Limited time markdown on one book, another permanently free

I decided to put Amazon’s KDP Select to the test.  My latest novel, Space Vixen Trek Episode 17, is going on sale for one week.  For the first half, the Kindle ebook is 99 cents, later $1.99 for the rest of the week, so get it while it’s hot!

For Safe and Secure in Atropia, I’ve now made it free at Smashwords.  You couldn’t beat a deal like that even if you tried!  It’s an easy read, and quite hilarious.  If you don’t care for obnoxious bureaucrats, or you’ve ever wished the Board of Directors at your homeowner’s association would go die in a fire, you’ll get a kick out of it.  The full description is on my main book page.

The sequel is in the works

The creative bug is still biting.  Already I’ve begun on Episode 18..  Although SVT‘s numbering system is symbolic rather than sequential (maybe I’ll get around to explaining it one of these days), events follow those of Episode 17.  It’s tentatively named A Three Hour Tour in the Wine-Dark Cosmos.  This one is basically Homeric epic meets stupid-funny sitcom.

For a sneak preview, the protagonist gets a shotgun wedding right away.  Things really turn to shit when his jock friend brings a dippy bird aboard a spacecraft.  Then the nerd’s old flame, the cutest Space Lizard in the galaxy, wants him back.  As for his wife, she’s surrounded by over a hundred skeezy suitors.  There’s much more trouble, of course, that will happen to the seven castaways stranded in space.  If that wasn’t awful enough, the action concludes with a Mormon-themed ending.

I have several other projects in the pipeline as well.  Stay tuned!

Limited time markdown on one book, another permanently free

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