OMFG how I love hate mail

I don’t do as much blogging here as I used to, after I started getting picked up by more established websites like Return of Kings and Counter-Currents.  Still, once every blue moon I’ll get feedback on something I wrote here.  Lately, I got a new item from Jason Blaustein on my “Cultural Marxism and the Social Justice Warrior cult” article.  This one is a little in-depth, so I figured I’d feature it up front here to answer him.  This has a most curious beginning:

“For instance, if you say that multiculturalism brings more friction into society – which is pretty obvious – then you’d better be careful about who’s listening.”
You mean these liars:

I would like to acquaint the esteemed and most eminently truthful Jason Blaustein with Dr. Robert D. Putnam.  He is a celebrated liberal professor at Harvard.  He set out to prove that diversity is beneficial.  However, his study found that the opposite was true.  To put it simply, more diversity means less social trust among the public.  The findings were so shocking to him that he sat on the data for a while.  (One can imagine it would’ve been quite disturbing indeed, like an archbishop finding evidence that God doesn’t exist or something like that.)  Still, ultimately honesty won out and he reported his results.

Then Jason quotes from my original article at length:

“This might seem like a pretty bold claim, but the LGBT movement is a pretty telling example, one front in the culture war. First they asked for acceptance. (Personally, that much seems reasonable enough to me.) They gained a lot of traction in the 1970s, then some resistance in the 1980s, and finally acquiescence in the 1990s. Then gays in the military became the cause du jour. They arrived at the “don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise, then acquiescence some years later. (For the military, this issue is a distraction at best, and a potential source of friction at worst; guys don’t like to take showers with guys who like to take showers with guys.) Then came the Boy Scouts issue; they finally had to give in on the “morally straight” business. (This wasn’t about inclusion; this was to punish a group that disagreed with them. Parents don’t want to send their boys out into the woods with a gay guy, and the activists were well aware of that.) The next push was gay marriage, which they lawyered up until the cows came home. The public was strongly against this, and it was rejected anywhere it was put to a democratic vote, even in California. Finally, the Supreme Court took their side, citing a Constitutional amendment intended to make sure that crimes against freedmen wouldn’t get ignored by local law enforcement. Right after they got their way with that one, the latest big hoopla is about transsexual bathroom preferences. One can only wonder what the next cause du jour will be. For the record, if two dudes want to hit it off in the privacy of their own homes, I’m not bothered by that. However, this small fraction of the public insisting that society bend over backwards on everything they ask for is a little much.”

Then he retorts with this:

Okay there is so much bs here that I need to give these links:

Dear lad, posting a couple of links full of talking points isn’t the same thing as a counterargument.

That said, just to clear up the record, I do not dislike gays as a category.  I’m not one of the “anything goes” crowd, but within reason, I’m fine with them doing whatever twists their nipples behind closed doors.  (The consequences don’t always stay behind closed doors, but that’s another matter.)  Gays have their own institutions and private spaces to be amongst themselves and do whatever pleases them, and I don’t have a problem with that much.

On the other hand, there are certain aspects of the GLBT political movement which I find objectionable.  They seek to make changes in the public arena (often quite aggressively), and since this is a public matter, others certainly are free to agree with them or challenge them.  Largely the objectionable things are a result of the way the movement developed, which didn’t have to be that way.

Sorry – nobody has special immunity from criticism!  Deal with it.

Jason continues:

The 14th amendment explicitly says:
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
In short it was asking why heterosexuals were getting certain privileges involving free association.

Context matters.  This amendment had nothing to do with homosexuality.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the universe doesn’t rotate around you!

Rather, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in the aftermath of the Civil War.  (Since the Southern states were puppet governments at the time, its legitimacy is pretty questionable, but that’s another subject.)  Specifically, it pertains to the status of freed slaves, and it’s meant to ensure that local law enforcement doesn’t turn a blind eye to any crimes committed against them.  However, the loose wording tends to get twisted around a lot by liberal SCOTUS judges, shoehorning it to apply to whatever it is they want.  It’s too bad that history is so dumbed down in public education these days, which is one reason they get away with this trick and the public doesn’t notice.

That said, I’m not sure why this came up.  If it’s an argument that private organizations cannot have membership criteria – I think that’s what you were driving at – then it doesn’t make sense.  The 14th Amendment is binding on the government, not private organizations.

Also gsys are not pedos like you claim in your boy scout example:

I never said that all gays are kiddy fiddlers, but thanks for the straw man argument.  That said, there is a long-standing problem with pedophilia going all the way back to Harry Hay himself, continuing up to the presentThe GLBT political movement, for whatever reason, has not seen fit to distance itself from this loathsome fringe, even though they should.  Since you brought up the topic, you asked for it!  I went further into the history of the BSA controversy in the article “The Boy Scouts of America is in a death spiral after surrendering to the gay agenda“.  For example, as I wrote:

Unfortunately, they’ve had a long-standing pedophilia problem.  A court case in 2012 forced BSA to release a 20,000 page file documenting sexual abuse cases from 1965-85.  There were 1200 incidents, so that averages sixty badtouch cases per year that came to their attention.  A major reason they’re on the verge of bankruptcy lately is because they have 140 lawsuits pending, which resulted from scoutmasters who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

That was quite a lot of rubba-rubba going on, now wasn’t it?  Note well, this is exactly what BSA was trying to prevent with exclusionary policies.  Those are only the cases that they know about and were reported; how many other Boy Scouts were molested by perverts and now suffer in silent shame?

Since I wrote that article, the Boy Scouts did file bankruptcy.  Just as I’d predicted, removing all restrictions turned out to be the final nail in their coffin.  After BSA was forced to go inclusive, did any of the deep-pockets GLBT foundations help bail out their astronomical legal tab from the child sex abuse cases?  Of course not.

Following a long pattern of cultural Marxist agitation, the gay agenda raped and strangled Boy Scouts of America.  That’s right – they forcibly penetrated the organization and then left it to die.  Not only that, the decades-long lawfare campaign was an effort to enlist the power of the government in this effort.  Some people call this progress.

Finally, I’ll wrap up with a quotation from Deplorable Diatribes.  Enjoy!

It doesn’t make someone a bad person to have unusual proclivities, so long as they’re not inherently destructive, or taken to excess. (How one defines these things is a matter of debate, but work with me on this.) Reasonable accommodations for eccentricity can be made, within sensible limits. In the realm of pure theory, whatever goes on in the bedroom is fine so long as it stays in the bedroom. If this were the case in actual fact, it wouldn’t be too objectionable. In practice, it’s not as simple as that.

Whether we like it or not, sexual behavior has far-reaching consequences. This is in spite of the fact that it’s become unfashionable to say so given the popularity of the “whatever floats your boat” notion today. Traditionally, every culture – and ours is no exception – has moral standards; what it considers sensible limits. Generally that boils down to societal consensus. These customs sometimes differ according to time and place, and there may be debate about what is and isn’t proper. However, that’s not a valid argument to push the nihilist line and abolish morality, or go postmodernist and say all standards are meaningless. Sexuality affects society’s future, since this is how the next generation is created.

Specifically, in practice the gay movement became one more fashionable cultural Marxist cause that promotes disrupting normal family formation – though again, feminism is worse. Although a small fraction is inclined to homosexuality, it doesn’t make sense to glamorize it and encourage experimentation, especially by impressionable youths. This is but one example of something that transgresses necessary sensible limits.

Anyhow, thank you for sharing.

OMFG how I love hate mail

Antifa rioter in Portland learns to break dance

This one is short and sweet.  An Antifa rioter in Portland became a friendly fire casualty from a Molotov cocktail.  Other versions of this include “Walking On Sunshine” and “Beat It”.

Don’t try this at home, kids.  Rioting is not a game!

EDIT:  YouTube’s sheep-bothering censors struck again.  These analingus addicts think that they know best and should decide what you are and aren’t allowed to see.  Fortunately, there’s a very similar video up on Bitchute.  Enjoy!

Antifa rioter in Portland learns to break dance

The coronavirus scare is sexist

Lately, the public is expected to wear masks as security theater against Covid19.  A mask will stop a virus like underwear stops farts, but it is what it is.  Fortunately, it’s mostly a nothingburger for anyone who doesn’t have preexisting conditions.  Maybe this is a big exercise in seeing how far they can push the public without the public pushing back.  If we were ordered to wear banana peels on our heads in the name of secuuuurity, most people would do it.

That said, going into public has become a little different lately.  Women are so darn beautiful that they can take my breath away sometimes.  As the fellow who wrote in the Carmina Burana put it, “Tibi pulchra facies, sicut solis radies…”  It’s all about the pretty face, beauty shining like the sun.

Well, what happens if you can’t see that most lovely feminine face?  Then, of necessity, the eyes wander somewhere else.  Another notable attribute of ladies if their supremely appealing three dimensionality.  Yes, I mean the boobage.  From the earliest age, we come programmed to plant our lips atop those womanly peaks.  I can wax quite eloquent about the bosom, and how majestic tits are in all their delicious, buxom, yummy, supple, kissable, majestic majesty.  If a man doesn’t want to bury his face in a pair of them, then he probably knows the difference between teal and aqua.


Oh, but staring at tits is rude, and sexist!  Well, I can’t admire women’s gorgeous faces any more, because they’re all covered over with those stupid masks, so what the hell do I look at other than the sweater puppies?  The Covid19 fright peddlers are responsible for the fact that I want to motorboat every pair of ripe melons I see.

The coronavirus scare is sexist

Movie review: Ad Astra

Boy howdy, Hollywood needs science consultants.  In fact, that’s quite an understatement.

I just watched Ad Astra with one of my girlfriends.  I really can tell that the filmmakers were trying for a 2001: A Space Odyssey type feel here, with lots of moodiness and psychology and sometimes high drama and overall the solitude of Deep Freaking Space.  They were working at that so earnestly that I feel bad reporting that the film is pretty much a turkey.

There be spoilers, yarrrr!

Early in the film, we meet the protagonist.  (This is a rather grizzled looking Brad Pitt.  Is Angie such a PITA that she’s prematurely aged him?)  After a power surge, he suffers a near-fatal fall from a space elevator, saved only by his parachute.  There actually has been a near space parachute jump before, so that much is realistic.  Note well, space elevators aren’t entirely practical unless you build them out of carbon nanotubes, or use some other design like a Lofstrom loop, but I’ll let that one slide.  Hey, it’s The Future, right?  I might wonder, though, how was it that his tether came loose?  Did I miss something?

So it turns out that it’s suspected that these power surges seem to be caused by a distant antimatter reaction.  Too much of that could destroy the world.  He’s told basically that this might be caused by his long lost father’s distant rocket ship sending power surges earthward.  They want him to go to Mars so he can send some broadcasts to Dad on a special laser transmitter they have there.  Uh – wait a minute, can’t they just have him record the messages, then they send the file to Mars?  Wouldn’t that be a heck of a lot faster?

So first they send him to the moon.  It kind of got turned into a tourist trap.  I’ll give them points for an imaginative perspective on that.  An announcer mentions territorial disputes and moon pirates.  (Pay attention, they’re sticking the magazine into Chekhov’s Gun here!)  One thing they don’t show is everyone bouncing lightly or shuffling from low gravity.  Springy harnesses, bluescreened out later, could’ve produced this effect.

Then they have to cross to the far side of the moon, cutting through a rough neighborhood, to get to the launch pad with the Mars rocket.  I’ll add that although the moon is considerably smaller than the earth, that’s still going to be a heck of a long drive.  (When I wrote Space Vixen Trek Episode 17:  Tomorrow the Stars, I had a lunar globe and carefully figured out what was going on where and what would be realistic.)  Then – whaddaya know – along come these moon pirates!  Fortunately, Brad Pitt is capable of holding a punctured part of his space suit closed as he pops a cap into one of the bad guys.  I might even say that the whole concept is a little bit flaky, but I did have lots of space pirates in Space Vixen Trek Episode 4.135667:  Walking the Planck.  Still, might I ask, how come they don’t have shuttles like on Space: 1999?  I’ll add that this 1970s TV series was a freaking classic, and superior to Ad Astra.

So he gets to the far side of the moon, and they blast him off in a huge rocket.  “Get your ass to Mars!” as Arnold-chan told himself in a much better movie.  This one is similar to a Saturn V, except that it doesn’t come apart in stages.  A plot point is made later of how it wobbles off center during the landing on Mars.  Well, a rocket that operates in a very thin atmosphere (at most) wouldn’t need to be needle-shaped for aerodynamic properties.  What’s more staggering is that it gets there in a couple of weeks, and apparently not under constant propulsion.  Nope, doesn’t work that way.  A Hohman type 2 transfer orbit to Mars would take over a year, the exact length depending on the positions of the planets.

During the trip, they get a distress signal from a space station that just so happens to be on the way.  They stop (apparently having enough spare fuel to brake and resume) to investigate.  By the time they arrive, nobody is answering.  By now, distress signals in space should be considered “Shmuck Bait“.  If it happens in Star Trek, then some shit’s gonna go down very soon, often involving a dead redshirt.  Whenever you get a distress signal in space, do as the New Yorkers do and don’t get invuolved!  For that matter, hasn’t anyone on board seen Alien?  That one should be like Moby Dick in The Future.  Anyway, when they get there, it turns out that there was a BLM uprising going on in the space station, and Brad barely makes it out.  The mission commander, however, is killed by one of the peaceful protesters.

So the spaceship gets to Mars, and I can really tell that the filmmakers were trying hard with their set designs.  Actually, I’ll give them surrealism points for that.  The protagonist finds out some secret information.  It turns out that his dad’s mind slipped a cog out in deep space.  (Well, we kind of figured that out already, but still…)  The protagonist is ordered back to earth, but decides to go rogue instead.  Brad gets back on the rocket by swimming through an underground lake (huh?), then jumping onto the rocket, now headed out to Neptune, just as it takes off.  Don’t try that for real, kids; you’ll get burnt to a crisp.

The rest of the crew don’t take kindly to him stowing away, and try to kill him.  He kills all of them instead, inadvertently, so they really sucked at fighting.  I might ask, though – who the hell brings guns on board a spaceship?  Even if his dad’s a loon and they have to neutralize him, why not use something like tranquilizer darts that won’t have the risk of puncturing a hull?

The rest of the trip takes – wait for it – 79 days.  That’s from Mars to freaking Neptune.  Nuh uh.  Ain’t happening.  Voyager II took a dozen years to cruise out there.  In the movie, they’re in a rocket using old-school chemical propulsion, unlike the antimatter rocket used to send Brad Pitt’s old man out into the Great Beyond.  If they’re using some other kind of propulsion, they can do that – this is The Future, after all – but they’d better explain it, at least in passing.  That’s the right way to do suspension of disbelief.

So Brad finally gets to the rogue ship and brings a suitcase nuke on board.  There, he confronts Dad.  I’d expected a little more, after all this buildup – maybe some Apocalypse Now kind of thing – but I won’t mark off points.  However, I certainly will do so for what follows.  The antenna thing was a little much.  Still, if his own spaceship just so happened to be in its rotational plane, and he just so happened to time it right, then he might could fling himself off of it and reach his destination accurately which is maybe half a mile away or so.  The next thing to do is find the nearest Stop-N-Rob and buy a fistful of lottery tickets.

What follows is worse.  So the suitcase nuke goes off on the other ship.  Apparently it’s considerably more powerful than a Davy Crockett device.  Well, what about the antimatter, though?  If you nuke a ship that has an antimatter fuel tank, what’s gonna happen?  That’s right – it all escapes the magnetic confinement, reacts with normal matter, and everything goes poof!  If all that antimatter leaking out randomly was enough to threaten the earth at such a great distance, then blowing up the tank should’ve burnt Brad’s ship to dust and put a giant dent into Neptune rather like in Event Horizon.  No such thing happens.

Anyway, Brad happens to be out of gas, but he uses the explosion of the suitcase nuke to propel his own ship.  This actually is a design concept in Project Orion, but a spacecraft using nuclear pulse propulsion would need a specially designed push-plate for that, and surely a suitable shock absorber.  Time passes, and Brad’s ship re-enters earth’s atmosphere.  Uh, wait a minute – you have a nuke going off at point A, propelling an object at point B, and it lands perfectly at point C which happens to be 2.8 billion miles away, give or take.  You could, if you wished, use a hand grenade to knock a billiard ball into one of the pockets.  However, if your pool table is the size of the solar system, you’d better have everything lined up with great precision.  It ain’t gonna happen by random chance.

When he gets back, Brad just has a modest amount of beard growth, so the return trip was a couple of months or so.  Think of what kind of acceleration it would’ve taken to make it back that quickly.  It all came from that single nuke burst.  Therefore, it should’ve turned him into Pace Thick & Chunky Salsa.  For that matter, that’s not how nuclear propulsion works.  The Project Orion concept is to use a large number of small nukes to get the spaceship going, and once again to decelerate.  On that note, the movie doesn’t go into what decelerated him.  If there was nothing to slow the ship, it would’ve left quite an impressive crater somewhere, probably causing an ecological catastrophe too.

The film does end on a positive note, but overall, it was a few too many ass pulls.

Movie review: Ad Astra

Externalizer of the Oedipus Complex vandalizes sacred statue

To begin with, I’m not Catholic.  (In fact, I’m the worst Mormon since Joseph Smith himself.)  Still, there’s an article in the National Catholic Register that really has me seeing red, “Statue of Virgin Mary Beheaded at Tennessee Parish“.  What kind of a cockroach would do a thing like that?

Lately, there’s been an epidemic of vandalism directed at statues by sniveling leftist bedwetters, just as I predicted there would be.  This “cancel culture” business is nothing new.  During the Soviet days, whenever someone fell out of favor, they’d go to great lengths to erase his memory.  If the un-person was in a textbook, the teachers would direct their students to turn to the page with the illustration, then black out the picture or at least pencil out the eyes.  Wrecking statues is just a new iteration of this for today’s pinkos.

These “woke” douche-nozzles haven’t figured out that anyone who lived in the past is going to have some views that they don’t like.  They think they’re so righteous now, but the people of the future are going to look back on all this and see these idiots for who they are.  As for this particular incident, this one wasn’t just any old statue.  This was a statue honoring the nicest lady who ever walked the earth, and some loser chopped the head off.  My intuition tells me that whoever did that either likes his own mother funny, is a sheep botherer, or maybe cheats on Mom with a sheep.

Enough is enough.  I hereby put the vandals on notice.  Anyone who cuts off part of a statue just might suffer an untimely accident in which his own corresponding body part is cut off, because karma’s a bitch that way.

Externalizer of the Oedipus Complex vandalizes sacred statue

Math is Western imperialism and colonization

A picture is worth a thousand words here:

Afro math

There are so many things I could say about this.  Making a witty comparison with Alan Sokal’s paper “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” is tempting.  I also could poke fun at the snippiness and obvious misinformation.  Alternatively, I could leave it with my usual res ipse loquitur.

Nah, I’ll play it straight this time.  Brittany Marshall certainly did get out of first grade knowing the correct answer for what 2+2 is.  What happened since then?  She got ideologically conditioned.  Now she believes that math is not universal, but instead it’s a social construct.  Worse, math is some sinister thing imposed because of “western imperialism/colonization”.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that she got brainwashed with cultural Marxism in college.  If so, then this was fraud, and the school owes her a refund.  College is for knowledge, not to make the students confused about very basic arithmetic.  Nor is it to give them bad attitudes which will make it difficult for them to get along on the job or other areas of daily life.

Math is Western imperialism and colonization

According to NYC’s Health Department, glory holes are a line of defense against Covid19

No, I’m not making this up.  Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.  The Daily Caller excerpted from a safety pamphlet, including the following:

“Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact,” states NYC’s Health Department.

Hasn’t all this security theater gone far enough by now?  Come on, people; we’ve moved from one manufactured crisis to another anyway!

According to NYC’s Health Department, glory holes are a line of defense against Covid19

The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

If the MSM has you bedazzled with their propaganda about the recent string of riots, you’re not alone.  Here are some politically incorrect sources so that you can make heads and tails of it:

The first is a real eye-opener, if you believed The Narrative by the media.  In the beginning, it sure seemed like George Floyd’s death was a clear-cut case of excessive force.  However, I decided I’d reserve judgment about it, because time and again, there was a lot more to the picture in similar cases.  Remember the Trayvon Martin case when the media told us in was a White on Black incident, when instead it was a Black on Hispanic incident?

In this case, sure enough, it turns out that George Floyd was high on drugs and also had some underlying medical conditions.  He didn’t die of asphyxiation, but rather because he had a coronary.  What’s more is that he was a career criminal who served five years in prison because, during an armed robbery, he pointed a gun at a pregnant lady’s belly.  (She’s Black, by the way, though it should go without saying that it’s wrong if it happens to anyone.)  No, George Floyd wasn’t some community conscious citizen who didn’t do nothing.

Still, if people want to attend a candlelight vigil about that, I’m perfectly fine with it.  On the other hand, those who loot and riot are part of the problem, not the solution to anything.  Those who encourage this are even worse.

Other than that, what grinds my gears the most is the attempts to shift the blame.  For one thing, there are now rumors spread by the usual suspects that Putin was behind this, which they say was in order to stir up trouble to help his buddy Trump get reelected.  What a steaming pile of bull cookies!  The truth is that it’s the MSM that wants all this to happen.  Anything to make Orange Man look bad is fair game, according to them.  They’d be delighted to have a civil war right before the election.

They were instrumental in hyping up a narrative before the facts were all in, resulting in waves of rioting.  The MSM has blood on its hands now, but they’re not the least bit bothered, because they hope it will get Biden elected.  Covid19 didn’t work, so now they’re trying for the “boogaloo option”.  That’s right – we’ve moved directly from one manufactured crisis into another.

They also tried to start a narrative that White nationalist provocateurs are infiltrating these “demonstrations” to turn them into riots.  Leftists can pretend to be completely clueless, especially when they’re trying to muddy the waters, or to convince themselves or someone else of something that isn’t true.  In this case, they should know damned well what they’re doing.  It’s not White nationalists causing problems; it’s very obviously crowds of Blacks, whether they’re into it for the politics or the alternative shopping.  The only Whites with any role in this are outside agitators like Antifa, liberal politicians, and especially the media talking heads.

All told, the MSM liars are trying to shift the blame onto White nationalists and Russians, instead of the Blacks who actually are doing the looting and burning, or the leftist enablers like Antifa and themselves.  If the press wants someone to blame, they can go look in the mirror.  This is the violence that they wanted.  Any further crocodile tears on their part constitute proof that the media is a pack of brazen liars.

The mainstream media is lying brazenly about the violence that they fomented

Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

This one really grinds my gears.  Dozens of cities around the country are burning.  The mask is really starting to slip off about their intentions.  This is no longer about alleged police brutality.  Now, it’s a matter of anti-White mob violence, cheered on by useful idiots and encouraged by leftists and globalists.

Despite that, the liberal dodo birds are going into overdrive with self-flagellation.  Worse, some are involving their kids in this.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

indoctrinated kid 1

So here’s a precious little girl, I’m guessing seven years old or so.  I don’t even know the kid’s name, but I’d put my life on the line to protect her if needed.  In the picture, she’s holding a sign pointing to her with the word “privileged”.  So at this tender age, she’s being indoctrinated to have a guilt trip.  It’s the sort of thing that Marxists call “samokritika“.

How was this explained to the little girl?  She’s too young to understand politics.  Did Mom tell her child that “privilege” means she’s a bad person because of who she is?

Below that is the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and we can see that she’s been told to kneel to them.  Yes, those are the agitators who have been the inspiration for the rioters.  They also were the inspiration for rioters and cop killers back in 2016.  (By the way, that was another election year – what a coinkydink!)  This is the group to which this precious little girl has been told to abase herself.

Shame on you, Helen Leathem!

indoctrinated kid 2

Further detail toward the top of the picture shows that this was a social media image, ostentatiously displaying pathological altruism.  Well, guess what.  My parents are leftist Boomers.  One of them is a Marxist and a former radical activist, so I’m technically a red diaper baby.  Even so, they never forced me to humiliate myself like that.  There are no pictures of young Beau apologizing to Ho Chi Minh or anything like that.

Helen, no matter how ideologically conditioned you are, you shouldn’t inflict this on your daughter.  It’s time to wise up and stop virtue signaling.  This ethnomasochism will ruin her self-esteem.  Moreover, if your fellow leftists get their way, she’s going to grow up as a despised minority in the country your ancestors built.  No, she deserves a future, and I’m on her side.  What about you?

Ethnomasochistic liberal mother makes child kneel to BLM

Bull Connor knew how to cool down a crowd!

Now that throngs of vibrant “protestors” are looting and burning in dozens of American cities, led on by outside agitators with agendas of their own, it’s starting to look like the 1960s all over again when summer was race riot season.  Back in the day, an innovative fellow named Bull Connor had a way to deal with situations before they got out of hand.  The public was told that this was a horror – but really, what’s so bad about getting sprayed with water?  In light of what’s going on now, maybe those folks in Birmingham, Alabama had a good idea.


Bull Connor knew how to cool down a crowd!