Posts 51 to 100 in review

Woo hoo!  I made it to 100 posts, so I’m putting in a summary of the last 50.

  1. My first 50 posts in review – My previous roundup like this, of course
  2. America’s greatest generation – What was the USA’s last normal generation like?
  3. Promising things ahead – My article “Why Free Market Economics Isn’t Working As Advertised”, and a couple other subjects
  4. Book Announcement: Medieval Vixen Quest Episode 0: The Search For Shlock – My first venture into the fantasy genre
  5. Amazon’s paperback creation feature – Helpful notes on how to create a print version of your ebook
  6. What’s the big deal about fat chicks? – My contrarian perspective about the Manosphere’s take on the subject
  7. Two more paperback offerings – I’ve converted a couple more ebooks
  8. This week only: two ebooks half off, the others FREE! – I’m afraid that you’ve missed the sale by now, but stay tuned
  9. March update – Some updates about my writing
  10. April roundup – More writing updates, how to score with Mormon chicks, and Assad gassing six million Syrians
  11. The Adventures of MP0werdW0myn and OmegaMan: Mission 1 – Operation Cockblock – A funny superhero story with Social Justice Warriors
  12. Political power structures, past and present – From monarchy to democracy to tricky New World Order types
  13. July 2017 book sale – three titles half off, the rest FREE! – You missed this sale too
  14. Welsh Cabinet member Carl Sargent’s suicide results from anonymous sexual harassment allegation – How #MeToo lead to the death of one of the few decent British politicians
  15. Why calling out cultural Marxism and degeneracy is important to your future – Why you need to wake up
  16. Jesse Jackson Accused Of Squeezing A Thigh And Looking Too Much – Jesse Jackson is heterosexual – zOMG, how terrible!
  17. “Transracial” White Guy Wants To Be A Filipina – This is what cultural Marxism does
  18. New book coming soon (and other interest tidbits) – Space Vixen Trek 17 in the works, home improvement is a pain in the butt, triggering caused by my feminist manatees article
  19. Ever had one of those days when… – Editing is a pain in the butt too
  20. May update – I’m beginning to lose faith in Smashwords
  21. Repost – Congratulations #Metoo… You’ve Made Women Employees Radioactive – I reblogged a censored article, harsh but a needed wakeup call
  22. Refusing unreasonable demands the easy way – Are you too polite for your own good?
  23. Book Announcement – Space Vixen Trek Episode 17: Tomorrow the Stars – My new magnum opus, w00t!
  24. September update – Some future writing projects in development
  25. Massive SJW mobbing incident demonstrates that modern feminism leads to unrealistic expectations and hair-trigger tempers – One social media post causes 15 million rageclicks and a cyberstalking campaign
  26. About Rainbow “Beau” Albrecht – Now you can email me!
  27. Limited time markdown on one book, another permanently free – You’ve missed this sale too
  28. Why are leftists running around like chickens with their heads chopped off about the NPC meme? – Being called conformist robots makes them flip their lids
  29. The nature of addiction: why do people get hooked on drugs or irrational behavior? – Is addiction really a disease, or just bad choices that become habits?
  30. What a hell of a month it was – Some veterinarians should be waterboarded
  31. What is the lumpenproletariat? – A Marxist term explained
  32. Where to get Game by Roosh V / Daryush Valizadeh – This guy’s been censored more than Solzhenitsyn
  33. Sociology classes are a scam and have been since the beginning – It’s been a politically correct fuzzy science for ages
  34. Online censorship is getting ridiculous – A virtual reality porno site gets so politically correct that it hurts
  35. Are timeshares a scam, or merely a ripoff? – A Space Lizard tries to sign me up for a sucker deal
  36. The indoctrination of children to “alternative lifestyles” is intensifying – Do you know what’s going on in your kid’s sex ed class?
  37. A brief and highly irreverent biography of Joseph Smith – The real scoop on the founder of my religion
  38. The Biblical Joseph was a crooked politician who stole everything from the people, even their freedom – Crashing the economy is nothing new!
  39. Politically correct bathrooms are the Current Year’s latest absurdity – 50 Shades of Gender, coming to a public potty near you
  40. Year end sale on my books – half are 50% off, half are FREE – Even though you missed the sale, these are awesome books
  41. Triggered transdoodle temper tantrum – Someone makes an ass of him/her/itself
  42. The fastest and easiest way for women to improve their odds in the dating arena – Ladies, it’s all about the attitude
  43. Book review: The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor Adorno, a primary text of political correctness – If you don’t believe like they do, then you must be neurotic!
  44. Get Woke, Go Broke – Johnnie Walker, feminist booze – WTF is up with that?
  45. Remembering Martin Luther King, 90 years after the birth of MLK – Find out lots of stuff you didn’t know about this holy man
  46. Get Woke, Go Broke – Gillette sells anti-male razors – Extensive propaganda analysis of how they gave most of their customers the middle finger
  47. The Boy Scouts of America is in a death spiral after surrendering to the gay agenda – Do you think maybe some of them just wanted to go out into the woods with a bunch of underage boys?
  48. The need for restraints on behavior and where this comes from – The nuts and bolts about how if people don’t control their behavior, someone else will
  49. Social credit, an element of Third Position economics to get the banksters off of our backs – Imagine there’s no usury, it’s easy if you try
  50. Drag Queen Story Time scandal – What is their agenda, anyway?


Posts 51 to 100 in review

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