September update

I’ve been pretty excited about Space Vixen Trek Episode 17: Tomorrow the Stars.  After all the writing, plotting, more writing, revision, revision, and more revision, it’s finally out there!

So what’s next?  That’s the big question.  After taking a deep breath, I updated my book catalog, and will modify it as new releases come out.  I’ve spruced up some of my blurbs on Amazon, and also I’m doing paperbacks of some of my shorter works – two left to go!  Those ones are large-print, which should be quite helpful for some folks.

Amazon does have lots of cool features.  They certainly have a first-rate website.  I might give their X-ray feature a whirl.  With SVT17, I’ll be kicking the tires on their Amazon Exclusive feature.  The drawback is that I can’t upload it anywhere else.

For the record, I really do like Smashwords.  The only problem with Smashwords is that I’ll always make an early sale or two with every new title.  Then my new book drops to the bottom of the list and they never recirculate it, so my books never get seen.  I wrote them about that, and got a form letter back referring me to guides I’d already seen before.  They were really ahead of the curve in times past, but they need to start innovating again.

Other than that, I have in mind a sequel for SVT17.  This will be quite a unique mashup of a very famous Greek epic with the cheesiest sitcom of 1960s television.  Let’s just say this will involve seven castaways lost in the wine-dark cosmos.  Things start going to hell with the dippy bird scene, a terrible omen on a spaceship.

Medieval Vixen Quest Episode 0:  The Search For Shlock also has a couple of planned sequels.  One will reprise the fantasy setting, but dripping with cynicism.  The one following will be set in an environment sort of like The Matrix, though pretty similar to virtual reality environments already existing today.  I’ve written about that concept before.

Then there are some even more out-there concepts.  One will be the redneck version of British history; it’s about half done.  Another will be a hostile takeover of a New Agey gathering-place by an organized crime gang.

September update

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