Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

This one really grinds my gears.  Dozens of cities around the country are burning.  The mask is really starting to slip off about their intentions.  This is no longer about alleged police brutality.  Now, it’s a matter of anti-White mob violence, cheered on by useful idiots and encouraged by leftists and globalists.

Despite that, the liberal dodo birds are going into overdrive with self-flagellation.  Worse, some are involving their kids in this.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

indoctrinated kid 1

So here’s a precious little girl, I’m guessing seven years old or so.  I don’t even know the kid’s name, but I’d put my life on the line to protect her if needed.  In the picture, she’s holding a sign pointing to her with the word “privileged”.  So at this tender age, she’s being indoctrinated to have a guilt trip.  It’s the sort of thing that Marxists call “samokritika“.

How was this explained to the little girl?  She’s too young to understand politics.  Did Mom tell her child that “privilege” means she’s a bad person because of who she is?

Below that is the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and we can see that she’s been told to kneel to them.  Yes, those are the agitators who have been the inspiration for the rioters.  They also were the inspiration for rioters and cop killers back in 2016.  (By the way, that was another election year – what a coinkydink!)  This is the group to which this precious little girl has been told to abase herself.

Shame on you, Helen Leathem!

indoctrinated kid 2

Further detail toward the top of the picture shows that this was a social media image, ostentatiously displaying pathological altruism.  Well, guess what.  My parents are leftist Boomers.  One of them is a Marxist and a former radical activist, so I’m technically a red diaper baby.  Even so, they never forced me to humiliate myself like that.  There are no pictures of young Beau apologizing to Ho Chi Minh or anything like that.

Helen, no matter how ideologically conditioned you are, you shouldn’t inflict this on your daughter.  It’s time to wise up and stop virtue signaling.  This ethnomasochism will ruin her self-esteem.  Moreover, if your fellow leftists get their way, she’s going to grow up as a despised minority in the country your ancestors built.  No, she deserves a future, and I’m on her side.  What about you?

Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

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