one reason why they’re able to manufacture so cheaply and undercut American production out of existence.  Thanks, globalists!

One other thing is that the fatality numbers go up considerably in proportion to age, but only those with the underlying conditions.  So in other words, if you suffer from one of those conditions, then you’re at high risk, and especially if you’re old.  In that case, it’s quite appropriate to stay at home until this blows over.

NY new hospitalized

If someone is otherwise healthy, they’re quite unlikely to die from it.  Being old by itself doesn’t seem to be a risk factor.  Extra attention to hygiene is appropriate for everyone, but putting healthy people under house arrest is a questionable policy.  What is appropriate?  The bug has a ten day incubation period.  If everyone goes into seclusion for ten days, then by the end of it, you’re either sick and can go for medical attention, or you’re not sick.

NY projections

That’s sort of what we’ve been doing for nearly two months now.  Actually, that’s brought a vast improvement, but we’re still getting the doom and gloom.  The question is how long this will be necessary before it is a rare disease that can be controlled through contact tracing as usual.  First we were told one month, then two months, then six months, then eighteen months, and now some are even saying two years, or even never.  As the problem is diminishing, and it becomes clear that initial estimates were off by orders of magnitude, an increasing doom and gloom narrative is shouted at us regularly from TV screens.

Also, people who have those underlying diseases already are quite sick.  How many would’ve died anyway, or not too far after?  We don’t know the answer to that.  It might surprise you to know that not all deaths attributed to Covid-19 are the result of testing.  The pathologists aren’t required to test for it; they can write down whatever they consider to be probable.

For example, if an AIDS patient comes to a hospital feverish and coughing (not uncommon for that) and then dies, he might be classified as a Wuhanic Plague victim.  The same might happen to an unfortunate homeless guy who succumbs to tuberculosis.  I’ve heard of one instance in which a 105 year old lady in Rhode Island, God rest her soul, was classified as a Covid-19 victim without any evidence.  How many other misclassifications have there been?  Again, there’s no way the public can know this.  The point is that although the numbers are merely a quarter of what we’d been told they’d be by now, even that statistic is padded to an unknown degree.


One paragraph at the beginning of an article by The Atlantic, “How the Pandemic Will End”, states the following:

A global pandemic of this scale was inevitable. In recent years, hundreds of health experts have written books, white papers, and op-eds warning of the possibility. Bill Gates has been telling anyone who would listen, including the 18 million viewers of his TED Talk. In 2018, I wrote a story for The Atlantic arguing that America was not ready for the pandemic that would eventually come. In October, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security war-gamed what might happen if a new coronavirus swept the globe. And then one did. Hypotheticals became reality. “What if?” became “Now what?”

No, that wasn’t me.  That wasn’t Alex Jones either.  Neither was it from anyone who might be accused of being a “tinfoil hat” source.  That was from a journalist for The Atlantic.  The original has hyperlinks to the sources, if you want to check it out.

Maybe the writer has been interested in epidemiology for a long time?  Sure, that’s possible.  Maybe he figured we’re overdue for a plague?  That’s possible too.  I’ll accept that he’s interested in medical topics and made a successful prediction.  He might be one of the few “just the facts, Ma’am” journalists left in the country.  But what about the other things mentioned above?

Again, “In October, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security war-gamed what might happen if a new coronavirus swept the globe.”  The link in the article says that they did a dry run simulation in Brazil and predicted 65 million deaths.  Then the real deal hits a different BRIC country two months later!  What a big coinkydink!  And it’s not just any old bug; neither a variant strain of salmonella, nor a new type of staph infection, nor a mutant variety of chicken pox, nor chirpies caused by having sex with parakeets, nor space pimples, nor any other myriad microorganisms they could’ve picked for a “what if” simulation – it was a novel coronavirus, just like what happened a couple months later for real.  This isn’t proof that someone started it deliberately, but it’s legitimate to start asking questions at that point.

Then you add Bill Gates into the picture, Silicon Valley’s poster boy for the New World Order.  “I am Locutus of Microsoft.  Prepare to be assimilated; resistance is futile!”  If that wasn’t bad enough, globalist arch-bungler Henry Kissinger has been inserting his proboscis into this matter.  The brother of Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel has made statements tooThis is getting to be pretty hinky.

Heat from above

Some of the so-called conspiracy theories have been interrelated with 5G mobile phone technology.  As word has it, this will be necessary to increase data bandwidth for the “Internet of Things”, which – surely a big coinkydink – can help track the public better.  (Even now, the domestic spying programs from collusion between governments and giant tech corporations in Western liberal democracies are more extensive than the Soviet Union had, or any other dictatorship in the 20th century.)  Perhaps you’ve seen the picture of the drone in Britain harassing a hiker, out in the middle of nowhere and posing no danger to anyone.  It’s a fair bet that he was tracked by his cell phone, and some computer registered the fact that he had left his home.  The corporations and governments have been spying on citizens like this for years, but things like this make it more obvious.

There are some reports of new towers going up, some even on school property.  When most people are indoors, this is less noticeable, and a clever way to avoid criticism.  But wait – isn’t everyone supposed to stay home if they’re not performing a vital function?  Putting in more 5G towers is sufficient cause for construction workers to venture outside and brave the deadly Wuhanic Plague that’s about to wipe out everyone?

I’m not saying that 5G causes the virus, of course.  Still, there are quite a few ongoing health disputes.  I do have a modest electrical engineering background, and it’s true that danger from radiation goes up with higher frequencies.  Cell phone radiation is already bad enough as it is.  Quite often I’ve felt my fingers getting hot during a long call, especially when the signal from the tower isn’t strong, necessitating higher power from my phone, merely a 4G model.  This happens because my fingers are getting microwaved.  When 5G rolls out, lots of fingers might get pretty crispy indeed.  Moreover, the “this is your brain on drugs” fried eggs advertisement from the ’80s might get repurposed into “this is your brain on 5G”.

Who benefits?

Who might want to do things like crash the economy, or roll out sweeping new powers for the government, or pump up the FEAR FEAR FEAR for as long as possible?  Now we might have to get a little speculative here, but not too much.  If you’re one of those who doubt that any normal person would do such a thing, I’ll have to tell you that these are not normal people.  Engineered crises are their go-to strategy.  If you think this doesn’t happen, then you need to quit being a hatchling.

Small businesses are getting squeezed by this partial economic shutdown.  Some will be able to take out loans, but this isn’t as beneficial as being able to keep their doors open, like the major corporations exempted from the shutdown and now operating with less competition.  If this keeps going on for several more months – like the shouters of doom and gloom have been clamoring for – then the results will be that even more of the private sector will be in the hands of large corporations and enormous monopolies.  That’s exactly what the globalists want – the tremendously wealthy are the driving force of globalism – but it’s the opposite of where our society needs to go.

Then there’s the anarcho-tyranny agenda.  In several locales, prisoners have been set free early.  Is there any real reason to do so?  Prisoners won’t catch the virus, so long as new arrivals go through a ten day confinement and guards get tested and take care not to catch it themselves.  But what’s going to happen when large numbers of criminals who haven’t had their full measure of jail therapy hit the streets?  That’s right – bad things will happen, and the idea is for the public to beg the government to do something, anything!

So what’s with the predictions that everyone must stay quarantined for months, years, or maybe even forever?  That includes the healthy – people who don’t have AIDS, cancer, COPD, or all the rest of it – who are at low risk.  Daily life already is getting to be a pain in the ass from the house arrest, shortages, joblessness, and so forth.  If this keeps up for an extended period of time, then the moment a company develops a vaccine, the public will line right up in droves.  Wouldn’t that be worth an awful lot of money to some biotech firm out there?  That might take a while, so until it’s available, it will be necessary to keep up the FEAR FEAR FEAR narratives even though the rate of new infections in the USA has fallen off sharply.

An even more ominous concern is CONTROL.  Are there people in the government who get a massive power trip out of deploying sweeping secuuuurity measures?  Whatever the case may be, this has a collateral benefit of a social experiment in which the government can see just how far they can push the public without provoking a reaction.  Some quite boldly have called for “temporary” global government to help navigate the crisis.  That’s pretty brave to name the real agenda!  However, if you think that the arrangement really would be temporary, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

There’s been some talk by government officials that to be exempt from quarantine, you’ll have to get a vaccination and carry an immunization passport.  That’s right – if you don’t want to do that, then you’re under house arrest for life.  Some proposals include using smart phones to track your status, no doubt for your conveeeenience.  Another one is to use some sort of quantum tattoo, so that we can be branded like cattle when we get the vaccine.  Now get this –  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute is bankrolling the research.  Don’t take my word for it; this is on MIT’s website.  Now we see why Bill Gates is so interested in all this!

A neato side benefit is that officials will be able to wand us at random inspections to make sure we’re complying with the rules.  With the digitally encoded information keyed to countless databases, it will be possible to get all sorts of other information about you at their fingertips – your credit score, your shopping habits, your Internet viewing history, and so forth, along with all the things the cops already know about you when they run your license plate.  I’m not so sure that the technology for quantum tattoos is there yet.  Maybe instead they’ll want to barcode our foreheads and microchip our handsSweet!

Was all that too cynical of me?  I really hope so.

Is the public being lied to about Covid-19?

Why it’s better for men to be homosexual

It really is fun to stay at the YMCA!  This, of course, is the first reason of many that all men should take a walk on the wild side.  That would be faaaabulous!

Note well, the following isn’t a serious endorsement of buggery like Men’s Health didIf you like it that way, you’re already doing it.  If you don’t, then you ain’t gonna go there.  However, since I’m still in a fine mood, this is a good a time as any to explain the benefits of the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  Consider all this as tongue in cheek – or yanno, right between both of the lower ones.

The nightgame is much friendlier

As a straight guy, I don’t like nightgame very much.  Fortunately, you no longer have to endure clouds of cigarette smoke that give you a past life flashback from when you were killed in the gas attack during the Battle of Ypres.  Still, music nearing the audible threshold of pain remains a problem, and obviously precludes any conversation short of screaming.  What I find the most aggravating are the bad attitudes.  I never really could understand why chicks would go to a social venue and act like it’s not a social venue.  They’re out to get picked up, they know it and we know it, so why pretend otherwise?  As I put it in Deplorable Diatribes:

The bad attitudes are completely repellent, and they do this to themselves. It’s as absurd as if they took an hour to get their outfits ready, but then rolled around in mud before walking into the place. A little charm and grace would go a very long way, and set themselves apart from the competition too.

With gay guys, it’s completely different.  They’re the most libertine people in the world.  Saying “Hey, how about it?” to women gets you a bad reaction, but it’s exactly the opposite when men are approached by someone they like.

How does a nightgame pickup usually go?  Let’s say there’s a straight singles bar with 50 customers.  We’ll assume the sex ratio is exactly half and half, though in real-life cases, there usually are fewer women.  So for this example, if a straight guy goes into that club, there are 25 women he can meet.  For anything to happen, there must be mutual physical attraction.  (He probably won’t like some of them, and some won’t like him.)  The personalities also have to click, or at least they have to find each other tolerably agreeable.  Meanwhile, there are 25 competitors for his 25 prospects.  He might be able to pick up someone, but the result is far from certain.

Actually, this is a great understatement of the difficulties involved.  Nightgame has become a pain in the ass, and not in a good way!  First of all, if someone is an amateur with game, then he’s at a big disadvantage because he doesn’t know the unwritten rules of modern courtship.  Then when you factor in problems like Bitch Shields, cockblocking, and AMOGs, it can be a real drag.  Then there’s the hypergamy problem, in which most of the bar flies have unrealistic expectations.  They think they deserve a celebrity or something, when it’s actually the men they’re shooting down who deserve better prospects.  When sex ratios become unfavorable, then it can get to be a sausage fest.  At least these places have overpriced liquor for customers to drown their sorrows!

On the other hand, the 175ers have an obvious mathematical advantage making their social venues a target-rich environment.  Let’s say that next door to that singles club, there’s a gay bar that also has 50 customers.  When another one walks in, he doesn’t find half prospects and half competitors.  Instead, he potentially can pick up anyone there, and anyone else might be interested in him, assuming they turn each other on.  If a gay bar is a sausage fest, that’s certainly not a bad thing for them!  And did I mention that homosexuals are the most libertine people on the planet?  These places sometimes have a room set aside where the customers can have a quickie before returning to buy a couple more beers and finding someone else for the night’s next hookup.

That’s right; they’re getting laid like rock stars.  Meanwhile, what’s going on at the singles bar next door?  Straight guys all too often get used as free drink dispensers by chicks with a case of Princess Complex.  If that fact alone doesn’t make you want to get on your knees and give some dude a BJ, then this means you’re confirmed 100% heterosexual.  Sorry bro…

You’ll save lots of money

If that wasn’t enough reason to drop the soap, there are economic factors too.  Those fortunate enough to be queer don’t have to spend money on girlfriends, wives, kids, or (if things go badly) alimony and child support.  There’s a reason why gay neighborhoods often are in upper middle class parts of town, with lots of nice high-rises.  Think about it!  With a thriving hookup culture (see above) then there’s not even any reason to spend extra cash on dinner dates, expensive gifts, and anniversaries.

Also, there’s no need for a ring with a glittery rock that’s supposed to cost a quarter of your annual salary.  (That’s probably a standard that some marketing executive from the DeBeers diamond cartel made up a century ago.)  There’s also no expectation for a bridezilla wedding that costs the same as a new car.  Everybody knows that gay marriage was a lot more about political theater than genuine interest.  The only rational reasons these days to get married are for religious-inspired morality, or to have children, and gays aren’t big on either.

The reason why marriage doesn’t make sense for anything else is because half the time they end in divorce, which is like a cruise missile hitting your bank account.  What happens to the small number of homosexuals who actually do get the holy handcuffs if they later decide to bail?  This is still a relatively new phenomenon, mostly uncharted legal territory, but I predict that it will work like this:

  • Straight divorce:  The ex-wife steals the ex-husband’s property and children in court
  • Lesbian divorce:  The ex-wives trade property and cats
  • Gay divorce:  The ex-husbands just break up and keep their own stuff

See how much more sensible that is?  The difference between being gay and straight is that the gay guy takes it up the ass in a bathhouse, and the straight guy takes it up the ass in a divorce court.  Who is having more fun in that scenario, huh?

You’ll be special

gay pride San Fran01

Still not convinced that buggery is faaaabulous?  Well, what special recognition in society do “breeders” get?  You’ll have either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and that’s only if you’ve fulfilled your biological imperative.  That’s right – you might get a card and a phone call from each of your children.  Wait – that’s it?  Once again, the sodomites are having all the fun!  Heterosexuals aren’t even remarkable as a class.  We’re boringly ordinary!

First of all, as a homosexual, you get to have special parades.  Pretty cool, huh?  There, you can let it all hang out – literally too, if you know what I mean!  Like, who doesn’t want to walk down Main Street dressed in assless chaps, fetish gear, or maybe not much at all?  If people ever called you a degenerate, now is your chance to prove them right!  Why try to win over their hearts and minds when you can make their eyes bleed instead?

This is only the beginning, though.  According to cultural Marxism, because gays used to get a hard time, normal society must compensate for that from now on.  Therefore, gays should enjoy elevated status, and everyone else must bend over backwards (or preferably forwards) to accommodate them.  You’ll have dozens of political lobbies to champion your cause.  There are countless clubs, professional organizations, and so forth just for you.  If you come out of the closet, you’ll emerge right into a welcoming hug-box with the rest of the gay community.  The media loves you, and corporations will virtue signal obsequiously for you.  You have a handy “get out of criticism free” card too.  If you disagree with someone else, it’s an opinion; if someone disagrees with you, it’s a phobia.

Still, you’d better act fast.  There have been a few rumblings by the cultural Marxists that gay guys are becoming too “privileged” and need to be kicked out of the coalition.  Part of it is from having all that extra money, you see.  (What can you do?  I recommend playing the persecution card more; you’re not getting much of it now, but apparently you can keep the racket going for 75 years or longer.)  Anyway, enjoy your elevated status while it lasts, because it will be a rude awakening if the rug gets pulled out from under you.

And lastly

I hope you’ve enjoyed this April Fools Day edition.  Cheers!

Why it’s better for men to be homosexual

I’m so tired of the Wuhanic Plague

Like much of the public, I’m hunkering down at home.  So is the rest of the household.  I’m trying not to succumb to cabin fever.  An odd idea came back to me, one that’s been kicking around for a while.  Perhaps I could write a modern series of stories inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron, which would be rather fitting.

The economy went into a very rapid drop from the panic.  It doesn’t help that many of our businesses will be temporarily offline, or permanently if this drags on for too long.  So naturally my portfolio took a big hit.  Luckily I made some defensive moves before this happened, but I wish I’d gone further with it.

I’m not going to be one of the people who chicken out and sell out at the bottom.  Instead, I’m going to make a big play at the bottom, and perhaps this will be enough to make me a millionaire.  Now that the Fed is going to dump another $1.5 trillion into the economy, made up out of thin air, we’ll get more inflation and being a millionaire will be easier than ever, because money will be worth less than before.

Other than that, I’ve got all the supplies I need for a while, so long as the water and electricity hold out.  We Mormons are supposed to have a year’s worth of food on hand.  Utah is going to do fairly well.  I’m a very bad Mormon, but I am partially stocked up.  That’s a good thing, since supermarket shelves are getting bare in places.  It’s what happens when all the Gentiles become last minute preppers.

It’s not a bad idea, but it’s a much better idea when carried out earlier.  Other than that, my supplier for dry survival rations has jacked up the prices to nearly double.  They’re a Salt Lake City business, by the way.  I can’t help but laugh.  Those clever bastards!  I wish I’d gotten a piece of that action!  Maybe I should get a warehouse and stock it with toilet paper for the next disaster?

Kolejka TP
TP line in Warsaw, late 1980s

On that note, toilet paper is unobtainable, and I hear it’s like that all over the country.  It resembles something out of Communist-era Poland.  When all this is over, everyone will be laughing at the situation for years to come.  As for now, if everyone runs out of TP, runs out of Sears catalogs, and runs out of corn shucks, then there’s always the Turkish method.  Specifically… kıçını bir derede yıka.

Well, shit happens!  We have to get Epictetus about it here.  If we weren’t all staying at home, then we might be faced with worse problems.  Either we can laugh about the situation or cry about it, so better to laugh!  Still, I’m tired of the Wuhanic Plague already.  At least that’s better than being sick of it.

I’m so tired of the Wuhanic Plague