How women judge men, as seen on the game show Take Me Out

There is an eight-part video series based on the TV game show Take Me Out, with commentary added.  The premise of the show is that thirty women judge a man based on a few video clips of him, and turn off their lights as soon as they decide they don’t like him.  The man then gets to choose from amongst any who haven’t shot him down.  Thus, this provides a pretty good insight into the female mate selection process, and the commentary expands on it.  In the introductory text of the commentator, “It is meant to be anecdotal and I make no pretenses of being any sort of psychologist or expert on the matter.  This is merely an educational social commentary pointing out that objectification is a two way street.”

The commentator didn’t give us a final summary, but after watching half of them, I already can arrive at some obvious conclusions.  Here are the lessons learned:

  • If you have a nonstandard fashion sense, beware!  A couple of contestants had fairly outrageous outfits, and well over half of the women shot them down immediately.  So those of you who’ve heard of peacocking from the seduction community had better not take it too far!
  • Once you’re past the appearance hurdle, any hobbies or personality traits deemed nerdy or insufficiently macho will cost you dearly.
  • A rock star turned off almost everyone the moment the word “groupies” was heard on a video, likewise for another guy who mentioned that he had dated a model.  Much has been said about the benefits of the social proof factor, but it’s clear that this can be taken too far as well.  Looking at it another way, though, bragging of any sort loses you lots of points.
  • Anyone who tried to explain himself after others lost interest ended up losing more interest.  Better hold your frame instead!  One of the guys whose fashion sense was a century out of date did manage to keep interest in the remaining few by holding frame.  Unfortunately for him, though, it was all over after a video showed off his Lord of the Rings themed entertainment center.  See what I mean about nerdy stuff?
  • One poor soul lost the last few who liked him as soon as it was revealed that he worked as a movie projectionist.  Ouch!  I say that there’s nothing wrong with any kind of honest work – it’s far better than sitting on your ass and collecting a government check – but it looks like my views aren’t shared among the fairer sex.  Presumably any other low-wage job will get you blown out too.

That last item is pretty harsh indeed.  It’s well known that women will go for rich guys, and they’ll also go for losers and dirtbags.  (The solution to the “deadbeat dad” problem is very simple – stop sleeping with deadbeats!)  Everything in between – being employed, but with a modest job – seems to be an unhappy middle ground.  It’s sort of like how the government doesn’t care about you unless you make less than $20K a year or more than $200K a year.

Overall, we can see that the female mate selection process is pretty brutal.  All the guys were decent looking, about the same age as the women, and in good physical shape, but clearly that’s not good enough.  If any of the male contestants were ugly, too old, or fat, then that would have given us some valuable insight into the “do looks matter?” question.  I suspect that they would have had even less margin for error, not that there’s much to begin with for the okay-looking guys.  If there’s anyone left out there who doesn’t think that men need game, then watching “Take Me Out” will cure this misconception.

It’s a common adage that 80% of the women are vying for the top 20% of the men.  Being an average guy just isn’t good enough, even for average women.  Watching a few of these videos drives this lesson home pretty effectively.  I wonder how well all that’s going to work out for the female contestants in their later lives.  As the seduction community puts it, they’ll adjust their standards when they reach middle age and “hit the wall”, though by then, it might be a little too late to start a family.  As for those who don’t have the light bulb go off soon enough about realistic standards, they end up all alone with nobody to keep them company besides their pets.  As brutal as the female mate selection process is, it will come around to haunt them in the end.

How women judge men, as seen on the game show Take Me Out

4 thoughts on “How women judge men, as seen on the game show Take Me Out

  1. charlessledge001 says:

    Interesting analysis Rainbow. As a man your pretty much are all or nothing. Your either getting laid left and right or go through year long dry spells there is not much middle ground. I think thats one reason why its so vital that a man invest in himself by making the most out of what he has. Once he crosses that threshold so to speak a whole other world is going to be open to him.


  2. Personally, I hate this societal popularity contest that leaves 80% of guys out in the cold. Our social scene is really screwed up, and I feel for all the guys who are missing out because they don’t have the right information. I had to endure all that before I figured out what works. That being said, it’s much better to be a “have” than a “have not”.

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