The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

If the MSM has you bedazzled with their propaganda about the recent string of riots, you’re not alone.  Here are some politically incorrect sources so that you can make heads and tails of it:

The first is a real eye-opener, if you believed The Narrative by the media.  In the beginning, it sure seemed like George Floyd’s death was a clear-cut case of excessive force.  However, I decided I’d reserve judgment about it, because time and again, there was a lot more to the picture in similar cases.  Remember the Trayvon Martin case when the media told us in was a White on Black incident, when instead it was a Black on Hispanic incident?

In this case, sure enough, it turns out that George Floyd was high on drugs and also had some underlying medical conditions.  He didn’t die of asphyxiation, but rather because he had a coronary.  What’s more is that he was a career criminal who served five years in prison because, during an armed robbery, he pointed a gun at a pregnant lady’s belly.  (She’s Black, by the way, though it should go without saying that it’s wrong if it happens to anyone.)  No, George Floyd wasn’t some community conscious citizen who didn’t do nothing.

Still, if people want to attend a candlelight vigil about that, I’m perfectly fine with it.  On the other hand, those who loot and riot are part of the problem, not the solution to anything.  Those who encourage this are even worse.

Other than that, what grinds my gears the most is the attempts to shift the blame.  For one thing, there are now rumors spread by the usual suspects that Putin was behind this, which they say was in order to stir up trouble to help his buddy Trump get reelected.  What a steaming pile of bull cookies!  The truth is that it’s the MSM that wants all this to happen.  Anything to make Orange Man look bad is fair game, according to them.  They’d be delighted to have a civil war right before the election.

They were instrumental in hyping up a narrative before the facts were all in, resulting in waves of rioting.  The MSM has blood on its hands now, but they’re not the least bit bothered, because they hope it will get Biden elected.  Covid19 didn’t work, so now they’re trying for the “boogaloo option”.  That’s right – we’ve moved directly from one manufactured crisis into another.

They also tried to start a narrative that White nationalist provocateurs are infiltrating these “demonstrations” to turn them into riots.  Leftists can pretend to be completely clueless, especially when they’re trying to muddy the waters, or to convince themselves or someone else of something that isn’t true.  In this case, they should know damned well what they’re doing.  It’s not White nationalists causing problems; it’s very obviously crowds of Blacks, whether they’re into it for the politics or the alternative shopping.  The only Whites with any role in this are outside agitators like Antifa, liberal politicians, and especially the media talking heads.

All told, the MSM liars are trying to shift the blame onto White nationalists and Russians, instead of the Blacks who actually are doing the looting and burning, or the leftist enablers like Antifa and themselves.  If the press wants someone to blame, they can go look in the mirror.  This is the violence that they wanted.  Any further crocodile tears on their part constitute proof that the media is a pack of brazen liars.

The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

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