The funniest timeshare telemarketing cold call ever

I just had to share this.  The world must know.

The other day, I was at home with my number one girlfriend.  She gets a spam call and puts it on speaker phone.  It’s computer generated, but they’re getting pretty good with this and it’s hard to tell.  After the canned spiel is over about all the cool vacations they’re offering us for free, a live agent comes on.

The sales droid says the name of the company.  I’m at my nerd box, so quickly I look it up.  One of the suggested autocomplete search terms for them is “(company name) complaints”.  That’s rather telling…  From the list of hits I see, it looks like my suspicions are correct.  It’s a timeshare company!  With one of those outfits, you enter a lifetime contract to pay a monthly fee, and what you get out of it is an option to stay at one of their resorts for a few days a year, whether you use it or not, and it might very well cost about two or three times more than booking a hotel whenever needed.  What a deal, right?

So the sales droid starts trying to get us interested in their Vegas offering.  I have to admit, she did a pretty good talk-off, all bubbly and stuff.  However, what I said next probably threw her for a loop for the rest of the day.

Timeshares are awesome!  Yeah, we went to Vegas last year and got in a presentation for a timeshare.  The guys putting it on were Space Lizards.  Are you a Space Lizard with pointy little teeth?

The sales droid hung up.  Pwn3d!  Then we just about busted a gut laughing.

The funniest timeshare telemarketing cold call ever

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