John Lennon’s “Imagine” reloaded

Note, the following contains strong political content.  I’m going to get a lot more “edgy” than usual.  If that’s not your cup of tea, feel free to skip it.  The following is for purposes of humor and satire only.

I wrote the following in Deplorable Diatribes illustrating how Marxist themes seeped into the Counterculture since the 1960s with surprising success:

Another example is John Lennon’s perfectly dreadful song “Imagine”. He outright admitted that it had a Marxist theme, and the lyrics are pretty clear about it. (There’s a strong globalist subtext too.) Leonid Brezhnev didn’t encourage him to write a song with sugar-coated Socialism, and David Rockefeller didn’t tell him to push a One World agenda; again, that’s not how it worked. John Lennon and the other three Beatles were especially popular in the Counterculture, which is where they got those ideas. […]

What did actual KGB agents think of these volunteer propagandists? Yuri Bezmenov had a funny remark:

“If you remember the history of rock and roll music you know the name of the Beatles. They were trained in India in an ashram in transcendental meditation, and they landed in the United States and they poisoned millions of minds of your children with the strange blend of Oriental mysticism and revolutionary music. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” My KGB supervisors were dying of curiosity, how could it possibly happen that four degenerate monkeys are so rich and famous in United States?”

Following that, I discuss the role of music promoters who were out to make a buck but also “liked those themes. At the very least, they didn’t disapprove of them.”

Now let’s imagine something much better

How about if we make a better song, inspired by Lennon’s sophomoric mush?  The results might get pretty interesting!  I’m not the first to do something like this, but I figured I’d give it a whirl.

For anyone who might take me to task over the copyright status, the SCOTUS decision Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. indicates that parodies can fall under “fair use” protections if they’re original enough.  Since I wrote all of it, that should count.  I’m not including sheet music here, so if you want to karaoke to the original or think of some other tune for it, that’s all up to you.  Other than that, the original Lennon lyrics – with nothing changed – can be found here or dozens of other places online, and nobody does squat about it.  Finally, once again, it’s all about the satire.  That said, here are my improved lyrics.

Imagine there’s no commies
The helicopters will fly
No hellish gulags for us
While Reds promise the sky
Imagine our own people
Living in liberty… No SJWs too…

Imagine there’s no globalists
It isn’t wrong to do
No wars to fight for them
And no migrants, too
Imagine our own nations
Living in independence… For me and you…

Hillary says I’m deplorable
But she’s not the brightest one
Awaken the masses to join us
And the traitors will soon run

Imagine no media hacks
Or pornographers too
We don’t need greedy banksters
Just deport you-know-who
Our people’s existence secured
Our children’s future assured… A dream come true…

Hillary says I’m deplorable
But she’s not the brightest one
Awaken the masses to join us
And the traitors will soon run

And finally

I couldn’t help this one.

Q:  How can we tell that Yoko Ono is a lizard?
A:  She lives off of dead Beatles.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” reloaded

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