Massive SJW mobbing incident demonstrates that modern feminism leads to unrealistic expectations and hair-trigger tempers

Feminism began in 1848 as a movement to achieve women’s suffrage, among several other goals mainly concerning equality under the law.  Since every single item in their Declaration of Sentiments was achieved long ago, why do we still have feminism?  Despite society’s complete acquiescence, feminists started acting angrier than ever.

It’s a long story, wrapped up in the weaponized social movements that became prominent during the 1960s.  The second wave feminists had to start making new demands, of course.  Now that we’re into the fourth wave (may mighty Wotan, Guider of Destiny, put an end to this pestilence soon), the picayune things feminists complain about are getting absurd.  A recent incident illustrates this point quite well.

First, a digression about the “666 formula”

Guys, have you ever seen personal ads beginning with requirements like this?

  • Must be at least six feet tall
  • Must have a six figure income
  • Must have six pack abdominals

This “666 formula” is typical boilerplate, often merely the beginning of a long shopping list.  Likely you’ve seen similar verbiage many times before.  If you don’t meet these lofty expectations, you’re certainly not alone.  Going by stats for the USA:

  • Only about 18% of guys are 6’0″ or taller.
  • Only about 8% of guys make $100K or more.  Sorry, gold diggers!
  • According to 2013 figures, only 26.3% of American men aren’t overweight or clinically obese, part of an increasing worldwide trend.  However, if you want to get technical, there’s a difference between skinny and athletic.  For visible abdominals, you’ll need 10% or less body fat; maybe 1-2% of guys look like this these days

Therefore, only about 4% of guys meet all the “666 formula” criteria.  All these average women who think an average guy is beneath them are setting themselves up for bitter disappointment, but all that’s another topic.

A thought experiment

Whenever you see a personal ad with specifications excluding 96% of guys, do you:

  • Pass up Miss Princess Complex
  • Read further to see if she actually brings something to the table herself (besides just the possibility of sex with a spoiled brat)
  • Become enraged and tell all your friends, who tell their friends, who…

That’s right; your reaction would be one of the first two items.  Hey, we understand, women have standards.  (Well, usually.  Sometimes they need to get some damned standards!)  On the other hand, if a guy dares to say that he has some standards of his own, it can launch a feminist screech-fest, triggering millions.  This indeed happened a week ago.

Kyle Trouble’s big trouble

Big Red the age of men is over 663ed3460f91abdc32728708645679318c4dbfb22b960e84a543c0cc768dd27a

One of my colleagues at Return of Kings posted the following on Twitter:

Easy things to ask on a first date that tell you whether a girl is worth deeper investment:

* Relationship with father
* Sexual past
* Views on children
* Attitude towards men
* Ability to cook/clean/domestic duties

All can easily be woven into a first date conversation.

Was that unreasonable?  Actually, it makes a lot of sense.  You need to know basics like these before things get serious.  (After all, you wouldn’t want to marry someone who has Daddy issues, has incompatible goals for family size, might bang the milkman, etc.)  I might add, although the fraction of women in the population who pass muster for wife material is smaller than in times past, it’s still considerably more than guys who are tall AND rich AND thin (much less athletic).

Then the hordes of Mordor strong, empowered feminists began an epic pearl-clutching festival.  NARRATIVE VIOLATION!  RED ALERT!  RED ALERT!  The complete story demonstrates that truth is stranger than fiction.  For a brief rundown, the tweet went viral, generating fifteen million rageclicks.  The flapdoodle surely went around the world, but for comparison’s sake, that’s about 10% of the USA’s adult female population.

It didn’t end there.  Many of these babes started trolling him.  One notable cyber-stalker was a Twitter user going by “Liberal, Not Lefty”.  (I guess she must be a classical liberal then?  Maybe she has some unique insights on Locke, Rousseau, and Voltaire.)  Another was Emily Sears.  One of her witty rejoinders was 240 characters – or whatever the message limit is – of “hahahaha”.  (Pro tip:  the common Internet expression “lol” gets the point across and doesn’t wear out your fingers.)  Someone else went to the trouble of making a picture of him in front of a wall of vagina sculptures.  (Cool, someone knows Photoshop!)  Actually, he thought that was pretty funny.

Finally, hordes of feminists started combing over all his old posts, looking for “point and shriek” material.  (Normally I don’t recommend television, but I bet there’s some crap on the t00b that would be more entertaining for them.)  They made a big brouhaha over some minor misspelling, which was actually just a typo.  Actually, I find it saddening that these feminists have nothing better to do with their lives.  Anyway, if some brain-dead feminist or SJW wants to do the same thing to me some day, I’ll make it easy.  My favorite vegetable is the potatoe.

Nutty feminism in a nutshell

The first wave feminists actually did have concrete things to complain about, unlike silly abstractions thrown around today, such as “The Patriarchy”.  Men had (and still have) expected roles too, and women had (and still have) social advantages.  This didn’t quite figure into the calculations of these early feminists, but all that’s another story.  Ultimately, they abrogated their part of the gender social contract.

What the hell are they complaining about now?  Basically everything.  Two prominently visible results of feminism today are Princess Complex and going ballistic over nothing.  Evidently, there are fifteen million of them who need to get a life.

For all the ladies out there who don’t behave this way, you’re wonderful!

Massive SJW mobbing incident demonstrates that modern feminism leads to unrealistic expectations and hair-trigger tempers

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