Politically correct bathrooms are the Current Year’s latest absurdity

Having been born toward the end of the Pleistocene epoch, I’ve seen a lot.  In fact, I thought I’d seen it all.  Well, little did I know!  I should’ve predicted that this was coming, but I was unprepared for the advent of politically correct bathrooms.

Thesis:  Men and women want separate bathrooms

From an architectural perspective, it would be simpler to build just one bathroom.  However, men and women want separate crappers.  First, we want same-sex places where we can change clothing if needed.  That much is for fairly obvious reasons.

Also, men and women don’t want to do their business around each other.  If a chick saw a dude taking a leak, mutual embarrassment would occur.  Other than that, if a hottie went into a stall and took a massive “number two”, it would be rather traumatic.  I’m somewhat a romantic at heart, and although I understand what inevitably happens after digestion, there are things I don’t want to witness.  Excerpting from Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room“:

So Things, which must not be exprest,
When plumpt into the reeking Chest;
Send up an excremental Smell
To taint the Parts from whence they fell.
The Pettycoats and Gown perfume,
Which waft a Stink round every Room.

Thus finishing his grand Survey,
Disgusted Strephon stole away
Repeating in his amorous Fits,
Oh! Celia, Celia, Celia shits!

So after this even more hopeless romantic than myself discovers the commode (in those days, that meant a chest of drawers which might have a chamber pot hidden away under it) he was scarred for life.

Antithesis:  Transgender activists have deconstructed men and women into nonexistence

There is a tiny category of people who think they’re something they’re not, which in psychology is known as delusion.  They’ve been enabled by academic types who have been educated beyond their ability to understand.  After the activists and the media got hip to this, radical gender theory has become a new orthodoxy in society.

drag queen with kids 2
Whatever they want, society must now accommodate it.

How did that happen?  I describe this in an upcoming book, with the tentative title Deplorable Diabolical Diatribes and Reactionary Rightist Rants.  It’s in the chapter where I introduce cultural forensics, “How did we end up in Clown World?”  Here’s a sneak preview:

The following… is merely one example of many where an idea eventually has far-reaching consequences.  Simone de Beauvoir was a feminist, Communist, and overall special snowflake.  Also, she was the long-term girlfriend of Jean-Paul Sartre, a leftist philosopher and literary figure who attained celebrity status; riding his coattails helped make her famous too.  In 1949, she introduced one of these momentous ideas in her book The Second Sex.  She wrote, “One is not born but becomes a woman.”  It’s unlikely that even she ever dreamed how far that notion would go.

One might be tempted to grin at that statement, contemplating how everyone for ages thought women were naturally women, until those smart French intellectuals set us rubes straight.  To take it more seriously, one might ponder how much of femininity is cultural and how much is inborn.  The extreme position took hold – de Beauvoir’s statement as a literal absolute – that femininity is not innate, but is entirely a product of society…

The seed of the social construction idea in general – another one of those big ideas with major consequences – begins with a fundamentalist interpretation of Rousseau’s “blank slate” concept.  According to that one, babies are like empty vessels yet to be filled with information, much like a computer before an operating system is installed.  Together with de Beauvoir’s bon mot, all this morphed into the “gender is only a social construct” catchphrase.  It became orthodoxy in academia that being male or female is merely a state of mind imposed on people by society, and has nothing to do with biology.

This gender theory morphed further yet.  Dr. John Money’s junk science gave this one a new twist.  How this began was that a boy was badly injured by a botched circumcision.  (Note:  don’t do this to your sons.  Let them choose.)  Dr. Money was consulted, and his advice was to give the baby a sex change.  As the reasoning went, if there’s nothing on an infant’s mental hard drive yet, and being male or female is only socially conditioned programming, there should be no problem installing “Girl OS” instead of “Boy OS”.  Dr. Money prematurely declared it a success, something that helped make him a much-lauded academic celebrity.  Unfortunately, the reality was that it was a disaster which eventually caused the mutilated patient a life of anguish and a premature death.  The aftermath caused his brother to commit suicide.

Eventually this radical gender theory was enforced as a matter of public policy.  For one example, in October 2016, the US military began funding change operations.  That’s quite a significant departure from previous policies.  In the Current Year, if a business owner tells a man in a dress not to enter the women’s bathroom, then bad press and legal action might follow.

Finally… children – including very young ones – are encouraged to become transsexual, sometimes including life-changing surgery and hormonal interventions.  Most people still haven’t heard the truth about the Dr. Money catastrophe, of course.  That certainly wouldn’t help The Narrative!  Apparently we haven’t learned that giving sex changes to kids is an atrocity.  Still, we wouldn’t want to make those GLBT activists mad, now would we?

Note well, this is a very brief recap.  In the beginning, we thought that there were only men and women.  Today, there are dozens of made-up genders.  I won’t bother to try breaking it all down into Aristotelian categories.  Even if I did so, my analysis would become obsolete as soon as someone announced a new batch of sexual identities.  Actually, there are theoretically an infinite number of them.  Already the notion of gender seems to be falling into fractal dust, if you buy into all that sophistry.

Okay, so if you’re still trying to honor the thesis position, but now you have to honor the antithesis position too lest you make GLBT activists mad, where the hell do you go to the bathroom?

Synthesis:  In the Current Year, even potties will be politically correct

politically correct bathroom

So I had to take a leak recently at a large venue.  I found that there is no men’s room and women’s room.  Instead, there was a room for “urinals”, with half a dozen of them, and a long hall with individual rooms containing a toilet.  The solution to the dilemma was diabolically clever.  If you have a dick and need to do a “number one”, you go to the “urinals” room.  If you don’t have a dick, or if anyone needs to do a “number two”, then you pick one of the rooms with a toilet.

As a construction worker, I’m well aware that from an architectural perspective that this was quite a pain to implement.  That means putting in lots of permanent walls.  Also, the plumbing has to be spread out further.  Then there must be a 1:1 sink-to-crapper ratio, and each little room needs its own light fixtures.  This arrangement is also inefficient because it takes up more space in the building too, which can’t be used for other purposes.  Finally, they had to get that special signage custom made, rather than the “men” and “women” signs that already are mass-produced.

Other than that, the requirement of conforming to the self-image of a small group of mentally ill people has necessitated this.  Really, it’s a slap in the face of tradition, though tradition already seems to be pretty red-faced after decades of cultural Marxism.  Before society comes to terms with some new absurdity, another one comes along.  I don’t want to make too much out of this latest development, but it’s rather disturbing that The Narrative takes precedence over objective reality every single time.

Still, we don’t want to make the GLBT activists mad, now do we?  Now, even bathrooms are a casualty of the culture war.  Welcome to Clown World.

Politically correct bathrooms are the Current Year’s latest absurdity

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