Perspectives on the First World War – a very contrarian Memorial Day message

This one isn’t going to be your typical feel-good holiday message.  Oh no it isn’t.  What I have to say might be pretty disturbing.  That’s because I’m still pretty disturbed by all that.  Yes, it was a century ago, and now I’m in a fine mood!  This is going to get very bitter, so please turn away if it’s not for you.

President Wilson, why did you put my neighbor through this?

So how should we consider the First World War, trendsetter for Memorial Day?  I may be getting on in years, but I’m not old enough to remember it personally.  However, I did know someone who certainly did.  This elderly fellow was a neighbor back when I was a kid.  He had been blinded by a gas attack.  That’s right – either it was when he was still a teenager, or not long after, and that’s how he lived until the end of his days, may peace be with him.  So this fellow was one of about 204,000 wounded in action on the American side.  As for about 116,700 others, they weren’t so lucky, because they DIDN’T COME BACK AT ALL.

America got off a lot easier than many other countries, because Woodrow Wilson inserted out proboscis into that one toward the end.  What higher purpose did it serve?  Will someone tell me what we gained?  I’ll spare you the history lecture; none of that was our fight.  The way I see it, the only parties who gained were some armaments manufacturers and financiers who made a heap of bread off of the whole deal.  I imagine the coffin makers got quite a lot of business too.

So in the final analysis, let the holiday serve as a warning not to trust globalist politicians like Wilson.

Birds of a white feather

None of that helped Britain either.  Still, during WWI, the British had a special recruitment effort to get extra meat for the grinder.  There were women who handed out white feathers to men who weren’t yet enlisted.  The message was essentially to call them chicken because they hadn’t yet signed up to dodge shells and machine gun bullets in a muddy trench with rotting body parts strewn everywhere, and maybe choke on poison gas.  I can imagine the moral righteousness these women felt handing out their fucking white feathers, thinking they’re Boadicea, while they weren’t the ones in harm’s way, or even in any danger of getting a single scratch.

Here’s the grim tragedy of what happened to one of the guys who took the bait.  To go directly to the story, fast forward to 3:33 here:

As for the one handing out feathers, if she did wrong after all circumstances are considered, then she’s already had her nose rubbed in it in the afterlife.  Still, if I could step into a time machine and go back a century, I’d warn him.  If that wasn’t possible, I’d have a few things to say right after she pulled off this stunt.  It would go like this.

What to say to someone who says “Let’s you and him fight”

Hey, why are you handing that feather to me?  You figured I’m suitable cannon fodder too, but actually I’m not from your country.

No, you wait right here.  I want to talk to you about the last guy.  Because of what you did, he’s going to enlist tomorrow.  Great, you say?  There’s just one problem.  HE WON’T COME BACK.  I’m from the future – I know these things!

Oh, do you think his coming demise is Kaiser Wilhelm’s fault?  What about your role in it then?  What are you going to say to his wife and three children?  Are you going to be there to help support the family and raise the children?  Well, I didn’t think so.  For that matter, what about all the other men you’ve pressured to go on a one-way trip?  Hey, just you wait right there – don’t make me cram that white feather right up your nostril!

How dare I talk to a lady that way?  Now that you mention it, I have an answer for that.  Courtesy died too over the next century – “collateral damage” as we call it these days – but that’s a pretty minor matter.  I’ve spent long hours researching why the civilizational wasteland in my time got to be the way it is.  This is where the train ride to hell began.  The “war to end all wars” that they sold you on – which you’re selling to other people now – leads directly to a worse war.  That in turn sets off a chain reaction of events that leaves both your country and mine in very bad shape, and whether or not either of our countries will be around another century yet is anyone’s guess.  We got suckered into the same World Wars, and after that it’s been one spit-in-your-eye war after another, thanks to the politicians and the money men.

There’s a lot else that happens too during all that, like the loss of your country’s empire.  In fact, if you went forward to my time, you would wonder why Britain doesn’t look like Britain any more.  For that matter, the USA sure isn’t the same as when I was a kid.  Still, we don’t have all day to talk about the many ways things will go to hell because of what’s happening now.  So for the moment, I’d just like to recognize you for your efforts at leaving that man’s three precious little girls without a father.  Bitch.

Perspectives on the First World War – a very contrarian Memorial Day message

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