The indoctrination of children to “alternative lifestyles” is intensifying

In the past, sex education was about what happens to the body during puberty, and maybe the basic “birds and bees” discussion.  This was so that the monthly thing wouldn’t be a complete surprise for the girls.  Also, making everyone aware of where babies come from was important so that they’d know what could result from a hot date that went all the way.

The subject was controversial back in the 1940s and even much later.  Some school districts taught that.  Others left such discussions for parents to do, when they felt their children needed to know, and with discussion of morality at their discretion.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing if schools teach the basics, so long as it’s age appropriate and contains suitable moral context.  However, that’s quite different from what’s happening these days.

Boys Beware

In earlier times, schools didn’t teach much about homosexuality, other than an old film called Boys Beware.  Today, this would be massive trigger bait, of course.  A teacher got in trouble for showing it recently, even though his actual point was to demonstrate how terrible homophobia used to be.

I added some notes with much black humor, which admittedly is completely undignified for this subject.

  • Opening – 1961 looks so normal that it seems like another country.
  • 0:30 – Inglewood seems a little different these days, doesn’t it?
  • 1:18 – They’re right; hitchhiking stopped being safe during the 1960s.
  • 2:10 – Kino escalation!
  • 2:13 – Does this guy look guilty, or what?  Never trust a bald guy with shades and a porno ‘stache.
  • 2:35 – He just happens to show up to the game to give him a lift.  That seems a little more than just friendly…
  • 3:00 – On their first date, he looks pretty skilled at Pedo Game; perhaps this isn’t his first rodeo.
  • 3:22 – “Fishing trip”, huh?  Sounds like something out of Brokeback Mountain already.
  • 3:48 – So pr0n in 1961 meant these little photos?  That’s different!  Anyway, shit’s about to get real.
  • 4:05 – Now that’s something you can’t say these days!
  • 4:37 – This needs a voiceover from Whacko Jacko, “People always told me, no matter what you do, don’t go around feeling a young boy’s parts, ooh!”
  • 4:57 – So Jimmy gets busted too, for being seduced by a chickenlover?  Harsh!  Then again, he gave up the ass for a burger combo and a few bucks; that rates a class A misdemeanor at least.
  • 5:00 – This needs a voiceover of Chris Hansen, “Have a seat over there…”
  • 5:09 – A basketball game in Inglewood and everyone is White?  What?
  • 5:26 – You just know how this one is going to end.
  • 6:38 – Never shoot hoops with anyone wearing a suit and bow tie, unless he’s a Black Panther.
  • 7:18 – Someone in a car easily can chase down bicyclists, so why exactly does the driver need him?  Always keep your bullshit detectors on…
  • 8:05 – Busted!  Come on, this is California; let’s see the perp getting the Rodney King treatment.
  • 8:31 – These days, kiddy fiddlers can “cruise” in the women’s room too.
  • 9:10 – Getting smart there – good!
  • 9:50 – Saying that these days would cause an epic pearl-clutching fest.

Indeed, it may come across as unfair, because it doesn’t make the point that not all homosexuals are kiddy fiddlers.  The film might give the impression that they’re all like that, though it never says so explicitly.  Despite some pretty disturbing facts, most gays are not into kids.  Still, things like that do happen, sometimes even at the top echelons of society.  Need I mention the priest scandals, John Wayne Gacy (the “killer clown” was once a respected pillar of his community), British celebrity Jimmy Savile (his media buddies covered up for him until his death), Pizzagate, and Hollywood’s pedo problem?  Therefore a word of warning is indeed prudent.

Social guidance films from that era do seem a bit corny by today’s standards.  However, they often cover serious topics.  There’s a companion piece, Girls Beware.  After watching these two back to back, I wanted to see some perps in California’s gas chamber getting the Zyklon B.

These two films were produced with the assistance of the Inglewood police department.  Therefore, they weren’t exactly blowing smoke.  They had a pretty good idea about how child grooming and abductions happen.  Toward the end, Boys Beware has the following words of caution:

“The decision is always yours, and your whole future may depend on making the right one.  So no matter where you meet a stranger, be careful if they are too friendly, if they try to win your confidence too quickly, and if they become overly personal.”

So basically, if someone is making a conspicuous effort to gain trust, that might be child grooming.  Now hold that thought for a minute or two…

In my day

Sex ed wasn’t much different for Generation X, at least in my part of Flyover Country.  We got the lecture on the last day of elementary school.  Everyone was talking about boners afterward.  (I can see why they waited for the very end.)  In junior high, we got a semester of health class.  Alongside the “don’t smoke pot” lecture, there was some discussion about venereal disease.  It was soon outdated, since this was right before the AIDS epidemic erupted.

Back then, there were only straights, gays, and bisexuals; today’s dozens of made-up variations didn’t exist yet.  Sexual preference didn’t have to be explained, as this was common knowledge.  The word “faggot” was thrown around frequently.  However, it was almost always out of context as a generic insult.

By high school, there were a few gays who were fairly open about it.  A few others pinged the radar but didn’t mention it.  Everyone figured out what they liked without outside assistance.  We certainly didn’t need a “50 Shades of Gender” lecture.

Sex education in the 1990s

Times have changed since I was a little brat.  Sex ed became much more universal than before, as well as extensive.  I remember being a bit surprised to hear the following cheerfully announced by a pre-adolescent about what he’d learned in school.

“There’s oral sex, anal sex, cyber sex, and sex sex.”

Uh, okay, Little Johnny.  Did they teach you anything about math too?

Sexual orientation stuff is definitely included now.  Was it to get kids to quit calling each other faggots?  On a more serious note, I understand that anti-bullying initiatives are important.  However, all they really had to say is that some people just are into that stuff and not to pick on other students for that.  Of course, if they convinced junior high kids not to be little monsters in general, it would be a service to humanity.

Anyway, this isn’t simply a neutral presentation of the topic.   Instead, it promotes the libertine position.  The general gist was “If it feels good, do it.”  Basically it amounted to the following.  “Anyone who has those attractions should go for it.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.  If you’re curious about what it’s like, why not give it a whirl?”

Was all that to get future gays to feel better about themselves – or was it to make sure that any fence-sitters ended up in the gay camp?  Early adolescence is a time when the attraction template is under development.  Experiences around then have an imprinting effect.  It became fashionable for girls to identify as bisexual during the 1990s.  (In my experience, the vast majority of women are at least mildly bisexual; now they were just admitting it.)  However, fewer boys were willing to jump on the GLBT bandwagon, which probably frustrated the hell out of the people pushing this.

The kid I mentioned above – who was about as old as I was when I learned that catching VD would ruin your day – was in rural Kentucky.  That’s about the last place you’d expect Kama Sutra 101 in junior high.  How did this happen?  It’s because the educational system has been converged.  That’s easy to do, with the Department of Education in a federal oversight role, and two teachers unions for the entire country.

Most people are unaware that gay activists write the curricula.  Then it gets handed down verbatim, pipelined to the classroom by way of this transmission belt.  Not many other interest groups have this kind of carte blanche access to America’s public schools.

In Canada, things are a little weirder.  Benjamin Levin, Ontario’s Deputy Education Minister, was in charge of their sex education curriculum.  Later, he got busted for kiddy porn, and that wasn’t the only skeleton in his closet.  Now that’s a little embarrassing!

Gender bending in the Current Year

Lately, things go well beyond the Kama Sutra 101 stuff.  These days, kids do indeed get the pro-gay advocacy, sometimes at a very young age.  Often this includes being taught that boys aren’t always boys, and girls aren’t always girls.  Sometimes it’s the entire “50 Shades of Gender” lecture, where they’re instructed in these made-up sexual identities that hardly anyone even heard about until approximately a decade ago.  The gender binary has been deconstructed nine ways from Sunday, with new varieties being announced regularly, like NASA discovering extrasolar planets.

Anyway, there’s an apocryphal quote that comes to mind.  It goes something like this:

Abraham Lincoln:  “If a horse has four legs and you call the tail a leg, then how many legs does it have?”

Stephen Douglas:  “Then it has five legs.”

Abraham Lincoln:  “No, it has four.  Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

Now meditate on that one for a bit.

Back in the day, things were different.  I knew that boys were boys and girls were girls.  Even when I was three, I could tell that they looked different, acted different, and were interested in different things.  Today, I hardly can imagine all the confusion this is causing for little tykes who are trying to figure out all this stuff about “bigender, demigender, genderfluid, pangender, genderqueer, two spirit, epicene” and all the rest of it.  I can’t make any sense of it myself; I’m just a dumb blond from Flyover Country.

Now these kids who are too young to have experienced desire are left wondering which of these dozens of identities they actually are.  When you go from two sexes to a theoretically unlimited number of gender variants, things get a bit chaotic.  Worse, some are pressured to get hormones and surgery while they’re still too young even to get a tongue piercing.   It’s just a comparative few presently, and hasn’t been rolled out on a mass scale (yet), but the fact that it’s happening at all is horrific. This will have lifelong consequences.  Many of those who get sex changes even as adults will regret the decision later.  I hardly can wait for the coming years when a battalion of lawyers start going after the ones responsible for this.

Send in the clowns

Other than that, don’t young children have some actual academics to learn?  Well, how about reading?  Actually, there’s a new fad where drag queens come to libraries, schools, and other places to read to little children.  There’s even a Canadian day care center that got into the act.

drag queen with kids 1

drag queen with kids 4

More oddly, they don’t look like ordinary Mrs. Doubtfire type female impersonators.  The  ones doing this go beyond even Thai ladyboys   They actually look more like clowns than men dressed up as women.  Clowns are familiar to kids, of course.  However, some of these specimens strike me less as funny circus clowns, and more like the scary John Wayne Gacy kind of clown.

drag queen with kids 3

drag queen with kids 5

Now what’s that all about?  Yhe stated purpose is to show the kiddos that being a drag queen is another kind of normal.  Or is it actually about gaining their trust?  One of these swishy fruitcakes outright admitted the following:

“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.”

That’s remarkably unusual honesty for the Current Year.  Still, they need to take the drag show away from the kids and back to the gay bar.  Someone else commented on that bombshell:

“This is not about tolerance or anti-bullying.  It is a direct and intentional effort to create gender confusion and doubt among very young children at the very time they need solid guidance and understanding.  The intent is to plant a seed to make children more likely to question their sexuality or gender at a later age.”

Ya think???

Who started this?

It turns out that the “sex ed on steroids” thing this is a little older than you might expect.  There was a precursor to cultural Marxism.  Its founder called it cultural terrorism, and he was in a position to pipeline this stuff to Hungary’s schools:

In 1918, Hungarian Deputy Commissar for Culture and Marxist György Lukács was independently developing such strategies. Lukács developed what he called “cultural terrorism.” One component of cultural terrorism, was to develop sexual education courses in schools that would work to distort traditional sexual morals. He came to the conclusion that if sexual morals in Christians could be compromised and undermined when they were children, then Christianity itself could be destroyed, and along with it Western Civilization and therefore opposition to Marxist indoctrination. He surmised that Christianity was the foundation of Western Civilization, and therefore had to be directly attacked. He accomplished this by highly criticizing Christian sexual moral values in the classroom, while simultaneously promoting sexual promiscuity. He also derided parental authority, which children are always open to. This had the effect of transforming children into bullies, petty thieves, sex predators, murderers, and sociopaths.

So this is the sort of thing that happens when self-appointed elites hostile to the public take over a government.  Bear in mind that this isn’t the only facet of anarcho-tyranny and misrule seen both in earlier times and now.  Well, at least Cultural Terrorism 1.0 didn’t include the clown show back then.  They did make a mistake by rolling it out too quickly.  The secret to boiling a lobster alive is to turn up the heat very slowly.

Fortunately, the Bela Kun regime didn’t last long, though this wasn’t the end of troubles for Hungary.  As for Comrade Lukacs:

The Hungarian working class became enraged at Lukacs’ work, and drove him out of Hungary.

It’s lucky for him that he wasn’t tarred and feathered on the way out, or strung up under a lamppost.  The Hungarians are virtuous people, and they were enraged because their children were being corrupted.  Their daughters were encouraged to become sluts, and their sons turned into degenerates.  Folks just don’t cotton to that.  When are parents today going to start running bozos like that out of town on a rail?

The rest of that article describes the influence of Comrade Lukacs among the Frankfurt School, a Communist academic circle that moved to the USA and began the process of converging the university system.  By the 1960s, the students they had taught had become professors themselves, promoting cultural Marxism to young Baby Boomers.  Then the counterculture resulted from this, noted for sexual libertinism, hostility to authority and their own society in general, and heavy drug use.  That seems remarkably similar to the social engineering efforts in Hungary fifty years prior.

These days, the ones pushing all this aren’t necessarily out to give us Five Year Plans and toilet paper rationing.  They’re like robots still carrying out their orders three decades after their creator died.  Still, the public should know who started it in the first place, and why.

Welcome to Clown World

John Wayne Gacy as Pogo the Clown

So in the past, children were warned about adult homosexuals who get too friendly with them.  Now the these drag queens are brought right to the kiddos.  That’s what happens when you let the camel get its nose under the tent.

What will sex ed be like in the future?  At the rate we’ve been going, maybe it’ll be similar to Neverland Ranch, and they’re going to hand out cups of Jesus Juice for the “rubba rubba” lessons.  If further envelope-pushing is unacceptable – which it already sure as hell is – then parents today should do as the Hungarians once did.

The indoctrination of children to “alternative lifestyles” is intensifying

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