“Hey, baby, how about it?”

Suppose a guy walks up to a stranger and asks her for sex – what happens then?  The results aren’t good.  Surely you’ve figured that out already, if you’ve ever gotten blown out for doing exactly that back in junior high when you were swimming in hormones and had no clue about being cool and smooth.  You might be interested to know that this has been proven – by science!  The things they put on PubMed these days…

If scientific-speak isn’t your strong suit, the abstract means there were three studies done where a total of 144 ladies got propositioned, and every one of them shot down the researchers.  Ouch!  Then there was yet another study done by an Austrian magazine in which 100 ladies were propositioned, and the success rate was 6.1%.  I’m not sure how you get 6.1 takers out of 100 very blatant cold approaches; perhaps six said “yes” and one said “mmmmmmmmmaybe”.  The abstract concludes:  “Various contextual differences, such as setting, subjects’ age and attractiveness, and age differences between requestor and receiver, probably contributed to the observed difference in outcome between the journalistic project and the original experiments. The present findings point to the importance of contextual effects in naturalistic investigations of women’s receptivity to sexual offers.”  So, yeah, I figure the Austrian guy was pretty hot looking and it was closing time at the bar.

Thanks to the seduction community, we have some better results yet from the “Apocalypse Opener”.  The most positive results I’ve seen were from one fellow who got 14 takers out of 100 approaches.  My guess is that he’s pretty good looking.  Surprisingly – given the relatively good results – he was selecting for very attractive women.  There are a few other key items of note.  Since he’s made over 500 posts to that forum, he’s familiar with game principles, and since he actually went through with the experiment, he’s not just a keyboard jockey.  Further, he wasn’t saying “How about it, baby?” but rather:

Wow you’re looking great.. HEY I just got a new place right up the street. Come on over we’ll play chutes and ladders!

So, that makes his pickup line slightly indirect, but the intent is pretty clear.  Also, he only approached women who were by themselves; this eliminates the factor of “Anti-Slut Defense” (this terminology is something else!) where she worries what her friends will think.  Interestingly enough, out of the 86 times he didn’t get a full close, none were harsh rejections, and some were actually number closes.  The seduction community’s general advice for the Apocalypse Opener – if you dare – is to be as cool as possible given the circumstances.  Specifically, that means deliver confidently, don’t act all pervy, and if you get turned down (which is quite likely) then don’t apologize and don’t act the least bit flustered.  In any event, others have tried with much less success; this isn’t for the inexperienced or faint of heart.  They don’t call it the Apocalypse Opener for nothing!

Let it be noted that I don’t encourage being really blatant like that.  Rather, I recommend subtlety.  You have to act like you’re interested, but not act like you’re interested.  Does that sound like a contradiction?  Of course it is!  On a more serious note, one must strike the correct balance.  Not coming across like a horn-dog helps save face in case it doesn’t work.  Actually, that’s most of the time no matter what you do, but still, you’ll get better results going about things the right way.

“Hey, baby, how about it?”

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