Former Muslim draws Muhammad cartoons

I was looking around for irreverent art, and I came across by someone with the evocative name Mohammed Ibrahim.  Quite likely it’s a pen name, since I’m sure he doesn’t want to get his head cut off on TV.  One of his specialties is drawing the Prophet Muhammad.  That’s s a serious no-no in that religion, not that he believes in it any more.  I understand; I’m almost as jaded about mine and its founder.

Obviously a lot of people will get their noses bent out of shape about it.  Still, his stated intention is not offense for its own sake, but rather to be witty.  It’s fairly similar to my own Space Vixen Trek Episode 13:  The Final Falafel, in which I poke fun at lots of religions, though in an entertaining way.  Some of the cartoons have more impact than others.  (Islamic jurisprudence can be a dry topic sometimes.)  Still, he does have his moments.  One of his classics is “Prophet Muhammad gets drunk“, in which there’s quite a confession.

Another is “Hijab in the West vs. hijab in the Muslim World“.  This shows two fairly glam Muslimas in a mall, at the minimum standards of compliance, contrasted with a couple of ladies in burqas, adhering to the customs at maximum scrupulosity.  That does strike a chord with me, since it grinds my gears to hear Western feminists telling us how ninja suits are “liberating”.  (Heck, when are feminists NOT completely wrong?)  This shows that their anti-Western agenda is more important than their ostensive goal of women’s liberation – but I digress.

Other than that, the artist draws on some generic atheist themes, some of them pretty funny.  Aside from that, he does political themes too.  He’s liberal, but I won’t hold it against him.  All told, I came across his site and figured that I’d signal boost it.

Former Muslim draws Muhammad cartoons

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