Why are leftists running around like chickens with their heads chopped off about the NPC meme?

The new NPC meme has sparked much controversy lately.  You might wonder what it’s all about.  I had to look it up myself.  Then I saw how much fun it was.

What is the NPC meme?

Communist NPCs
This only took a few minutes in MS Paint. See how easy it is?

“Non-Player Character” is a term dating back at least to first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  An NPC is an adventurer (usually an ally, but perhaps an opponent or bystander) that is narrated by the Dungeon Master, rather than one of the players sitting at the table and tossing dice.  The concept got ported into online games.  NPCs are run by the server, effectively an automated Dungeon Master, though artificial intelligence is a “not quite there” technology (and perhaps always will be).  I don’t play Evercrack or Warcrack or any of that, but I understand that software characters will respond very predictably, acting like the automatons that they are.  They are incapable of thinking for themselves; their responses are determined entirely by their programming.

So the latest flapdoodle is about applying the “NPC” term to indoctrinated Social Justice Warriors.  They have been programmed with cultural Marxism to hate their civilization, react reflexively to certain ideas, and spout meaningless slogans like “Check your privilege!”  KGB insider Yuri Bezmenov had some things to say about the Baby Boomer version of these memebots, an earlier model not as bad as today’s SJWs:

Most of the people who (reeducated) in the sixties, drop outs or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the Government, civil service, business, mass media, educational system. You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black you still cannot change the basic perception and illogical behavior. In other words, these people, the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.

To symbolize today’s brainwashed NPCs, someone modified the “Wojak / Feels Guy” meme and drew on a very simple and expressionless face.  Logos and Liberty shared a good writeup on that, providing some examples.

However, leftists don’t think this is funny.  In fact, they’re flying into a rage about being compared to software.  It’s nothing worse than calling someone a robot, but the NPC meme has triggered an epic pearl-clutching festival.

WTF guys?  It’s a joke!

[Edit:  Some censor at YouTube got his/her/its feewings hurt.]

The “knee-jerk liberal” concept has been around for ages.  It’s the idea that they’ll respond reflexively in any given situation, just like if the doctor taps you under the kneecap with that little rubber mallet.  That one’s been around since the 1970s at least.  Back then, liberals didn’t go bananas about it.  Instead, they either shrugged it off, or perhaps smiled and poked fun at some conservative trait in response.

Analogies about conformity have been around for a while too, like zombies, Pod People, and The Borg.  However, nobody got too butthurt about that either.  (Actually, there is much to be said about how people get conditioned by ideologies, but all that’s another subject.)  Why is “NPC” of all things so bad?  Really, the term “libtard” is meaner, though curiously they haven’t screeched about it.  Sometimes people do get educated beyond their ability to understand, but that’s an entirely different matter than actually being mentally disabled.

Guys, it’s a joke.  Even if leftists exhibit a high degree of conformity sometimes – which includes saying unkind things about their opponents – nobody believes they really are robots.  By creating a bunch of flapdoodle about a simple meme, they’ve virtually guaranteed that it’s going to get more popular.  It’s all about the Streisand Effect.

Still, you’d better be careful about where you post it online, or the corporate Thought Police might make you an unperson.  Twitter has been banning users for posting images like that.  Again, WTF?  I might add that it’s quite irritating that these huge corporations are using their monopoly power to take it upon themselves to decide what opinions are “acceptable”.  They may be powerful now, but when enough of their customers get sick of the corporate nannies telling them what they’re allowed to say, they’ll start leaving for censorship-free platforms.

Why are leftists running around like chickens with their heads chopped off about the NPC meme?

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