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New writings from Thy Humble Narrator

I’m doing my final go-over on one of my manuscripts that’s been kicking around for a few years, Medieval Vixen Quest Episode 0:  The Search For Shlock.  In case you can’t guess, it will be cornier than a bag of Fritos, but in a good way  This will be my first foray into fantasy writing, and my longest fiction publication thus far.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Unfortunately, going through this last draft has been a real pain in the tail.  Still, it’s coming along, so stay tuned, kids.

Also, I’ve published one of my articles at Return of Kings, concerning how the Frankfurt School launched the cultural Marxist revolution by taking over the universities.  (If you’ve ever suspected that half of your professors were Communists, there’s a reason for that!)  RoK is a good site; if you like what I write on this blog, you’ll probably like them too.  From my article, I’ve picked up a few new readers here.  Welcome, everyone!

Site recommendations

I’d like to take the opportunity to share a couple of finds from The Onion.  I got a real kick out of them.  I swear, they have some serious Red Pill talent over there:

Here’s an article by Matt Forney addressed to all the young dudes out there.  Overall, it’s a good one covering many topics, for which I highly recommend it to guys of all ages, but the following quote is made of pure awesome:

If you’re a boy with an IQ above 105, the idea of sitting still in a classroom watching a frumpy spinster drone on and on about material you’ve already mastered is intolerable.

He just described 90% of my experience in elementary school and junior high, and 50% of my high school experience.  I could go on about my trip through the scholastic meat grinder, but that would be a very long tirade indeed.  There’s a reason why “We Don’t Need No Education” is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs!

Finally, be sure to check out the Red Panels comic strip, concerning funny truths about politics, culture, and gender relations..

For your reading pleasure

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