Book announcement – Righteous Seduction: Redemption for “Nerds”, Unappreciated Nice Guys, and Captives of the Friend Zone

Recently I released my latest – and longest – title in my catalog.  All my other books thus far are speculative fiction – many quite cheesy for comedy value.  This one is quite a divergence, partly to diversify my reader base.

That wasn’t the only reason, though.  I’m here to help my brothers out.  I’m one who has found the way, mostly through painful trial and error, finding success I hadn’t dreamed of before.  This too can be yours, and I lay out my experience for you, for just the price of a cheeseburger combo.  Find it at your favorite book retailer:

My research took me in some unexpected directions.  This isn’t just another “how to pick up chicks” book!  Besides teaching you how to get your social life into high gear, it delves into philosophy, the place of men in today’s society, and the history of courtship – including an amusing tale of what happens to a time traveler from 1985 who goes clubbing after a physics experiment brings him into the present day.

It was a grand undertaking, and researching it was quite a learning experience for me.  Key insights that I came to realize:

  • The sexual revolution changed the face of the dating scene entirely.  This is the reason why most guys have very limited success, if any – they’re following the strategies their grandfathers used to court their grandmothers.
  • The changes have created winners and losers in what used to be a fairly even playing field.  The winners include young, attractive women and guys who are either high-status or have lots of “game”.  The losers include older women, about 80% of guys, and society itself has received quite a bit of collateral damage.
  • Being average just isn’t enough these days.  You’ve got to stand out, and some of the ways to do so are quite surprising.
  • There are a great many ways guys can screw up an interaction.  Being aware of the situation as it unfolds, not making mistakes, and keeping cool throughout are your guide through the maze.
  • Protocol is critical in the game of courtship.  A great many ways men fail are due to misinformation about the way the dating scene works.  The sexual revolution changed things greatly – mostly for the worse, both societally and individually.  If you’re listening to traditional dating advice, Hollywood conventions, and much of the advice that women give you, then you’re at a terrible disadvantage.
  • The Friend Zone, to a large degree, is a huge scam for a woman to extract resources and utility from a guy who is being strung along by false hopes, while his dedication is rewarded by her sleeping with other dudes.  Don’t fall for it!

The rest of my boilerplate marketing hype follows:

The sexual revolution changed the face of society, including the game of courtship. The dating scene has become very difficult for most men today, especially for those who aren’t aware of the new rules. Relying on outmoded advice, pop cultural conventions, and other misinformation will leave you behind.

Some examples of what happens when men act on outdated advice, misconceptions, and lies:

Myth: Just be yourself. Result: You never improve.
Myth: You’re not allowed to start conversations. Result: You never meet anybody.
Myth: You can only win her after a long courtship. Result: She ends up with some other dude.
Myth: Treat her like a princess. Result: You get treated like a peasant, not a prince.
Myth: “I believe in being friends first.” Result: “I wish I could find someone exactly like you (who isn’t you).” Or: “You’ll make such a great catch (for someone else).”

Sigmund Freud famously said that he wasn’t able to figure out “What does a woman really want?” The seduction community has found some answers: actually, sometimes it’s the opposite of what she says she wants! Learn this, among other items:

  • Myths and facts about seduction, and why men today must learn the real rules of the game
  • You’ve heard “men only want one thing”; the secret is that women want it too!
  • The dating scene follows the laws of economics; how value is assigned, and how market forces fluctuated historically
  • Not only are you allowed to start conversations, you’re expected to do so!
  • Resolving the conundrum of showing too little interest or too much interest
  • What feminism really teaches these days and how this affects society
  • Why average guys are considered “a dime a dozen”, and “nerds” get the worst of it
  • The teachings of ancient philosophers can help you be a better man and improve your love life too
  • The major insecurities guys have, what to do about them, and why that’s not as bad as you think
  • The character traits that turn women on, and how to develop your personality
  • How to sharpen your appearance, get in shape, and get your life out of a rut
  • How to recover from shyness
  • Why you can’t let rejection get to you
  • The female thought process
  • How men get stuck in the “Friend Zone”, why it’s often a scam, and what to do about it
  • The “Nice Guy” versus “jerk” false dichotomy, and how to be a decent person without being ignored
  • Screening out neurotic women and some other types you don’t want to invite into your life
  • Avoiding pitfalls of sex that can ruin your life
  • Why being a sensitive, cuddly teddy bear – like you were told you should be – will get you nowhere
  • How women test us, how to respond, and why buying that drink gets you nowhere too
  • Making a good first impression and improving your conversation skills
  • Answers for flaking and other common aggravations
  • That great floating abstraction of “creepiness” and how to avoid that impression
  • Where to meet women
  • Dating multiple women while keeping drama to a minimum
  • How to rock the bedroom, how to deal with ED, and why porn will mess up your social life
  • Carrying a relationship into the long term in harmony
  • Avoiding common marital problems

The secrets of the pickup artists are revealed:

  • Adapting your approach for every situation
  • Developing unique and creative openers
  • Putting the best spin on conversations
  • Showing that you’re a cut above the competition
  • Flipping the script to have her chasing you
  • The art of flirtatious teasing
  • Directly showing interest the right way
  • How to interpret and deal with a hostile reaction
  • Discerning interest and disinterest and how to give these subtle cues yourself
  • Using humorous audacity to create attraction
  • Using the effect of popularity to make you a hot commodity
  • Dealing with “cock-blockers”: other suitors, jealous friends, etc.
  • Why women chicken out in the bedroom and how to save the situation gracefully

Discover all this and more! Take the Red Pill, find out how the game really works, and move your social life into the fast lane.

Book announcement – Righteous Seduction: Redemption for “Nerds”, Unappreciated Nice Guys, and Captives of the Friend Zone

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