FTMs find out what male privilege gets you

According to feminists, The Patriarchy exists to grant men special privileges over women.  If you’re a dude, then other dudes can be counted on to help you out, giving you breaks denied to babes; Bob’s your uncle.  (They never explain how all this is organized and coordinated; it’s not even a conspiracy theory without a theory.)  Is it true?  Actual dudes will report that the world is “every man for himself”.  Lately, some female-to-male transsexuals have found that the truth about “male privilege” is the opposite of what The Narrative says.

The document it references is here.

It turns out that the “boys’ club” the feminists describe as The Patriarchy simply isn’t there.  In short, if you’re a guy (or perceived as one), the world is a bit harsher.  I hadn’t really noticed myself; I’ve never switched my Underoos, I don’t know what it’s like to be a girl, so I sort of assumed what I’m used to experiencing is normal.  However, what these FTMs were saying was pretty eye-opening.  Here’s some of what they reported:

  • Others are less likely to help you, or help you as much
  • Less trust, friendliness, and even eye contact
  • Your opinions are more likely to be disregarded, especially by snippy feminists who accuse you of “mansplaining”
  • They no longer received the little favors they’d been accustomed to as women
  • Nobody cares about their feelings now
  • Police will hassle them and profile them and won’t give them breaks

On the last one, from the original document:

I get pulled over a lot more now. I got pulled over more in the first two years after my transition than I did the entire 20 years I was driving before that. Before, when I’d been stopped, even for real violations like driving 100 miles an hour, I got off. In fact, when it happened in Atlanta the officer and I got into a great conversation about the Braves. Now the first two questions they ask are: Do I have any weapons in the car, and am I on parole or probation?

Once again, feminists are wrong.  Women aren’t oppressed; they’re coddled!

FTMs find out what male privilege gets you

Somebody that I used to know – a brief postmodern tragedy

Here’s a true vignette illustrating how much the social landscape has gone to hell in two decades.

December 31, 1999

I’m with an extended circle of friends in the woods.  We’ve built a fire, preparing to celebrate the turn of the millennium.  As the night draws on, I make out with a chubby brunette.  She’s always has been fun and vivacious; a defining characteristic of her personality.  What a magical evening!  Things don’t go any further than that with her, but it left fond memories.

Two years ago

I see the same person again, happy to see her.  I call out.  No answer.  Did she not hear me?  I call out again.  This time she answers.

Stop using my dead name!

By using this terminology, it seems she probably caught the radical gender theory mind-virus, and now believes she’s a man.  This is quite a surprise to me; I didn’t know she got a sex change, transitioned genders, switched her Underoos, or ever had any intentions of doing so.  Despite my lack of enthusiasm for this politically correct fad, I’ll go along with it in the name of being polite.

What would you like me to call you?

No answer.

That’s right.  The friendly, vivacious gal who once embraced me so warmly now ignores me, like I’m a bum begging for spare change or something.  Well now, that is all kinds of special.

Anyhow; since I was never informed what the new name is, I came up with something.  Henceforth, this individual will be “Somebody That I Used To Know” – and dead to me forever.

Somebody that I used to know – a brief postmodern tragedy

Is OnlyFans starting to ruin prostitution?

Earlier I predicted, more or less, that OnlyFans would ruin dating.  Well, it turns out that it also might be ruining even “pay-for-play” too.  Mind you, I don’t recommend prostitution, but I came across a discussion indicating that it might be doom and gloom for the “Oldest Profession”.  If this continues, OnlyFans and other pics-for-pay services might end up doing more to destroy it than a brigade of Progressive Era social reformers.  The following is excerpted, and somewhat redacted, from a discussion of how flaky “escorts” have become lately.  One guy, who even has had trouble finding a ladyboy, states the following – and get ready to cringe:

There’s an amazingly beautiful, hung TS on my local [escort website]. She says she gets so many game-player messages she asks you to subscribe to her OnlyFans to show you’re serious and a post there gives an alternate text to contact her. So, okay. I’ll drop $16 to show I’m serious. A couple responses to my queries to get together. Then nothing for months now. Sorry, I’m not going to keep paying a monthly fee so she’ll respond. Did it once. Expressed sincere interest in meeting. Clearly she has no intention of meeting people. She just wants OF subscribers. Sitting back, making a few teaser clips now and then, and watching the money trickle in from 100s of guys is easier (and safer) than hooking up for a couple hundred a pop.

All this OF and Snapchat and all the rest has ruined it for guys who want more than a quick visit car BJ from the nearest “a hole is a hole, who cares if they’re an ugly skanky smelly heroin addict” escort. Fakes, flakes and scammers are the majority, not the exception. That’s why it often seems next to impossible to get laid in a whorehouse. It’s not you and me, or our approach, except that we have SOME standards.

You read that right.  He’s found it damn near impossible to find a “Hello Sailor” girl – in this case, who isn’t even a girl – other than dope fiends feeding their addictions.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  So then he got an OnlyFans subscription to “her” account only to find that this ladyboy was scamming him.  He continues:

I had met this one particular woman through [e-THOT website]. She’s pretty cool. Our schedules never meshed well. We got together for dinner a couple times; we have a nice rapport. FINALLY after almost 2 years we do The Deed. Well worth the wait. She even [performed a certain activity]. Now Covid, hard time all around. A few weeks ago she hit me up to buy some explicit video she does for premium Snapchat. Her theory is it’s worth $200 to jerk off to video of someone you actually know and like. Sorry, I’m hands-on only. Plenty of free porn to jerk off to online. If my finances were better I’d pay to actually fuck her again, but she wasn’t cheap (considering her video is $200, just imagine). I paid less for a (different) truly passable hot TS from [escort website]. I feel sorry for her that she’s barely scraping by, but so am I at the moment. Gotta pay my own bills before I help someone pay theirs too.

So he met a different hooker earlier, they apparently carried on a couple years of email game, and finally he got the bang which cost him an arm and a leg.  Then recently, she wanted him to pay two hundred bucks for beat-off material, which costs more than (euwww) banging a ladyboy.

Fortunately, he’s sensible enough to realize that flogging the dolphin is free!  Again, I don’t recommend prostitution, but at least it’s a two-way transaction where the guy gets something out of it!

Is OnlyFans starting to ruin prostitution?

OnlyFans is an evil Satanic plot to destroy the world

Since nothing important is happening today, I’ll tell you what I think of OnlyFans.  Okay, I was exaggerating about it being an evil, Satanic plot to destroy the world.  However, it is an evil software platform destroying the tattered remains of the sexual marketplace, and here’s why.

For those of you who didn’t know, OnlyFans is a service where women post erotic photos of themselves available to subscribers who pay a monthly fee for it.  Supposedly there are 100 million accounts; I’m not sure how many are “content creators” and how many are “sponsors”, but I’m afraid to say that the figure does seem credible.  It’s not too different from what certain paid users of Instagram already have been doing.  So what’s the problem with this?

I figure that most objections to what I say will fall under two categories:

  1. Buh- buh- buh- that’s capitalism at its finest!
  2. You can’t tell me what to do!  I can do anything I want!

For item 1, according to Fascist economics, value is created when someone makes or does something of value.  (Pointing a camera at your hoo-hah doesn’t count.)  I’ll spare you a lecture on Socialist labor theory, but pointing a camera at your hoo-hah doesn’t count either.  Therefore, monetizing the hoo-hah is a form of grifting.  If reactionaries and radicalinskis can agree on this, then maybe there’s something to it.  Even if not for that, there are certain market externalities to consider, which I’ll deal with shortly.

For item 2, you are a spoiled brat in a woman’s body sticking out your tongue and then yelling “Fuck you, Dad!”  Grow up and get a real job.

The economic perspective

To get a more complete picture, consider that the definition of “economy” means a method of distribution of scarce resources.  When we think of the economy, we generally think of the monetary system with all its intricacies.  That certainly does qualify as one.  Another economy is social in nature, rather than monetary:  the sexual marketplace, in which men and women form relationships with each other.  Now, it’s time for a digression.

Market externalities are unintended side effects (for better or worse) of economic activity.  Let’s say that the city buys the block next door to your house and turns it into a big flower garden.  That’s a positive externality; it will make your property values go up and fill your air with fragrance.  Suppose instead that a developer buys the block and creates a small strip shopping center which is leased to a rowdy biker bar, a methadone clinic, and an X-rated movie arcade (you know, the little booths with the holes in the walls).  Now your property values have gone down, it’s noisy at night, the crime rate went up, and sometimes you’re cleaning up beer bottles, used condoms, and syringes that went over the fence.  That’s a negative externality.  Either way, whether you got the flower garden or the public nuisances, someone sold property nearby and (for better or worse) it affected your property values and, to a degree, your enjoyment of life.

What happens when inflation rates are unbalanced?  If as a tourist you go to St. Mark’s Plaza in Venice and get a little cup of coffee, you might be surprised that it costs fifteen bucks.  If you go to Mexico and buy a big dinner, it costs what you’d usually pay for lunch.  If you go from Flyover Country to San Francisco, lunch costs what you’d pay for dinner.

What happens when the sexual marketplace is unbalanced?  Back in the barbarian days, you might be able to get a virgin bride by paying her father a dozen goats or something.  There were (and still are) plenty of societies in which the family pays the husband-to-be a dowry.  What a deal!  Note, this isn’t my preferred model for society, and I don’t understand how they make it work, but they do.

So that was an example of when men are valued much more than women.  Today’s society in the USA and many other Western countries features the opposite situation.  This is thanks to decades of radical feminism and the man-bashing that’s accompanied it, unfortunately aided by male feminists.  Women aren’t buying men for a dozen goats, of course, but the following does occur:

  • Ordinary women believing ordinary men aren’t good enough for them
  • Bar flies rejecting men who they don’t deserve in the first place
  • Snotty, stuck-up attitudes
  • Pursuit of exiting men rather than quality men, often leading to turbulent relationships with violent and unstable guys, or getting pumped and dumped by musicians and celebrities
  • Men responding by checking out of the social scene, wasting their time with online porn, or even getting sex changes

Note that this is very time-dependent.  Young women are like kids in a candy store.  When they get older and “hit the wall”, they can’t attract the kind of men they’re used to getting, and might have to settle for someone with a bald spot or pot belly.  By the time that usually happens, it’s almost too late to have children.  I could go a lot further into all this, but this unbalanced valuation causes a lot of misery for everyone.  This has gotten a lot worse in recent times.  Online dating tends to skew this.  As Roosh put it, women can pick up men on Tinder as easily as ordering pizza.  (The difference is that pizza isn’t free.)  However, only about 5% of Tinder’s male user base is getting much action from this; the rest are ignored and might as well be invisible.  It’s easier for a cat lady to find someone than it is for an ordinary young guy.

Why OnlyFans may be the final nail in the coffin for the sexual marketplace

Again, OnlyFans readily enables women to sell erotic pictures to men who have to pay a monthly subscription.  With moral standards at an all-time low, there’s little disincentive for a young woman to monetize her hoo-hah.  However, like other so-called “sex work”, this mixes the economic spheres of the monetary economy and the sexual marketplace.

This is where market externalities come in.  Does it affect the monetary economy?  It does a little, by siphoning productivity away from men.  Also, the e-THOTs seldom pay taxes on their “earnings” while the rest of us have to give unto Caesar.  (Feel free to report this crime if you know if this happening; the IRS will give you a commission!)  Does it affect the sexual marketplace?  It does to a much greater extent, by inflating the already unsustainable market value of the hoo-hah.  It also further degrades what little is left of society’s moral standards.  There’s a reason why “sex work” has been considered a vice and a public nuisance since at least the Bronze Age.

Unlike prostitution, the men aren’t getting anything out of the e-THOT racket except for a glance!  This won’t satisfy the libido any more than looking at a steak will satisfy a starving man’s hunger.  (Sure, a guy can whack off while looking at the pictures, but that’s like eating dog food while dreaming of steak.)  It’s exploitation of lonely men, plain and simple.  Perhaps some of these lost souls imagine that these greedy girls actually like them.  The truth is that they’re thought of as simps.  Guys, don’t do that – have some self-respect!

OnlyFans is an evil Satanic plot to destroy the world

The Epic of Gilgamesh performed in the original Sumerian

Here’s the opening to the oldest book ever written!  By writing, I mean by pressing a stylus into clay tablets.  They didn’t have word processors back then!  The point of the book, still relevant to today, is approximately this – it’s not all about how many years you live, but how you live your life.

It’s performed on a reproduction period instrument.  Looks like it’s a three-stringer.  I see that the whammy bar hadn’t been invented then.  It’s four minutes long and worth a listen.

Way cool!  So this is about what Mesopotamian tunes sounded like!  I wonder if he could jam out to “Stairway to Heaven” on that?  Yes, really!  I can imagine those Sumerian folks would’ve liked an enigmatic song like that.

The Epic of Gilgamesh performed in the original Sumerian

Who do Bill Gates and the other talking heads think they are?

This one’s going to be short and sweet.  The Wuhanic Plague talking heads like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci keep moving the goalposts.  From what I’ve heard. Gates says that it’s going to be a long time before we can go back to normal.  Fauci says that even when people get vaccinated, they’ll still have to wear masks and practice social distancing.  Well, if it works, then why the security theater still?

On a side note, I refuse to get that vaccine.  I might’ve caught the bug early on, but if not, I’ll take my chances.  If anything goes wrong with that, I’m going to feel very bad for all those canaries in the coal mine.  Instead of shooting me up with that vaccine, they can go shoot me with a bullet instead.

True conversation I had with my doctor about Fauci:

Doc:  He’s clearly a smart guy, but he’s really been all over the place with this one.  Ten years ago, he was all over the place with HIV.
Me:  You mean whether we should use Trojans or flavored condoms?
Doc:  (laughing) Or poke holes in them!

Anyway, what’s the deal with Gates then?  He’s an ascended nerd, but doesn’t even have a medical degree.  He’s certainly not an elected official.  Who does he think he is to tell the world how we should live our lives?  Dude, having billions of dollars doesn’t mean you’re God!

Earlier this year, the Powers That Be told us “ten days to flatten the curve” and I’ll stick to that, thank you very much.

Who do Bill Gates and the other talking heads think they are?

OMFG how I love hate mail

I don’t do as much blogging here as I used to, after I started getting picked up by more established websites like Return of Kings and Counter-Currents.  Still, once every blue moon I’ll get feedback on something I wrote here.  Lately, I got a new item from Jason Blaustein on my “Cultural Marxism and the Social Justice Warrior cult” article.  This one is a little in-depth, so I figured I’d feature it up front here to answer him.  This has a most curious beginning:

“For instance, if you say that multiculturalism brings more friction into society – which is pretty obvious – then you’d better be careful about who’s listening.”
You mean these liars: https://www.reddit.com/r/EnoughTrumpSpam/search?q=author%3Aryu289+racist

I would like to acquaint the esteemed and most eminently truthful Jason Blaustein with Dr. Robert D. Putnam.  He is a celebrated liberal professor at Harvard.  He set out to prove that diversity is beneficial.  However, his study found that the opposite was true.  To put it simply, more diversity means less social trust among the public.  The findings were so shocking to him that he sat on the data for a while.  (One can imagine it would’ve been quite disturbing indeed, like an archbishop finding evidence that God doesn’t exist or something like that.)  Still, ultimately honesty won out and he reported his results.

Then Jason quotes from my original article at length:

“This might seem like a pretty bold claim, but the LGBT movement is a pretty telling example, one front in the culture war. First they asked for acceptance. (Personally, that much seems reasonable enough to me.) They gained a lot of traction in the 1970s, then some resistance in the 1980s, and finally acquiescence in the 1990s. Then gays in the military became the cause du jour. They arrived at the “don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise, then acquiescence some years later. (For the military, this issue is a distraction at best, and a potential source of friction at worst; guys don’t like to take showers with guys who like to take showers with guys.) Then came the Boy Scouts issue; they finally had to give in on the “morally straight” business. (This wasn’t about inclusion; this was to punish a group that disagreed with them. Parents don’t want to send their boys out into the woods with a gay guy, and the activists were well aware of that.) The next push was gay marriage, which they lawyered up until the cows came home. The public was strongly against this, and it was rejected anywhere it was put to a democratic vote, even in California. Finally, the Supreme Court took their side, citing a Constitutional amendment intended to make sure that crimes against freedmen wouldn’t get ignored by local law enforcement. Right after they got their way with that one, the latest big hoopla is about transsexual bathroom preferences. One can only wonder what the next cause du jour will be. For the record, if two dudes want to hit it off in the privacy of their own homes, I’m not bothered by that. However, this small fraction of the public insisting that society bend over backwards on everything they ask for is a little much.”

Then he retorts with this:

Okay there is so much bs here that I need to give these links: http://homoresponse.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/countering-heterosexist-arguments.html

Dear lad, posting a couple of links full of talking points isn’t the same thing as a counterargument.

That said, just to clear up the record, I do not dislike gays as a category.  I’m not one of the “anything goes” crowd, but within reason, I’m fine with them doing whatever twists their nipples behind closed doors.  (The consequences don’t always stay behind closed doors, but that’s another matter.)  Gays have their own institutions and private spaces to be amongst themselves and do whatever pleases them, and I don’t have a problem with that much.

On the other hand, there are certain aspects of the GLBT political movement which I find objectionable.  They seek to make changes in the public arena (often quite aggressively), and since this is a public matter, others certainly are free to agree with them or challenge them.  Largely the objectionable things are a result of the way the movement developed, which didn’t have to be that way.

Sorry – nobody has special immunity from criticism!  Deal with it.

Jason continues:

The 14th amendment explicitly says:
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
In short it was asking why heterosexuals were getting certain privileges involving free association.

Context matters.  This amendment had nothing to do with homosexuality.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the universe doesn’t rotate around you!

Rather, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in the aftermath of the Civil War.  (Since the Southern states were puppet governments at the time, its legitimacy is pretty questionable, but that’s another subject.)  Specifically, it pertains to the status of freed slaves, and it’s meant to ensure that local law enforcement doesn’t turn a blind eye to any crimes committed against them.  However, the loose wording tends to get twisted around a lot by liberal SCOTUS judges, shoehorning it to apply to whatever it is they want.  It’s too bad that history is so dumbed down in public education these days, which is one reason they get away with this trick and the public doesn’t notice.

That said, I’m not sure why this came up.  If it’s an argument that private organizations cannot have membership criteria – I think that’s what you were driving at – then it doesn’t make sense.  The 14th Amendment is binding on the government, not private organizations.

Also gsys are not pedos like you claim in your boy scout example: https://medium.com/@juliussky/gays-arent-more-likely-to-be-pedophiles-611a48469655

I never said that all gays are kiddy fiddlers, but thanks for the straw man argument.  That said, there is a long-standing problem with pedophilia going all the way back to Harry Hay himself, continuing up to the presentThe GLBT political movement, for whatever reason, has not seen fit to distance itself from this loathsome fringe, even though they should.  Since you brought up the topic, you asked for it!  I went further into the history of the BSA controversy in the article “The Boy Scouts of America is in a death spiral after surrendering to the gay agenda“.  For example, as I wrote:

Unfortunately, they’ve had a long-standing pedophilia problem.  A court case in 2012 forced BSA to release a 20,000 page file documenting sexual abuse cases from 1965-85.  There were 1200 incidents, so that averages sixty badtouch cases per year that came to their attention.  A major reason they’re on the verge of bankruptcy lately is because they have 140 lawsuits pending, which resulted from scoutmasters who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

That was quite a lot of rubba-rubba going on, now wasn’t it?  Note well, this is exactly what BSA was trying to prevent with exclusionary policies.  Those are only the cases that they know about and were reported; how many other Boy Scouts were molested by perverts and now suffer in silent shame?

Since I wrote that article, the Boy Scouts did file bankruptcy.  Just as I’d predicted, removing all restrictions turned out to be the final nail in their coffin.  After BSA was forced to go inclusive, did any of the deep-pockets GLBT foundations help bail out their astronomical legal tab from the child sex abuse cases?  Of course not.

Following a long pattern of cultural Marxist agitation, the gay agenda raped and strangled Boy Scouts of America.  That’s right – they forcibly penetrated the organization and then left it to die.  Not only that, the decades-long lawfare campaign was an effort to enlist the power of the government in this effort.  Some people call this progress.

Finally, I’ll wrap up with a quotation from Deplorable Diatribes.  Enjoy!

It doesn’t make someone a bad person to have unusual proclivities, so long as they’re not inherently destructive, or taken to excess. (How one defines these things is a matter of debate, but work with me on this.) Reasonable accommodations for eccentricity can be made, within sensible limits. In the realm of pure theory, whatever goes on in the bedroom is fine so long as it stays in the bedroom. If this were the case in actual fact, it wouldn’t be too objectionable. In practice, it’s not as simple as that.

Whether we like it or not, sexual behavior has far-reaching consequences. This is in spite of the fact that it’s become unfashionable to say so given the popularity of the “whatever floats your boat” notion today. Traditionally, every culture – and ours is no exception – has moral standards; what it considers sensible limits. Generally that boils down to societal consensus. These customs sometimes differ according to time and place, and there may be debate about what is and isn’t proper. However, that’s not a valid argument to push the nihilist line and abolish morality, or go postmodernist and say all standards are meaningless. Sexuality affects society’s future, since this is how the next generation is created.

Specifically, in practice the gay movement became one more fashionable cultural Marxist cause that promotes disrupting normal family formation – though again, feminism is worse. Although a small fraction is inclined to homosexuality, it doesn’t make sense to glamorize it and encourage experimentation, especially by impressionable youths. This is but one example of something that transgresses necessary sensible limits.

Anyhow, thank you for sharing.

OMFG how I love hate mail

Antifa rioter in Portland learns to break dance

This one is short and sweet.  An Antifa rioter in Portland became a friendly fire casualty from a Molotov cocktail.  Other versions of this include “Walking On Sunshine” and “Beat It”.

Don’t try this at home, kids.  Rioting is not a game!

EDIT:  YouTube’s sheep-bothering censors struck again.  These analingus addicts think that they know best and should decide what you are and aren’t allowed to see.  Fortunately, there’s a very similar video up on Bitchute.  Enjoy!

Antifa rioter in Portland learns to break dance

The coronavirus scare is sexist

Lately, the public is expected to wear masks as security theater against Covid19.  A mask will stop a virus like underwear stops farts, but it is what it is.  Fortunately, it’s mostly a nothingburger for anyone who doesn’t have preexisting conditions.  Maybe this is a big exercise in seeing how far they can push the public without the public pushing back.  If we were ordered to wear banana peels on our heads in the name of secuuuurity, most people would do it.

That said, going into public has become a little different lately.  Women are so darn beautiful that they can take my breath away sometimes.  As the fellow who wrote in the Carmina Burana put it, “Tibi pulchra facies, sicut solis radies…”  It’s all about the pretty face, beauty shining like the sun.

Well, what happens if you can’t see that most lovely feminine face?  Then, of necessity, the eyes wander somewhere else.  Another notable attribute of ladies if their supremely appealing three dimensionality.  Yes, I mean the boobage.  From the earliest age, we come programmed to plant our lips atop those womanly peaks.  I can wax quite eloquent about the bosom, and how majestic tits are in all their delicious, buxom, yummy, supple, kissable, majestic majesty.  If a man doesn’t want to bury his face in a pair of them, then he probably knows the difference between teal and aqua.


Oh, but staring at tits is rude, and sexist!  Well, I can’t admire women’s gorgeous faces any more, because they’re all covered over with those stupid masks, so what the hell do I look at other than the sweater puppies?  The Covid19 fright peddlers are responsible for the fact that I want to motorboat every pair of ripe melons I see.

The coronavirus scare is sexist