Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century?

The Daily Mail has the latest on the Prince Harry – Meghan Markle business.  Along with generic paparazzi shots, there’s a picture of the Queen with possibly the sourest expression that’s crossed her face ever recorded on film.  For those who haven’t heard thus far, the pair decided to step down from their royal duties and leave the country.  As of now, they’re in Canada, and the article states darkly:

The revelation will fuel speculation among palace officials that the Duchess of Sussex, in particular, will never return to Britain to live in a ‘meaningful’ way.

Ouch!  They’re supposed to be national figureheads, but they decided to bug out of the country, and maybe semi-permanently?  Gosh, I wonder whose idea that was?  More to the point, I have to wonder if Meghan watched too many Disney princess movies and decided everything was all about her.

The past

Anyway, I’ve written about these bozos before.  In Deplorable Diatribes, the expanded lead-in states:

I was reluctant to cover this because it just seems mean to piss in the punchbowl at a wedding. On second thought, it certainly looks like a very public statement by a very prominent figure. In that case, commentary is fair game. This sort of thing technically doesn’t violate the House of Windsor’s “no expressing opinions” rule, but it’s a huge slap in the face to tradition nonetheless. Unfortunately, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Britain.

I predicted the following:

By tradition, the royal family avoids political statements. That’s odd, since they once ruled with absolute power. Their influence might be very helpful, if they have something sensible to say. However, that’s quite uncertain, given today’s epidemic of rich people becoming limousine leftists. Be all that as it may, an SJW princess could generate much controversy and make the whole family look silly.

Perhaps the tradition of refraining from politics will go out the window too. When do leftists ever shut up for propriety’s sake? She’s none too classy, according to her own brother, so anything’s possible. What happens if she starts ranting about “mansplaining“? Will they take away her limo and make her ride in a Yugo?

The present

What happened after all that?  She got pregnant, which was what I was afraid would happen.  Then there was some discussion – or rumors to that effect – about raising the kid genderfluid.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Then – oh yeah, they decide that being British royals isn’t for them.  Either that, or one of them did the deciding and the other one went along with it, and I bet I know who is who in that scenarioCome on, who the hell quits that job?  That’s an even cushier gig than being a rock star, since there are no rehearsals or concerts required.

Oh, but it gets even worse than that.  Counter-Currents has kept up to date on this with their aptly-titled article “Prince Simp“.  What about that much-discussed tradition that the royals are supposed to stay out of politics?

As a royal, Markle dedicated herself to advocating for left-wing causes, such as MeToo and the gender pay gap. One of her chief causes was “decolonizing” the curriculum in British higher education and demanding the nation’s universities hire more non-whites and women. She even shouted “Oh my god!” when presented with the number of white male professors in the UK.

What country does this dimwit believe she was in?

There’s much more than that.  The whole article is a lambasting of the cringe-worthy match, good for a read in its entirety.  As it begins to wrap up:

Harry’s behavior calls into question the superiority of monarchy. Many within the Dissident Right long for royal rule. They admire the accomplishments of the Habsburgs and Stuarts. They say they’re better than the mob rule we suffer today. They will dismiss the personal flaws of modern monarchs as the fruits of heresy, usurpation or some other sin.

My only quibble – and a very small one – is that I have yet to meet any of these monarchists.  Where are they?  The Spanish Carlists haven’t been too active lately.  I figure a few Neoreactionaries actually believe in monarchy, but that’s all who come to mind.  Really, what’s the point of having some flabby king who did nothing to earn the job?  Granted, it’s better than being ruled by crooked billionaires and Deep State swamp creatures whose hobbies are social engineering and spirit cooking parties.  Still, that doesn’t set the bar too high, now does it?

Then the Counter-Currents article explains that quite a few royals weren’t all that and a bag of chips.  I’ll have to concur.  Deplorable Diatribes contains some more of my particularly Fascist take on monarchy, a section beginning with this paragraph:

Is monarchy even relevant today? Royalty does have a certain air of awe and mystique about it. Still, kings and princes didn’t do anything to attain their roles. They were just born into the job through luck. That’s no guarantee of ability, talent, or reliability. Sometimes they’re weak, inbred, dissipated, or out of touch. There have been some good monarchs in the past, but as political figures, too often they’re fair-weather friends at the very best. The events propelling their families into power usually happened centuries in the past. Therefore, those guys aren’t really all that special today.

The future

So now these British royals have left Britain, perhaps for the duration.  Will Meghan declare “I’m not haaaappy”, file for divorce, and take him to the cleaners?  According to some observers, it might be more a matter of “when” than “if”.

It’s no secret that Canada is one of the most liberal and feminist places in the world, and it’s not hard to guess what that means in terms of “family law”.  Karen Straughan’s divorce experience there speaks volumes.  She wanted to split up with her husband but not screw him over.  However, the judge wouldn’t allow a fair divorce even though Karen wanted one, and the experience was enough to turn her into an anti-feminist.

Given that kind of environment, and Harry’s wealth and prominence, it could be the messiest divorce since the Tudor dynasty.  That hasn’t happened yet.  However, if she does take him to the cleaners, and in a place practically guaranteed to yield the greatest rewards, then this will prove that her critics were right that she was just a gold-digging social climber.

Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century?

2 thoughts on “Is royal gold digger Meghan Markle maneuvering for the divorce of a century?

  1. Many unhealthy things to note about H. Wales and M. Markle. Notable including separating him from one of the few relationships in his family that worked; William. Moving him away from his family and cutting in front of him when he talks. I cant imagine what she does in private,


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