Criticisms of modern women

The Manosphere has many things to say about modern women, generally rather negative.  I’ll go into depth on some of them, concerning how they originated and how to move things in a positive direction.  I like positive – positive is good!  The fact is, both men and women have their foibles, often quite similar.

Essential differences between men and women exist, and these are complementary.  You don’t have to be a biologist to tell that men are designed to be the hunters and warriors, and women are designed to be mothers and nurturers.  In normal societies, we get along pretty well.  Present-day dysfunction has more to do with our social environment than with feminine nature.  For example, when we’re encouraged to reject our natural roles and be something we’re not, trouble is soon to follow.

The following will be rather US-centric, but it’s likely similar elsewhere in the Western world.  Some of the major criticisms are as follows:

“Women never should’ve been granted the right to vote.  They caused all this leftist nonsense these days.”

Women’s suffrage passed in 1920.  This is striking evidence that radical feminists are lying when they say women have no power in society.  Women form a majority of the US electorate – as of 2014, 125.9 million women to 119.4 million men.  Therefore, there’s nothing stopping them from voting in an all-female Congress if they wished.  They haven’t, because most don’t think in “us versus them” terms, despite a small but very vocal minority telling them to think that way.  Society’s leftward slide began in the mid-1960s, following lots of cultural Marxist influence, or “active measures” as the KGB put it.  Feminism was one of these fronts.  Consequentially, the women’s vote tends to swing a little to the left, though it’s not a huge difference.  Other items – race, income, and ideology – are much larger factors.  Open borders immigration is our biggest problem; fixing that would be the most effective means to stop the leftward slide.

Still, since an election can hinge on even 1%, the difference between male and female voting patterns is worth addressing.  Should we write off women as being hopelessly beyond reaching?  Should we try to convince them to repeal the 19th Amendment?  (Good luck with that one!)  A better idea is to expose the cultural Marxists for their divide-and-conquer tactics.  Trying to turn women against men was a very foul deed.  So was flooding Western countries with Third World immigrants for coldly cynical political reasons, but that’s another matter entirely.

“Women are all irresponsible and unable to manage their lives, because it’s part of their nature.”

Men do tend to be more practical – we’re expected to be – but sweeping generalizations about irresponsibility are inaccurate.  I’ve had a large number of girlfriends over the years.  Some of them had their act together, some were flaky to varying degrees, and a few had lives that were complete wrecks (I avoid those types these days).  Guys can be flaky too.  Just to begin with, a couple of my college roommates sabotaged their future careers by frying their brains on drugs; that certainly wasn’t very prudent!

Irresponsibility all around is worsened by cultural factors.  In times past, people had to get it together or they starved.  These days, young adulthood is an extended adolescence, and those who can’t hack it have lots of social services to help them (or enable them, as the case may be).  How many people who lived through the Great Depression were lazy men or shopaholic women?  Society has become too soft and permissive lately.  We should do something about this, beginning with fixing the educational system.

“Women are too picky.”

There’s lots of truth to this one, especially for younger women.  Often this is stated in Pareto terms, where 80% of women seek out the top 20% of guys.  The younger ones – at the peak of their beauty (what we typically value most) are greatly advantaged in the sexual marketplace.  Few of their male peers their age are particularly wealthy or accomplished (what they typically value most).  Suppose you were a rock star with groupies throwing themselves at you, and you never had to sleep alone or with anyone below “HB9” looks unless you felt like it.  This is basically the position attractive young women are in – that is, until the bloom of youth fades, then it’s all downhill fast!

This one is a real shit sandwich for most young guys.  This is a sexual marketplace perturbation that our ancestors who married early didn’t have to deal with.  Now that young men are expected to spend a decade getting educated and launching a career before they’re taken very seriously – during which time the young women are “finding themselves” (to put it euphemistically) – we’re basically stuck with it.  I have no easy answers on a social level.  Individually, self-improvement and getting correct information about the way courtship works these days can get you into that top 20%!

“All American women are feminist harpies.”

Actually, only 1 in 4 American women self-identify as feminists.  Since feminism claims to speak for them, and is touted endlessly by the dominant cultural narrative, this lack of enthusiasm is remarkable!  The hateful rhetoric turns off many normal women, who know that most men are decent people.  In my experience, most feminists in the general public naively think it’s only about fairness and equality.  (That hasn’t really been true since the 1950s, but still…)  In other words, most self-identified feminists you’ll meet are moderates.  Feminism is more popular among the young (with less life experience) and college educated (subjected to 4+ years of intense propaganda).  Unfortunately, the real harpies – feminists with toxically radical views – are entrenched in academia, the government, and the media; that’s why it’s the dominant cultural narrative.  This is definitely a problem, and attitudes overall certainly have worsened because of this, but it’s not quite as pervasive as one might expect.

To fix this socially, we should attack the source of the problem.  Call out feminism for its inflammatory, divisive rhetoric.  Expose their phony statistics.  Point out how well women have it here compared to the Third World, which feminism largely ignores.  Show them that they’ve been used as tools in ideological warfare.

“Women are too ‘bitchy’.”

Many notable Second Wave feminists had three things in common.  First, most were politically far left, hating our society and some even wanting to tear it down.  Second, many were neurotic.  As for the third, let’s just say that a very large number weren’t part of majority demographics.  All told, they had less in common with the average American woman than Michael Jackson had in common with the average American man.  During the 1960s, their propaganda started affecting the social scene like Agent Orange was affecting Vietnam, and they’re still at it.  For decades, women have been encouraged by our education and media machines to think of us as oppressors, criminals, and all that crap.  Many reject this propaganda, but others absorb it to varying degrees, even non-feminists.

On an individual level, there’s a solution to “bitchiness”:  calmly be firm, stand your ground, and there’s a good chance the attitude will melt away when you hold your frame!  If all guys refused to tolerate “bitchiness”, it would work wonders for society.

“Women who rode the cock carousel can’t form stable relationships.”

There is indeed truth to that, with statistical evidence to back it up.  Now let’s look at it from the other side.  Who’s more likely to cheat on his wife – a guy who bedded dozens of women prior to marriage, or someone who married his one and only?  Women aren’t the only ones screwing around here!  Just imagine Harley McBadboy saying, “I can’t sleep with you because that would be unchaste and might damage your relationship with your future husband.”  Really, the root cause of all this is lax morality.  The media is partially to blame; sex does sell.  Still, society wouldn’t be dissolute if the public didn’t like it that way.

Some say we were better off under patriarchy because this restrained women’s baser instincts.  High moral standards aren’t identical to patriarchy; it’s really about religion and culture.  Ancient Egypt was extremely libertine.  The Old Testament shows that the Near East also got pretty wild and crazy sometimes.  Ancient Greece was awesome in many ways, but it didn’t look too much like a Pentecostal picnic.  Recall that traditional morality restrained male behavior too, even despite double standards.  A “player” of today would have been shunned from civilized society in the 1950s, and challenged to duels in the 1850s.  I’m not holding my breath waiting for the next Puritan revival, though.  Furthermore, an overreaction would cause problems of its own.  All that being said, we’re going to be waiting a long time if we expect the sexual revolution to reverse course.  The genie isn’t going back into the bottle any time soon; again, the public likes it that way.

Our 50% divorce rate is indeed socially devastating on many levels.  For a practical way to strengthen marriage, we can push for legislative changes to remove unjust financial incentives for YOLO divorces.  Abolishing alimony, and getting the lawyers off the gravy train, would be a good start.

Why all this is important

Am I being too moderate here?  Consider that one of radical feminism’s worst characteristics is divisiveness; if we add to the negativity they’ve been feeding into the public, then we’re helping them tear society apart.  Men and women should live together in harmony.  Let’s make love, not war.  Lastly, fixing society’s problems won’t be easy, but we’ll have to do what we can to return to a condition of balance.  The future is what we make it.

Criticisms of modern women

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