Promising things ahead

I’m up to my 26th Return of Kings posting, with another likely to be released soon.  The latest, Why Free Market Economics Isn’t Working As Advertised, has generated a good bit of controversy.  (For those who are curious, the heading image is Adam Smith.)  I always thought that Space Vixen Trek Episode 13: The Final Falafel would be the most controversial thing I ever wrote; not quite so!

To begin, I really wish people would read what I actually wrote, not what they think I wrote.  A point that I should have made clearer is that a free market (like any economic system) is pretty much an ideal construct that doesn’t exist in real life.  Still, in the beginning, things were about as close to the ideal as they’re ever going to get.  That did, in fact, work pretty well, and was friendly to small business owners and free farmers.  It’s gone a long way from that, for the reasons that I documented, and others I didn’t have the space to go into.  Some of it was unavoidable; it takes a lot of capital to develop modern technology.  (For example, when I had an idea for satellite-broadcast radio, my allowance money wasn’t enough to afford an FCC permit, and nobody gives a multi-million dollar loan to some fourteen year old.  So someone else developed it sooner; it is what it is.)  However, a lot of the ways capitalism got corrupted certainly were avoidable; for instance, if politicians were more interested in looking out for the common people instead of taking bribes campaign contributions from the ultra-wealthy.

In any event, I can respect someone who gets rich through hard work, ingenuity, and dedication; that’s a positive good which rightly should be rewarded.  However, someone who gets to be CEO through a game of boardroom musical chairs isn’t always another Hank Rearden or John Galt.  Also, those who believe that you must be some kind of commie if you don’t want to be ruled by a bunch of corrupt billionaires are engaging in the fallacy of logical bifurcation.  Let’s just say that those who short-sheet their workers, screw their consumers, and engage in social engineering are asking for trouble.  Really, what we need is an improved form of capitalism.  There is one already; it’s called distributism.

Anyway, enough of the Dismal Science of economics.  I started a diet in late December, a little earlier than most people traditionally do.  The drop in scale weight isn’t all that much yet, but I’m down a couple of inches in the waist, six inches below my high water mark.  If I can keep this up through April, hopefully I’ll be looking a lot more like a Greek statue rather than an off-season linebacker.  My veins are popping out; I can see the difference already.  For those who are curious, I’m doing what worked before.  To turbocharge my results, I’ll have to start hitting the gym more frequently.

Finally, I’ve finished a book that has been kicking around in “edit hell” for years.  I’m waiting until tomorrow to release it, though; stay tuned!

Promising things ahead

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