Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch with fleas

It’s been two weeks since I’ve sucked down my last energy drink.  No more soda for me either.  Whenever I see my girlfriend at home sipping a Monster, I think to myself, “We wants it my precioussss…”  My other girlfriend thinks I’m nuts to give it up.

No, this isn’t because I’m going on the straight and narrow.  I’m still the worst Mormon since Joseph Smith himself.  They can pry my beer out of my cold, dead fingers.  Actually, I’ve figured out enough wiggle room in the Word of Wisdom to allow for beer.  (Buy Space Vixen Trek Episode 13 if you want to find out.)  Still, I’ll hit the vodka too and make no apologies for it.

Why put myself through this misery then?  It’s because I don’t like to be hooked on anything.  Also, if I cut out the soda and energy drinks, it saves a few hundred bucks a year.  (I can buy more beer, right?)  I might start drinking caffeinated beverages again at a later time, but rarely enough that it won’t be habitual.  Best of all, my receptors will be normalized and it will be effective again, and caffeine won’t be something I must consume regularly to function normally.

So how’s it going so far?  I wasn’t as hooked as some people are, so I haven’t suffered headaches.  Still, I’ve been dragging ass.  I think I’m over the worst part of it.  Even so, it’s been difficult.  When the Viet Cong discovered one of their soldiers hooked on opium, they’d throw him in a hole in the ground for three weeks.  Maybe they had a point with that.

Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch with fleas

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